Top 26 Manhwa with Magic You Must Absolutely Read

Manhwa With Magic

Hello, dear otaku fans, welcome to this new article, which will be about manhwa! But, not manhwa in general! It is about manhwa with magic.

So, if you are interested in this kind of genre, then you are in the right place. We tried our best to select the best out there for you.

And of course, those manhwa with magic are not all about magic! But you can find many themes in there alongside magic.

Thus, if you have any comments or reactions that you would like to show us! You can drip them down in the comment section.

So, without any more details let’s get into it…

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26. Where The Shooting Star Falls, Wait There


  • Author: Manmulsang
  • Artist: Manmulsang
  • Genres: Drama,  Fantasy,  Romance, Magic.

In this manhwa with magic, there was a Shooting Star fall from the sky like clockwork or something like that. They for the most part fall across all universes inside fifteen minutes of one another.

On the off chance that players arrive at the center of the star before the following star falls on that world, a Star sprite shows up and gives rewards.

The necessary Mining level to mine a star is multiple times its size – you can see the size by inspecting the star. For instance, you need a Mining level of 80 to mine a size 8 star.

Be that as it may, the star will lessen in size as it is mined, so the Mining necessity diminishes as it is mined. Therefore, You could find this manhwa with magic a great webtoon to read…

25. Black Haze


  • Author: Yong Yong
  • Artist: Yong Yong
  • Genres: Magic,  Comedy,  Drama,  Fantasy, Tragedy

This manhwa with magic can only keep you captivated! And your mind will need some space to free up the pressure!

However,  After a mission went awry, the doubtful main character, Rood, is sent to a famous magic school, Helios. Here, he must protect an important person’s son who has a very bad time at school.

Overall, this manhwa with magic is a mixture of comedy and action, with a very attractive storyline! And the art also is quite beautiful.

If you are a fan of this kind of manhwa with magic! Then you have to read this one, you can only enjoy it…

24. Magician


  • Author: KIM Sarae
  • Artist: KIM Sarae
  • Genres: Magic,  Adventure, Fantasy,  Mystery

In this manhwa with magic, there were those two characters Iremy, Enzu, and the notorious, everlasting entertainer Ethermask start their excursion into the obscure!

Every one of them looks for something other than what’s expected from their excursion. Iremi is only there for the ride, Enzu looks for vengeance for the homicide of his dad and Edermask is searching for an original copy.

Without knowing the threats their excursion may bring them, they set sail to satisfy their deepest longings and uncloak the secret behind Edermask’s eternality.

You will enjoy this manhwa with magic if you are looking for such manhwas…

23. Mookhyang: Dark Lady


  • Author:  Unkown
  • Artist: Unkown
  • Genres: Magic, Adventure, Fantasy, isekai

The uncommon military craftsman and pleased hierarch of the Demonic Sect, Mookhyang, ends up in a peculiar new dream domain subsequent to succumbing to a revile cast by his foes, the Blood Sect.

Yet, when Mookhyang’s staggering authority over qi, or mana, gets known, it won’t be long until he gets reviled once more. And transformed into a young woman?!

In this universe of mythical people, mages, knights, and winged serpents! Will the dominance of Chinese combative techniques be sufficient for one man (or lady) to battle his way back home?

Or then again will this lowered hero at long last surrender rout? All these interesting themes make this manhwa with magic a very good read to have…

22. The Heroine of Drayfox


  • Author:  Latine
  • Artist: Unkown
  • Genres: Fantasy – Romance

In this manhwa with magic Hansol is eager to start her school profession when a deadly mishap whisks her away to a magical land.

Presently, in the collection of Finea Macaira, the little girl of Drayfox honorability and a relative of one of the five legends of the domain, she should figure out how to disregard the past and embrace this otherworldly new world.

It will not come simple, as Finea finds inside herself an extraordinary otherworldly capacity that is amazing outside her ability to control. In the interim, an antiquated and ruinous power of evil is going to return.

Be that as it may, under the insurance of the six basic spirits and a cordial mythical serpent, she may simply have the option to sharpen her latent capacity and satisfy her predetermination as one of the realm’s incredible saints.

In view of the hit novel. It is an amazing manhwa with magic to read! Don’t skip it…

21. Kubera


  • Author: Currygom
  • Artist: Unkown
  • Genres:  Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Romance

In this manhwa with magic divine beings with never-ending lives. Sura has unmatched force. Furthermore, people, gotten defenselessly in the middle.

At the point when Kubera’s quiet town meets its blazing end, a secretive entertainer named Asha acts as the hero.

Together they start on an excursion looking for answers and retribution. In the meantime across the domains, a snare of weaved destinies is becoming tighter. Individually different players of the game will arise, each with their own plan to seek after.

At the focal point of this whirlwind stands Kubera, the young lady with a divine being’s name. Will this sixteen-year-old be the salvation of the world or its annihilation?

So, if you are interested in a good manhwa with magic, you have this one as one of the choices…

20. Sica Wolf

Manhwa with magic

  • Author: Siya
  • Artist: Coin
  • Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Manhwa, Romance

In this manhwa with magic a set to locate the two most notable individuals in her day-to-day existence, Sica steps foot outside the Magician’s Tower unexpectedly!

She before long meets Karsus, a hired soldier fighter who resembles her first love. In spite of being mistaken for another person!

Karsus offers to help discover individuals Sica’s searching for on the off chance that she causes him with his work.

Along these lines, the two start their experience, one that will change the destiny of the Empire, yet in addition their hearts! First love or Karsus! Who will Sica pick?

To figure out the answers to what you are asking, you have to read this manhwa with magic…

19. Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World

isekai manhwa

  • Author: SOON-Q YKB
  • Artist: SOON-Q Studio Khit
  • Genres: Magic,  Adventure,  Comedy,  Shounen

When you read this manhwa with magic you will see a subsequent to being as of late released from military help and simply floating through life!

Hanbin Ryu is out of nowhere moved to a different universe. Nonetheless, his “rule,” the framework offered to him to assist with his endurance and development.

Which was loaded up with mistakes, making him be stuck in the instructional exercise stage for more than 20 years.

At the point when he is at long last delivered from this individual heck, he discovers everybody has betrayed other humans like him.

Exactly how might this low-level, super-instructional exercise beginner endure? So, take a trip with this manhwa with magic…

18. Witch Buster

manhwa with magic

  • Author: Unkown
  • Artist: Unkown
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy

Happened in this manhwa with magic, fourteen years prior, the witches of the world battled against people and because of their huge force, numerous nations fell under their influence.

To battle this danger, the safe countries framed an association comprising of people with uncommon capacities known as the “Witch Hunters”.

Tasha Gospel is one such witch tracker who, under the codename Magic Bullet Marksman ventures to every part of the land with his pumpkin-confronted ally!

Halloween, taking on missions to crush witches and acquire his pay. Notwithstanding, what Tasha truly focuses on is to find his sister, Aria!

Who has been tainted by the force of an enchanted cap and is presently known as the Red Witch.

Be that as it may, can he reclaim his sister from the ones who took her in any case, and would he be able to do it before the revile Aria projected quite a while back slaughters him?

This is a very good manhwa with magic to read if you are out of webtoons to read…

17. Lout of Count’s Family

manhwa with magic

  • Author: 
  • Artist: 
  • Genres: 

In this manhwa with magic, there was an mc who woke up inside of a novel. And in the body of that lout from the Count’s family. Also, the main character that utterly destroyed me in the story, Choi Han is coming.

This is a literary RPG fantasy where the MC is transported as a minor character in a novel but ends up getting into situations that lead him to pretty much become the MC.

It has a lot of interesting aspects with dragons, beast people, magic, superpowers, and more!

Check it out if you want to see if the MC ever gets to live the slacker couch potato life that he wishes to have!

16. The Soulless Duchess

manhwa with magic

  • Author: JIN Saeha
  • Artist: HAN Jin Seo
  • Genres: Drama  Fantasy  Romance  Magic

In this manhwa with magic, the credulous Yvona is prepared to do anything for her astounding life partner!

Gather supernatural monsters and let him take the greatness? Sure! Wreck her body for a ground-breaking spell and kick the bucket for him?

Indeed! Watch him covertly embrace her confided in cousin Tristan with energy and disparage her straightforwardly? Oka—pause. What?

All of a sudden, Yvona bites the dust! What’s more, awakens a year in the past with a troubled heart.

Furnished with her insight, Yvona’s prepared to battle for herself. Also, well, perhaps structure a union with the relentless Duke of Azentine.

You could enjoy this manhwa with magic if you have a cup of coffee at your side…

15. Blade of the Phantom Master

Blade of the Phantom Master

  • Author: Yoon, In-Wan (Story), Yang, Kyung-il
  • Artist: Unkown
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Magic.

Happened in this manhwa with magic when Munsu is an Angyo Onshi – authority for the nation of Jushin. Battling evil is all he knows, however since Jushin has as of late fallen, what is he battling for?

Meandering from one spot to another, Munsu ends up engaging the individuals who might additionally destabilize the country!

Regardless of whether they be arms sellers, runners, dictators, or magicians. Joined by a female champion named Chun Hyang.

And ready to call upon the strength of a spooky army with his Angyo Onshi powers, Munsu embarks to help the individuals who will make a stride towards causing themselves.

And bring equity against all that is shrewd on the planet. So, just be at ease because this manhwa with magic will make your mind busy…

14. Release That Witch

manhwa with magic

  • Author: Er Mu
  • Artist: Dr Woodman,Yuè Wén Mànhuà
  • Genres: Magic, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy.

This manhwa with magic talks about an advanced architect who immigrates to an alternate world. Where he turns into a ruler.

His environmental factors help him to remember middle-aged Europe, yet it’s not exactly the equivalent.

In this world, witches really exist, and they have genuine enchantment powers! Enchantment powers. that can be utilized as a profitable power!

The witches should be saved. Their forces should be freed! We should open our guide, ward off evil presences, tackle the trick, and climb the tree of innovation!

So, you only need to have a cup of tea beside you and start reading this manhwa with magic…

13. I am the Sorcerer King

manhwa with magic

  • Author: Decaspell
  • Artist: Miro
  • Genres: Action, Magic, Fantasy, Supernatural

In this manhwa with magic 10 years prior, the beast crowd from the crack framed from reality began assaulting humanity.

Simultaneously, individuals have begun to stir the influence and started chasing the beasts for notoriety and cash Lee SungHoon!

Needing cash in light of his mom’s infection accepts a hazardous position to help chase those beasts four times each month by going about as a trap for the trackers

But one day, he is vigorously harmed by a beast and recollects his previous existence as a magician ruler ‘Huh? Did I just die?»

Stand by, I was a Sorcerer King Kratraus in my past life?’ With his past recollections, SungHoon’s overwhelmed enchantment show starts.

It is just a nice manhwa with magic to read if are looking for something to escape reality!

12. The Archmage Returns After 4000 years


  • Author: Barnicle Nakhasan
  • Artist: KD-DRAGON Redice Studio
  • Genres: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Magic

In this manhwa with magic, Lucas Trowman was the best archmage in history until he was sentenced by Demigod to spend time everlasting losing his brain.

Yet, after 4,000 years, he’s pushed once again into this world, into the assortment of Frei Blake, the most vulnerable, most un-skilled understudy at the lofty Westroad Academy for mages.

After this time, the universe of enchantment has scarcely advanced. Could this be crafted by Demigod?

Resolved to discover, Lucas looks to arrive at the most significant levels of force by and by and get his vengeance. Enjoyment is served perfectly in manhwa with magic…

11. Adonis

manhwa with magic

  • Author: Hye-Dol
  • Artist: Hye-Dol Team Adonis
  • Genres: Action  Comedy  Magic  Martial Arts

In this manhwa with magic, Ianna and Arhad shared much for all intents and purposes.

The two of them just thought often about themselves and were frantically fixated on one another. The thing that matters is one needed the other’s glow, and the other needed accommodation.

In spite of the fact that Ianna’s life finished in a warmed fight against Arhad, the Kingdom’s ruler!  She is resurrected into similar life for no good reason.

Two individuals who confronted wretchedness in their past life presently get an opportunity to meet once more.

Will a similar misfortune rehash itself, or can Ianna change the course of history? This is all happening in this manhwa with magic…

10. Charlotte and Her 5 Disciples

manhwa with magic

  • Author: Yong Yong
  • Artist: Yong Yong
  • Genres: Magic Fantasy  Romance  Supernatural

As you keep looking for a manhwa with magic to read! Since Wizardry awards what the heart wants!  At any rate that is the thing that the excellent magician Charlotte Eleanor consistently accepted.

Charlotte saved the world while likewise framing an after of five followers to gain proficiency with her otherworldly blessings.

Regardless of all that, she actually couldn’t locate the genuine romance that her heart wants. Presently, after her demise, she’s been renewed into Aria Lisen!

With the assistance of the Grand Duke Louister, can Aria, at last, locate her genuine affection, while staying quiet about her new personality from her previous devotees?

Indeed, it is a great manhwa with magic to spend time on…

9. Flirting with The Villain’s Dad

Flirting with The Villain s Dad

  • Author: Dalseul
  • Artist: VIA
  • Genres: Comedy  Drama  Fantasy  Magic

If you were in doubt looking for a god manhwa with magic to read! You would be surprised if you try this manhwa with magic.

Ack! I’m caught in this web novel, “Brigitte Wants to be Happy!” No prob, I KNOW what’s going to occur so I’ll just—stand by.

I’m not Brigitte? I’m her auntie, Princess Yerenika?! Oh, dear. I’m stuck 20 years before the primary plot…

What’s more, everybody in my age winds up lamentably dead! Her folks, dead. Me, dead. Scalawag’s father, King Euredian, dead. A-ha! That is the key.

I simply need to keep the reprobate from being conceived, time to break out some enchantment plans and tease as my life relies upon it! So, try this manhwa with magic…

8. Annarasumanara


  • Author: HA Il-Kwon
  • Artist: HA Il-Kwon
  • Genres: Drama  Mystery  Psychological  Magic

Every day our general public is getting more sensible, more serious and our lives are getting increasingly organized, coordinated toward a specific objective.

To flourish in this world there is frequently no space for what one needs except for quite often our way is centered around what we need to do to be good individuals from the local area.

In this modernized perspective, there is no space for somebody who would not like to grow up, kids are compelled to develop their life zeroed in on being a fruitful expert, if they need to be that.

Annarasumanara is the tale of somebody choosing to not grow up, it’s the tale of always remembering or surrendering one’s fantasy, the account of how this pressing factor can deal with somebody.

And the narrative of the magnificence of wizardry in its numerous structures in our cutting-edge society. So if you want a manhwa with magic about such a theme you can try this manhwa…

7. The Gamer

The Gamer

  • Author: Sung Sang-Young
  • Artist: Unkown
  • Genres: Fantasy Magic

If you are a gamer you would love this manhwa with magic, it is about Jee-Han who loves gaming more than anything, yet it actually comes as a stun when one day!

He unexpectedly secures a strange force that superimposes RPG qualities onto this present reality!

Errands likes going to the store for his mom to start experience-procuring missions, and everybody around the kid show levels and details over their heads.

However, which begins as a gentle interest out of nowhere turns into even more genuine, when Jee-Han finds that there are beasts to be executed, exceptional abilities to be acquired!

And other people who have comparable capacities! So, as you keep playing your games if you wanted to change and read so manhwa with magic you can try this one…

6. Miss Guillotine

Miss Guillotine

  • Author: Gaje
  • Artist: Unkown
  • Genres: Mystery  Fantasy Magic

Supernatural things and darkish stuff are always interesting to watch! This is the case with this manhwa with magic webtoon!

The period of the unknown saint has finished, and the world’s defenders – the Magical Girls – presently carry on with their lives in close to superstar status.

Be that as it may, it turns out these defenders are truly school menaces in their regular daily existences.

At some point, another, at no other time seen Magical Girl shows up with a decree of the battle against the first Magical Girls!

As for your dark desires, this manhwa with magic will serve them perfectly…

5. This Girl is a Little Wild

This Girl is a Little Wild

  • Author: Kidari Studio
  • Artist: Kidari Studio
  • Genres: Magic Comedy Romance Supernatural

Are you looking for a good manhwa with magic to read? Well, you can try this one!

As he was being crushed, the Demon King utilized the remainder of his solidarity to revile Sir Roel, the unbelievable commander of the Holy Knights, into the body of a frail young lady.

Roel — who was a lady regardless! — burnt out on her previous life and unfit to get back to her unique body, chooses to carry on with a rich life as Sila Epheria!

The respectable girl whose spirit got traded with hers. Things don’t work out as expected when her new family places her in harm’s way, compelling her to figure out how to demonstrate her actual character.

Will Roel/Sila have the option to carry on with a calm life as she wishes? Or then again is there something more to the new life she’s gotten?

Thus, it is a nice manhwa with magic to make your day cooler…

4. Go Jin and Gam-rae

Go Jin and Gam rae

  • Author: Unkown
  • Artist: Unkown
  • Genres: Webtoon Fantasy Historical Magic

This is a quite wonderful manhwa with magic! I can say that you wouldn’t get bored if you read it.

After only one day’s performance in this new village, someone has destroyed Go Jin and his musical troupe’s instruments.

His search for the culprit leads him to Gam-rae, the Taoist master of the village. Endowed with supernatural gifts, suspicion often falls on him.

But Go Jin soon finds that there is much more to this man than his gifts, as he becomes caught in the middle of Gam-rae’s own supernatural battle.

So, if you seek a good manhwa with magic o read while enjoying a cup of tea! Here you have it…

3. I Became the Hero’s Mom

I Became the Hero s Mom

  • Author: Drama  Fantasy  Romance  Magic
  • Artist: GO Eunchae Gyammi Sanho
  • Genres: Eongsseu

I’d been standing the saint for a very long time when I was unexpectedly discovered in the act by his oppressive hovering father, Duke Hades Loubermont.

“Incessant pursuit, costly endowments, and now you’ve come along this path up north totally neglecting your life… ” “I’m grieved. I have no reason.” “Okay, I’ve lost. Your dedication is verifiable.” “…You think so as well?

Indeed, even I concede that this is the zenith of dedication.” “Numerous ladies have sought after me, yet none as diligently as you. I stand astounded.

We should hold it, at that point. Our marriage. As quickly as time permits.” “Ha… Indeed, I’ll acknowledge my destiny.” Silence. “Pause, pardon?! What?” What did he simply say?

Doubtlessly I must’ve misheard? Yet, the duke, smiling at my stunned face, gave the completing blow. “I said, I’ll wed you.” Wow. The legend’s father has a swelled conscience.

Therefore, if you like manhwa with magic you can try this one! It has all that you want from a manhwa with magic…

2. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End

  • Author:  TurtleMe
  • Artist: Duta Permana
  • Genres:  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Webtoon

Our overpowered main character in this manhwa with magic is Arthur Leywin, in his past life he was a badass king with the name Grey before being reborn in a new world into a body of an infant.

After that, he uses his past life knowledge, to become one of the most overpowered badass main characters.

Therefore, he corrects the mistakes of his past life and discovers the reason why he gets his second chance in life.

To sum up, it an incredible manhwa with magic, the story is enjoyable and interesting to read,  with great arts, deep character development, and  I’d recommend you to read this manhwa with magic…

1. Only I Level Up: Solo Leveling

Manhwa With Overpowered and Badass Main characters

  • Author: Chugong
  • Artist: Redice Studio, GEE So-Lyung
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Manhwa

Jin-Woo SUNG is our freaking badass main character in this manhwa with magic! In a world full of monsters! And powerful hunters Jin-Woo is the weakest hunter and he was suffering from a long time underestimation.

Also, as a weak hunter went through a near-death experience. Therefore, our badass main character decides to develop his skills and become more powerful.

Omg, this manhwa with magic is so good that you must read it, the art is superb, consistent, and really detailed.

The story is amazing! And has a lot of badass moments where an overpowered mc is kicking everyone’s ass in a badass way. Thus, we can say that this is a manhwa with magic…

Finally, we reach the end of this badass list, hoping you’ll enjoy some manhwa with magic in this list!

Choose the story that suits your desires the most. And just like most of the badass main characters here, you can have a second chance to read some of the most amazing manhwas with magic that you missed in the past…

So, be happy and stay positive.

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