The Best 21 Anime With Intelligent MC That Will Surprise You

The Best Anime Series With Intelligent MC


Hello dear otakus,  we all love to watch anime series with overpowered and badass main characters, but physical or magical powers are not enough without brain powers.

So, on this list, we have tried to choose the best 26 anime shows with Intelligent mc.

hopefully, you will find what you are looking for, so if you seek to watch anime with an intelligent main character, in this article we made many choices so that you can pick what you want from different anime genres.

Without any more boring details, let’s kick it off…

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Now let’s countdown our list of the smartest MCs in the anime series.

26. Umineko: When They Cry

Umineko When They Cry

A while ago when Higurashi burst onto the scene.  What’s more, with its deep replacement Umineko, we’re completely defended in hoping for something else of worth.

All things considered. Umineko is fog on such countless levels, it doesn’t relate to the story bends. Not at all like in Higurashi, the repeating idea of the truth in Umineko is made richly clear following the primary curve, yet as opposed to explaining things, it makes the whole scene dark.

In this anime with intelligent mc, a rational young man, who has an extreme talent for deductive reasoning and thinking outside the box, is described as “flipping the chessboard” so that he may be able to predict the moves and motives of his opponents.

This anime with intelligent mc has the right to be on this list of intelligent minds  …

25. Spiral: Bond of Reasoning


I went through a whole night to watch through, dissimilar to others I didn’t take a gander at anything past a concise outline of the anime. It grabbed my attention and I chose to watch it through. Got partially through and was expecting some plot movement.

However, never got any. This anime with intelligent mc is at an impasse, while the characters are fascinating and the reason is a smart thought. It was not first-rate and the completion is abysmal.

The intelligent main character in this anime is Narumi has all the capacities is unique (Kiyotaka). His criminologist abilities are incredible to such an extent that he outmaneuvered Madoka at being an investigator. Ayumu is additionally a great cook and piano player.

He figures out how to coordinate Kiyotaka and, outperforms even his Logic as found in their last encounter.  Ayumu is additionally a profoundly gifted contender as seen when he figured out how to outsmart and weaken Eyes. Thus, this is a very good anime with intelligent mc to watch…

24. Un-Go 

Un Go

The anime part has its valid statements, the violations that the main character faced are very knife and energizing. That soundtrack is likewise very acceptable and can leave some emotional minutes. The activity is progressed well, and both the Dub and Sub are great.

The world that the anime is situated in is innovative, which sentiments that it very well may be going on in our world, and that we don’t realize what our world can truly be prepared to do.

The main intelligent character of this anime show is a young man in postwar Tokyo who calls himself a detective and solves various cases. Though small in stature, Shinjuurou has quick reflexes and superb deductive powers, which earn him due respect from the joint coordinating department and the police.

Thus, if smart thinking and genius ways of working are what you want, then, this anime show is what you want to watch. It is indeed a great anime with intelligent mc to follow…

23. The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School

This is an anime with intelligent mc! Thus, the reason depends on this kid. 15-year-old Tatsuya Shiba who is with his younger sister Miyuki Shiba chooses to take a crack at one of the state-subsidized catalytic examination facilities; to fill in as a state chemist for fascism that supports the exploration of its chemist as a trade-off for their administrations as weapons…

Yet, basically, embed performers in the spot of a chemist and a high school in Japan as the site of the enchantment research office at the command of the public authority.

And you have what it ends up being. For hell’s sake, you even have the most unwinding and soothing feeling of oppression I’ve ever seen. Miyuki Shiba is the anime intelligent mc!  And yeah she is a charmer…

22. Classroom of the Elite 


This anime is not the same as many. The story has an awesome, however dull turn to it. The school may seem as though a normal school until the characters of the anime start to reveal themselves.

Everybody in this anime has a dull wind to them or has a secret that every one of them is stowing away. The movement in this anime is bright and simple to watch. the edge rate is very much done and the style fits the area of the story.

The voices fit the characters and everyone is anything but difficult to tune in to also.  In this anime with intelligent mc, Kiyotaka is shown to be so intelligent as he scored exactly 50 out of 100 points for each subject on his entrance exams.

He is also very skillful in negotiating, as he was able to secure old test answers from an upperclassman by using both Kikyō Kushida’s charms and his persistence. If you are looking for an intelligent main character to watch you will definitely find it in this anime with intelligent mc…

21. Moriarty the Patriot 


The anime intelligent mc is James Moriarty! A youngster who needs to decimate the evil emerging from class segregation and make an ideal nation, where there will be a bad situation for mistreatment and your societal position will be nothing, an unfilled sound.

Moriarty the Patriot offers another glance at the universe of Conan Doyle, and the dark side of the nobility that deals with common people like steers or wild creatures, which is the reason while viewing the anime, you can start to concur with the main character’s perspective, who doesn’t reject that he is ‘insidious’.

Be that as it may, is underhanded done for the sake of good insidious? On the off chance that this is detestable, at that point who chose it? Perhaps this was chosen by the abhorrent itself, which should be pulverized.

The individuals who have perused Conan Doyle will experience many famous names in the anime. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Colonel Sebastian Moran, Fred Porlock, and so on… and the best young lady, Mrs. Hudson.

Overall, this anime show was made to be enjoyed not anything else. So, if you like an anime with intelligent mc this is it…

20. The King’s Avatar 

The Kings Avatar

The story is normal However, this anime with intelligent mc make The King’s avatar a great series. MC is savvy and perhaps a tad OP (he is a professional player!), yet he realizes that cooperation is significant and that you can’t overcome much with just soloing.

I had some doubts due to the outline that the star player was self-important and presumptuous, however, this MC isn’t. sure I game a little myself, but not as much as these folks. I can comprehend on the off chance that you don’t game yourself that this series doesn’t sound appealing to observe.

The main intelligent character is well-known by players as a textbook expert and the God of Fighting. Ye Xiu is one of the first batches of players and a first-generation Glory player.

He is also known to be skilled in all professions, having developed combo guides, created techniques like ‘Delivery Gun’, and various other popular types of playstyles in Glory. So, if you want an anime with intelligent mc you have this one as a choice…


19. Psycho-Pass 


At what value comes security? The people of Japan in Psycho-Pass is surrendered numerous chances for what shows up at the beginning to be an ideal framework: fair machines.

Run by the unified Sibyl System, judge the mental health of each resident, relegating a “shade” to their psychological make-up and a number to their “wrongdoing coefficient,” a proportion of the fact that they are so prone to carry out rough criminal acts.

People with a shady tone and a horror coefficient are detained and treated, or—if their number is sufficiently high—executed. Some inert lawbreakers are chosen to become Enforcers, working under Inspectors who utilize their criminal information to find risky sociopaths.

In the interim, customary residents live with a sensation of complete wellbeing; and have their prospects made permanent by the Sibyl framework, which can evaluate which occupations they would be most appropriate for.

In this anime with intelligent mc, the light will be shed on two main characters Shindou, Arata, and Ignatov, Kei Mikhail, with their great intelligent minds …

18. Log Horizon 


Throughout the span of a few scenes of this anime with intelligent mc! I would wind up getting chills as I would acknowledge what Shiro was truly doing. Not many animes have done that for me, which is the principal reason I appreciated this anime to such an extent.

I just removed 0.3 of a star because close to the end arrangement, the pacing speeds up a little to where it feels strange.

The main intelligent character of this show is Shiroe, he is weird and tends to be asocial, he does not actually dislike other people.

Instead, he is fiercely independent and wary of others who approach him with ulterior motives. He is not above helping people who are really in need, and he appears to have a soft spot for beginners – for example for the twins Tohya and Minori.

Also, he can be quite protective of people he cares for, a trait that Nyanta used to tease him about. You have to extend your vision and if you want to do so, watch this show and see it happen. This is just another anime with intelligent mc to watch! So, don’t worry…

17. The World God Only Knows


Keima Katsuragi, once said: “I will teach you something useful”; “I can see the ending”  the hero of the story, is a 17-year-old secondary school student going to Maijima High School Academy.

At an early age. This anime intelligent mc obtained an over-the-top interest in computer games; he is famous for “The Capturing God” in the gaming scene for his amazing aptitudes in “catching” any young ladies in dating sims.

However, incidentally, he is called Otamegane, by nearly everybody in his school because of his outrageous dedication to video games. Notwithstanding himself saying he enjoys young ladies, it’s the totally hypothetical and delightful young ladies of the game world that he likes, not the young ladies in reality.

His affection for games is to such an extent that he even goes into withdrawal if he doesn’t mess around enough and he has the propensity for securing himself in his room and messing around for quite a long time when nobody discourages him.

Thus, if you are looking to learn new ways to capture the beautiful girls you like you might find this anime with intelligent mc the best teacher…


16. Terror In Resonance 


The series happens in modern Tokyo and spins around a pair of no-named youngsters Twelve and Nine who together structure a gathering called Sphinx set on revealing shrouded dim pasts of Japan through demonstrations of psychological oppression. Both of them can be the anime with intelligent mc!

The name interfaces the gathering to Greek mythology and gives well-informed elaboration to said folklore. It’s the obligation of the criminologists of the Tokyo police office to sort out the finish to these fear-based oppressor assaults by tackling conundrums identifying with this folklore.

Our main characters in this anime show are both amazing, Nine is calm put together, and, very intelligent. He is efficient in many fields, up to high computing and hacking. He’s an impeccable strategist, with a knack for chess and classical literature.

Good with disguises, while Twelve is a loyal and dependable friend, has a genius mind and a keen sense of social justice. He also has a sweet side, as evidenced by his interactions with Lisa Mishima. All this makes this anime with intelligent mc a good show to spend time on…

15. Hyouka 


The story of this anime with intelligent mc starts with Houtarou, a kid with no other reason throughout everyday life except to monitor energy. He, in the end, winds up joining the “Works of art club”, and meeting Chitanda, a young lady so interested in the entirety of life’s secrets that Houtarou winds up finding a response to every last bit of her interests.

From the outset, I figured this story would be a watered-down Sherlock Holmes. It’s a lot of secondary school kids settling simple secrets. However, as the scenes come I wound up brought into these little secrets. They don’t need to oversell themselves.

These secondary school kids aren’t attempting to discover a killer or save the world from certain decimation. They’re addressing secrets in their school, their locale, their families, and so on.

Overall, Houtarou our main intelligent character in this anime with intelligent mc! Quite amazing to watch and maybe learn from him many ways of thinking smartly…

14. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Gankutsuou The Count of Monte Cristo

I have many memories of Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo from when I read it a long time ago, so I began watching Gankutsuou praying for divine intervention. And also because it is an anime with intelligent mc!

The anime conveys a fascinating mannerism by joining science fiction components like space travel, extraterrestrial societies, and modern advancements into the nineteenth-century plot.

This tremendous improvement in pacing is shockingly however not surprisingly joined by some little dissatisfactions in which scenes were announced superfluous.

Many intriguing segments of the novel were clearly too slow to even think about remaining, including my main thing: our main character’s detainment and an ensuing break from the Chateau d’If.

You might refresh your memories by watching this anime with an intelligent mc!

13. Detective Conan 

Detective Conan

Detective Conan is one of the anime with intelligent mc that will make you begin to speculate, think, and likely build up your own logic sooner or later. The lone issue is that Conan is incredibly long.

And at certain focuses, we may get bored watching it scene by scene. Some of it is wordy, others are not, which makes watchers hesitant to skirt a few scenes in dread that they may miss a story to the greater plot.

Nonetheless, the beneficial thing about it being so long is that they’re such countless hard cases with intriguing ends that for those of you who appreciate Detective motion pictures/animes, similar to me, it never gets old.

Indeed, I’d state that Conan is the best Detective anime I’ve ever gone over. The greater plot is likewise a test and intriguing, pieces of information and clues once in a while emerging from more modest plots to shape an “invulnerable” association versus Conan.

Many of us have grown up watching this anime with intelligent mc, Conan! I can say we learned a lot from this anime show…


12. No Game, No Life 


No Game No Life recounts the narrative of two socially abnormal gamers, explicit Sora and his sister Shiro. Both are famous because they are among the best gamers on the planet. Anyway effective their virtual life might be, all things considered, both characters are rebels without objectives and assumptions.

Things begin to change for the great when they dominate a chess game against a supercomputer and end up in a dreamland where all debates must solve with games.

The various races on this virtual planet attempt to expand their capacity by contending in a wide range of games, while making the previously mentioned promises into account.

This anime with intelligent mc has events with super-smart thinking, that might capture your thoughts and make your mind busy…


11. Kaiji 


Itoh Kaiji, a bum with 3 million yen worth of dept gets into a betting voyage to take care of his obligations. The game they always play on the voyage is Gentei Janken, where the players get four cards of each kind and fight it out. All of this happens in this anime with intelligent mc.

What’s the trick? A few things; each card is to use once, cards can be paid off by different players, swindlers proliferate, and losing compels one into the dubiously settled. However, awful other room. Additionally, one should make back the initial investment in the genuine matches, yet besides, acquire enough through the purchasing and selling of -stars- to take care of their obligations.

A basic reason which gets clear to an astute degree. That, mind you, is the principal circular segment. The late bends catch up with subjects on society, and it gets philosophical in a coarse kind of way. Yet, sadly, the"ending" is nothing of the sort, without a peak.

You might find some kind of enjoyment in this anime with an intelligent mc…


10. Dr. Stone


In truth, this anime with intelligent mc is about the main character Senku. The virtuoso makes it his responsibility to help everybody through science. Senku is arrogant, to say the least. He values being ten billion percent intelligent, and he gets a kick out of the chance to think he’ll generally be correct.

Truly, he commits something reasonable of errors. He may have the option to make a rapid cart in a short time, yet don’t expect it not to self-destruct the first occasion when he rides it. Seeing the show from his point of view is fabulous.

The anime story’s heading is capricious because the intelligent main character Senku is a power of nature. His great science information is his principal advantage. He’s not strong, he settles on effective choices, and he commits errors.

The main character is indeed intelligent and frankly, the anime show is just a strong kick towards the beginning of this countdown of great anime with intelligent mc…


9. One Outs


One Outs anime imparts key highlights to the anime with intelligent mc Major, the current worldview for enlivened baseball. The heroes in both embrace riffraff of failures and lead them to triumph utilizing persuasive ability and charm.

On a more basic level, One Outs picks a degenerate flavor more with regards to Kaiji and Akagi, basically staying a finger up at its host sports classification. while Major catches the unadulterated chivalrous soul of baseball, One Outs endeavors to contaminate it.

There are no chivalrous fastballs to make all the difference in showcases of crude machismo, no epic man-to-man stalemates, just tricky mental plots and heaps of vile grinning.

It is a great anime show to watch especially if you were looking for an anime with intelligent mc and mind-blowing events…

8. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

The first Ghost in the Shell Manga is the most cheerful and more comedic than what this arrangement has created up until now. Well, besides those Tachikoma shorts. Notwithstanding, this actually deals with issues like digital psychological militants with most regard. They simply present it, as it was something typical, not another thing as they did in the film.

Her kind of articulations may appear as though it has a place with 80’s teenager character, however, in the long run, shows her more experienced side that we will come to know and adore.

Motoko Kusanagi is a strange, even cryptic lady who has driven a gathering of SpecOps for quite a long time and was on the list by Aramaki to work for Section 9. Practically nothing is thought about her, her beginnings, birthdate, and so on She could not be looking more than 60 years old or something like that. Since the far and wide utilization of full-colorization was not up to that point.

Accordingly, this anime is quite mysterious and it can make you so confused by its intelligent main character, so make sure to give a time …

7. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

The main story spins around Hachiman Hikigaya and Yukino Yukinoshita being together. The educator Shizuka Hiratsuka is worried for Hikki and attempts to interfere with him correctly. Regardless of her conduct and being answerable for the vast majority of the curves in the arrangement Shizuka sensei is a mindful person who is unpretentiously and gradually assisting Hikki with improving his public activity and having an effect at school.

Hachiman is the story’s main character, a forsaken kid who is practical, to say the least. His most conspicuous element is his arrangement of “dead eye fish.

In this condition of evident debasement, he was into joining the Service Club by his fates counselor with the expectation that presenting his intelligent mind to the world will change his character.  And eventually, make him a “superior individual.

it is a very interesting anime show with such an intelligent main character whom you will feel special and yet lost in the world…

6. Death Note


Death Note is a standout amongst other anime shows, for it presents a novel and convincing story equaled by not many. I can genuinely say it is truly outstanding, if not the best anime I’ve viewed.

A notepad tumbles from the sky, and the human who composes a name in it is fit for slaughtering the individual he has in his brain. This presents the watchers with an exceptionally disputable topic dependent on ethics and equity. The main character in the anime, Yagami Light, who acquires this capacity to murder, uses it to create a perfect world in which he a God. and just lawbreakers, are to be changed with the expectations of an ideal society. Is this nonetheless, correct?

Is it an option to execute people who have fouled up, and will foul up once more? Would they be able to transform?

Death Note gives the watchers addresses, for example, these, questions which can’t be effectively answered. This arrangement challenges the watchers’ ethics and for that, it merits exceptionally.

You just imagine having such great power to judge people and kill them as you like whenever you like! and add to that being an intelligent main character in the anime, it is an amazing show to watch…

5. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

While I can’t reveal much of the story’s contents, it remains a tense thriller with high stakes should the main characters (children) fail in their task or be caught. From the beginning, the show always feels off, even before revealing its hand in how it will terrify the viewer. The world that the show builds is mysterious but very well put together.

What is revealing hints at a larger narrative beyond the main children, but leaves much of the world outside of the Gracefield house a mystery? The ending of the season still leaves the viewer questioning things about the world. However, unlike certain other shows, the ending remains impactful and feels complete and satisfying despite the remaining questions.

Depending on a significant part of the cast being small kids, the intelligent main characters are intriguing and manage hefty issues. A significant part of the show encompasses savvy youngsters endeavoring to outsmart manipulative grown-ups to accomplish their objectives. The characters consistently feel insightful and convincing.

Well, this is an anime that reveals how intelligent children can be if given the chance. So you give it a chance and watch it with focusing eyes.


4. Monster


Monster is a genuine pearl and an uncommon intelligent anime masterpiece.

Regardless of its overwhelming length! An incredibly large requirement of value is reliably kept up in every one of the 74 scenes. What’s more, the author doesn’t get derailed through filler scenes or curves. A solitary, sound storyline goes through.

This gives the impression of viewing an intelligent realistic novel. Although the story itself is inconceivable on many sides. Monster figures out how to close significantly, importantly, and without the utilization of such a modest and abused plot.

The craftsmanship in Monster anime conveys solid impacts from film noir. Indeed, even from the initial not many scenes! The utilization of hazier shades and turned gray out tones give the anime a hopeless and premonition feeling.

Johan Liebert is the namesake “Monster” of the story. And the secret of his past is the focal point of the plot. He was famous as a Monster, following Adolf Hitler and even the fiend himself. Johan Liebert was shot in the head at a youthful age yet saved from death by Dr. Tenma.

Along these lines, he is appreciative of Dr. Tenma, He has consumed segments of his time on earth in better places under various nom de plumes. And has an unprecedented degree of appeal and insight.

Overall! If you like such anime with such a dark and intelligent main character, be at ease you just got the best one.

3. Code Geass


Opening with a chess game where a secondary school is the main character in this anime. Lelouch Lamperouge massacres an aristocrat in record time. Code Geass is a show unmistakably low in rationale and high in intelligence. At the point when said understudy gets mind-control, an all-black superhuman outfit. And starts playing political games with individuals as pawns, occasions get truly puzzling. Regardless of this! Code Geass overflows with the sort of high-octane tricks That make moving clear in its story difficult to stand up to.

Toward the beginning, awful things happen to Japanese regular folks so fast, manipulative situations to command notice and compassion. From that point on, it’s a rollercoaster ride in which the main character Lelouch, outsmarts the harsh Britannian Empire. The show is an activity in showy behavior, a high-spending mime where each chorale of ‘He’s behind you!’ at the Britannians feels as energizing as the first.

Indeed, this anime show will be teaching you how to act intelligently and outsmart people around you! Surely you will become the main character of your community.

2. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War


A war wouldn’t be conceivable without different sides currently, would it? That is the place where the 2 leads come in this intelligent anime show. You have your virtuoso secondary school fellow – Shirogane Miyuki. And a similarly capable young lady – Shinomiya Kaguya. Competing to get the other to admit their affection to them as their pride won’t permit them to do likewise.

Along these lines, they do what any ordinary person would when they like to admit to their pound; they begin creating extra, and yet sort of conceivable, situations nobody can deny.

You know, your average secondary school tricks. What’s more, the plan to mentally control the other to admit their affection began between the two sides. Which, unavoidably clears the way for some immersing mind fights between the teenagers! Taking on the appearance of being unmistakably more clever than they really are.

In the starting scenes of this anime where we have intelligent main characters. Shirogane and Kaguya are some way or another totally careless about the fascination that each has for the other. And that is the essence of this intelligent anime show.

Thus, this anime with an intelligent main character! Worth all the seconds of the time that you will give it.

1. Steins; Gate 


Steins Gate is an anime about a flighty intelligent main character Okabe Rintarou. And his two lab friends. Shiina Mayuri and Daru made this lab by the name the “Future Gadget Research Laboratory”. Where they make cutting-edge devices. Nonetheless, the entirety of their development is amazingly exhausting and pointless. And the one in particular that is even distantly fascinating is the Phone Microwave. Which transforms bananas into a green gel.

However, when the main character Okabe sends an instant message to Daru, whose telephone was matching with the telephone microwave. He finds that the telephone microwave can send instant messages into the past. Furthermore, the words they send can impact the progression of time, and have unforeseen, extensive results. Outcomes that the main character Okabe will most likely be unable to deal with.

Being a devotee of sci-fi, and time-travel fiction! This was the explanation that made me watch the anime Steins Gate. Thus, in case you’re a fanatic about this anime with a super-intelligent main character! This show is one of the best you can watch.


Finally, we hope you will find the next anime to watch. If you enjoyed this list of Top 26 Anime With Intelligent mc. Then check our channel down below and watch tons of videos where we recommend some of the best lists of manga, manhwa, and anime.

Whatever you desire we got you.

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