Top 10 Best Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

Top 10 Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman


We all enjoy a good action manhwa with fantastic fighting and excellent art. Even better when the main character has a weapon; we’re talking about the finest action manhwa where the main character wields a sword. Something about man-wielding steel captivates manga characters: his silent power, the way he digs deep within himself to find it. Manhwa swordsmen are without a doubt among the best warriors in the manga industry. They are a common staple in action manhwa, and they help define present Korean fan culture by demonstrating what it means to be honorable via heroic battles.

Furthermore, a swordsman is a skilled warrior who uses a sword to fight. In manhwa, sworders are often the protagonists. They are often skilled in other forms of combat as well, including martial art, sword fighting, and chi( Qi or Ki manipulation) power techniques, and they use their swordsmanship to protect those around them. So, if you’re looking for a superb manhwa with a swordsman as the main character? Then stop looking! Here are the ten recommendations of the best manhwas with an overpowered swordsman as the main character. These mangas all have fantastic swordplay and characters fighting with swords that you’ll adore.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the realm of swordsman manhwa, get into the article already.


10. Rooftop Sword Master 

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The story of this manhwa where the mc is a swordsman starts after, our mc is beaten and placed into a coma by eight of his classmates at Neung Kwang Middle School, Seayoung awoke after nine months to discover that his father had committed suicide by self-immolation in order to seek justice for what had happened to him. As a consequence, the case was reopened, and the assailants who sought to brush it under the rug were sentenced appropriately for their actions. But Seayoung was unable to quell his rage and worry about the unfair world. Seayoung had completely hidden from this kind of world. The sun would rise and set, the seasons would change, and he never left his house. But one day, a curious sound persuaded him to open the door… A massive blade inscribed with the words “fighting sword” was embedded in the center of the rooftop, and with it came the murmurs of a God.

If you didn’t read this manhwa where the main character is a swordsman, you’re missing out on one of the best-hidden gems out there. This is revenge manhwa with an overpowered and a badass main character. Don’t let the first few chapters fool you. Our protagonist alone wages war against the whole Korean military and it’s very satisfying to read that the hype is real.

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9. Overpowered Sword 

Best Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

The protagonist of this manhwa where the mc is a swordsman is always determined from the start. No matter how hard the supporting role tries, they will always be a supporting part. Then something happened that altered everything. The holy sword, which was intended to pick the oracle’s hero, instead fell on the main character. And he’s untalented, impoverished, and without connections? But he should not worry since he will be schooled by The Hero who can settle everything with the Holy Sword.”… This is where Leon’s heroic journey begins…

This manhwa where the mc is a swordsùan is very good. The art is awesome and very detailed during fight scenes. Side characters are written very well and you will barely find any cliche characters in this manhwa. The story is also quite unique and interesting and definitely, a must-try for fantasy manhwa fans.


8. Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside

Best Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

A scholar who failed the national exams is picked up by a martial arts master and given the task to record his life in a book. Through their journey, Son Bin meets many great people and soon finds himself following the same path as the master, like the Martial Arts King.

It’s a well-written manhwa where the mc is a swordsman. The author employs phrases and methods to describe things in a unique way. Many cultivation or Murim series include idioms about tigers, dragons, and other animals, but this series takes it to a whole other level. Those idioms are employed so effectively that it’s as if you’re reading poetry written by a well-known professor. Everything I mentioned above is true about the story. Moreover, the art is well-executed and properly complements the tale. Every character serves a role, and there are no “generic” individuals that exist just to further the plot. The tale and the characters enable the story to flow in a natural and beautiful way. definitely worth reading manhwa where the mc is a swordsman


7. MookHyang – The Origin 

Best Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

Mookhyang is an elite member of the Demonic Sect. After years of rigorous training, he finds himself hungry for more. He spends decades learning the way of the sword and cultivating his inner qi, or mana. Join him as he fights powerful masters and takes down evil forces.

This is really good manhwa where the mc is a swordsman, the author is really good at creating tension and he does not waste time on a meaningless battle. The mc reminds me of the mc in “the legend of the northern blade”. The plot is classic but the way it is told is really original, and the art is really good too. I advise you to read it it is worth your time.

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6. The Legendary Spearman Returns

Best Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

Joshua Sanders is the legendary spearman who ended the brutal civil war. He fought in the service of his friend, Emperor Caesar Van Briton. On the brink of death when his trusty weapon, Lukia, shines and propels him back to the stables of his childhood. With his mighty spear in hand, Joshua is dead and set on revenge in this life!

Generally, it’s a highly satisfying manhwa where the mc is a swordsman to read. The MC has both a lot of power and knowledge as well as a good head and a smart mouth. Quite ruthless knows how to work the system to his advantage, and doesn’t shy away from making his opinion known even to the highest nobles. Has no qualms punching even the most entitled noble brats and is permanently in badass mode. Therefore, if you’re looking for a satisfying manhwa where the mc is a swordsman then give this one a try.


5. The Swordmaster’s Son 

Best Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

This manhwa where the mc is a swordsman is about Jin Runcandel the greatest Swordmaster’s youngest son. He meets a horrible destiny after being kicked out of their clan… but before he dies, God provides him a second opportunity. He must now utilize his newfound power for good. Will Jin become the world’s strongest Swordmaster and fulfill his full potential?

Overall, if you read this manhwa, you’ll definitely like it. The main character is overpowered and assertive, the plot is good and the art is of course very nice. So it is definitely recommended for sword fights manhwa lovers.


4. The Lazy Lord Masters the Sword 

Best Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

After witnessing his mother’s horrific death, young Airen Farreira chooses sleep to escape his awful world, giving him the name “the lazy lord.” Despite the jeers and murmurs of others, Airen has no intention of changing his habits. But when he awakens one day from a dream about a mystery swordsman, his life takes a dramatic 180-degree shift…

This is a weak to strong manhwa about a useless noble that transforms himself into a swordsman. Overall, it is a very good manhwa where the mc is a swordsman. Characters act as they are supposed to. No character seems to be forced in the manhwa. Moreover, the pacing art and story are also well synchronized. It’s just an amazing manhwa where the mc is a swordsman, it shows you the development of a young boy who finds his way with the sword. The character development is fantastic and makes you share the main character’s feelings. definitely recommended for weak to strong and sword fights manhwa fans.


3. Damn Reincarnation 

Manhwa with an overpowered swordsman

Hamel is a warrior who went on a mission to destroy the devil alongside his companions. Nonetheless, he perished shortly before the combat with the devil began. He was reincarnated as a descendent of Vermouth, his fellow warrior. Hamel’s descendent from the renowned Vermouth’s heritage. No, he had changed his name to Eugene Lionhart. He has achieved something that he did not have in his former life by transitioning from a dying body to a new body. And the reality of coexisting with demons, a reincarnation of unknown origin. In a new world where everything is suspect. Eugene’s body is the starting point for the voyage of the unfinished previous existence.

This is one of the best reincarnation-type manhwa where the mc is a swordsman. The art is marvelous and the fight scenes are well portrayed. Characters are written very well and they are capable of using their heads in tricky situations. The world-building is also looking pretty marvelous. The story is also good and the plot moves at a nice pace. The main character also has a very likable personality. This is highly recommended for guys looking for a good noble manhwa where the mc is a swordsman.


2. Volcanic Age 

Manhwa with an overpowered swordsman

Joo Seo-Cheon is a man who, by luck, survives the Age of War and becomes the elder of the Hwasan group, only to live a life filled with regrets and doubts. When Joo Seo-Cheon dies, he is sent back to his eight-year-old body and given the chance to change history and maybe avoid the war.

Overall, if you’re looking for a manhwa where the mc is a swordsman that has a well-orchestrated storyline, solid character development, fantastic world-building with elements of cultivation, incredible sword combat, and diverse martial art techniques! Volcanic Age is for you; now go read it and enjoy the journey.


1. Legend of the Northern Blade 

Best Manhwa Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

In this manhwa, where the main character is a swordsman, we witness a group of martial artists banding together to create the Northern Heavenly Sect in order to preserve their world from darkness. The strategy succeeds, and the people may once again relax. But pleasant times seldom last, and a plot against the Northern Sect begins to form.

As a consequence, the sect’s leader dies, and all of its followers flee when the group is decimated from the inside. The last one surviving is the sect leader’s son, who discovers certain secret tactics left behind by his father. Will he be the one to restore the Northern Sect’s glory?

This manhwa with a swordsman as the main character is a must-read. Among the heap of cultivation manhwa, this is one of the few that truly sticks out, and for the right reasons. The “magical” element associated with the cultivation world is accurately preserved in the novel. The revenge story takes center stage without overpowering the subplot. The art is unique and quite flawlessly executed. Furthermore, it is completely consistent with the plot. Finally, the characters are human-like because of the author’s ability to develop and evolve connections. If you haven’t read this excellent manhwa in which the main character is a swordsman, now is the time.


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