The Best Magic School Manhwa of All Time

Top 15 Best Magic School Manhwa of All Time


Magic school manhwa is a very popular genre among manga fans. Even if the manhwa world has a lot to offer, you can’t deny that chapters with magical aspects are really awesome! There is already a Magic Manhwa fandom, and they can’t stop raving about their favorite series. Simply combine school life and magic to create the ideal magic school manhwa that you will not regret reading!

Manhwa centered on magical energy appears to be the most entertaining genre to read. Perceiving magic allows the audience to perceive a new world of possibilities that would not be feasible in everyday life. Magical fantasy realm, powerful protagonist, magic skills, special powers, gorgeous heroines-whatever it is and how it is, magic manhwa has everything.

The main characters in this manhwas attend a magic school where they learn magical skills and are allowed to use their magical abilities. In today’s article, we’ll look at some of the 15 best magic school manhwa of all time, which you should certainly read. So, without further ado, let us begin.


15. Wizard Number Zero

magic school manhwa with op mc

Living in the shadow of his best buddy, Elras, was Nikolai’s biggest difficulty as a member of Genesis, an organization combating catastrophe. That is until Elras violates the basic rule of magic: never use it to hurt another. Years of friendship and magical knowledge are erased from Elras’ memory to prevent him from causing harm to others, and Nikolai is assigned to keep an eye on him. But then they discover that Elras can cast magic without the need for a wand, and more puzzling hints regarding his departure emerge. Nothing is easy for this duo!

Honestly, it’s such a nice read; it’s both intriguing and refreshing. However, it appears like the story is trying to empower the baddies while shackling the good ones. Furthermore, the artwork is excellent, and the characters are well-drawn. So, if you want to read a calm magic school manhwa, this is a great pick.


14. Trump (Chae-Eun LEE)

magic school manhwa with op mc

The story is set in a universe where having magical powers is natural. On Melly Day, February 29th, children under the age of 14 are reported to get their wishes granted. Hiasen, Ran’s kid, is raised by the powerful magician Kasin, who is also Ran’s buddy. The story begins when Hiasen asks Kasin to send him to the magic school for a gift on Melly Day.

This is one of the best well-written webtoons; how the character evolves and how the story unfolds; it’s perfect. The artwork is lovely, and the world-building perfectly fits with the plot. The characters are neither good nor evil, and you will find yourself first hating them on the surface, just for them to become your favorite characters as the story goes on. All in all, if you’re seeking a good magic school manhwa with an OP MC, give this one a chance, and you will be glad you did.


13. They Say I Was Born a King’s Daughter

magic school manhwa with op mc

Suhee Kim ultimately finds true love with a stable partner called Jinsu Han after spending most of her adolescence fielding the attention of several affluent suitors. But then disaster comes, and Suhee is brutally killed.

Suhee is reborn as a newborn girl named Sanghee Kim, who happens to be a princess, much to her astonishment! She is also completely aware of her previous existence. There’s just one problem: in this culture, women, even princesses, are considered completely inferior. Sanghee is motivated to reform the kingdom’s patriarchal practices after seeing the oppression of women. Will Sanghee be able to succeed, or will she be forced to live her second life as a lowly woman?

In general, the plot is really good; The art is okay but not hurtful to the eye. The character was created to be predictable. Give it a try if you are of isekai, magic school manhwa.


12. The Return of the 8th Class Mage

magic school manhwa with op mc

The story of this magic school manhwa revolves around the powerful 8th-class mage, Ian Paige, who takes countless innocent lives under the orders of Emperor Ragnar, a close friend, and ruler of the Greenriver Empire. Yet despite their closeness, Ragnar views Ian as a threat and subsequently poisons him. Using time magic, Ian saves himself and returns 30 years to the past. As a young boy, Ian joins an elite order of mages to hone his abilities once again. This time, he’ll get revenge on the emperor who betrayed him and reclaim his glory as an 8th-class mage!

Overall, The plot is not clear. What does he want? Revenge? Changing what he did? Protect? But it’s still engaging. The art is good, and the way characters react to different situations, especially the mc, is pretty interesting to see. So, if you are looking for a magic school manhwa with an overpowered and smart main character; you should definitely check this one.


11. The Golden-Haired Summoner

magic school manhwa with op mc

After the agony of a study-induced death, Jinny is reincarnated into a brutal medieval fantasy world replete with magic, orcs, and talking spirits. Everyone, including her new parents, instructors, and even the monarch, has high expectations for Geenie Crowell, the daughter of a noble and a genuine genius. Geenie, not keen on all these high expectations that may backfire on her, devises the ideal way out of slaving over a heated magic wand: if she becomes a summoner, she will be able to summon a spirit and have them do all the work! But Geenie will soon discover that there’s more to it than cute spirit friends and a mana collection. Being a summoner entails a great deal of responsibility—and peril.

The plot is fine; there is nothing particularly noteworthy about it. However, the combination of reincarnation and magic, together with a strong female protagonist but lazy, is hilarious and engaging. The art is great, and the characters are wonderfully designed. So, if you’re looking for a fun magic school manhwa to read, give it a go.


10. The Dragon Master

magic school manhwa with op mc

The story of this magic school manhwa centers on Shan, a weak child born into the family of Dragon Master Alterion and a source of worry for his family. He found a dragon egg in the forest one day and eventually became the dragon’s master. Overall, the storyline, and art style are fascinating. The main character is weak but develops well, and the other characters are excellent as well. So, if you’re looking for a decent fantasy read, I’d recommend it.


9. The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

Manhwa where the MC is Reincarnated in the Future

This magic school manhwa begins when Frey chooses to end his torment once and for all, the ghost of our overpowering badass main character, the great magician Lucas, comes to life after 4000 years and takes over his weaker body. Despite this, his knowledge becomes oppressive and icy. It’s one of the saddest reincarnation sequences you’ll ever read.

Overall, the story is excellent, and the art is wonderful. It’s practically excellent in terms of coloring, shading, and line work; If you’re seeking a fantasy manhwa with an op mc who is transferred from the land of the dead to live his second life, you’ve come to the right place! This series is well worth your time…


8. The Adventures of a Demon King’s Daughter

magic school manhwa with op mc

The plot of this magic school manhwa centers around Jo Ara, who was given a second shot in life and was eager to swap her gloomy past for a world of fantasy and magic. The only catch is that she was reborn as Irene Neros Parjunel, the southern demon king’s favorite newborn kid! She goes out to explore her position in this world, with the god of the underworld and her departed mother looking over her. With a sassy angel godmother and a stubborn demon godfather, the stage is set for mischief and catastrophe! Will Irene be able to assist her father in combating the threats that torment him? And, after meeting many friends along the way, would she also be able to experience real love?

In a nutshell, the story is both fascinating and entertaining. The artwork is rather outstanding; the characters are finely created and developed throughout the story. Then give this one a shot if you’re searching for a cute fantasy magic school manhwa.


7. Shaman (Hong Won-Pyo)

magic school manhwa with op mc

The story of this magic school manhwa is set in a world where spirits, known as “Hexes,” and humans used to coexist until one day a catastrophe occurred that wiped out all spirits from the earth. After a while, some people begin to awaken and become shamans. These shamans have extraordinary skills and can harness the energies of those spirits. Our protagonist is also a young shaman. However, he is a beginner, and his personality is fairly nice for the silent kind. He and his comrades are now attempting to save the world from the “curses.”

In general, the plot is interesting and seems pretty unique so far. The art is fantastic, and the overall world-building is also well done. The main character is both cool and powerful. So, if you’re looking for a great magic school manhwa with an OP MC, give this one a go.


6. Egret: The Great Sage

Manhwa where the MC is Reincarnated in the Future

This magic school manhwa follows Egret, a renowned Elementalist who spent his whole existence in the company of elemental spirits, feeling rejected by human society owing to his vast strength.

After his death, he gets reincarnated inside the body of a 14-year-old prince named Judas, a social pariah tormented for his humility and small stature. With his devoted spirits by his side, Egret joins the posh university Ruvar-H, where he must make acquaintances and rebuild Judas’ reputation. Will this renowned sage be able to live in the real world, with a threat from his former existence hunting him?

All in all, the story is interesting, the artwork is good, the characters are nicely developed, and the main character is one of the prettiest figures ever seen. So, if you’re looking for a good magic school manhwa with a cute MC who is reborn in the future, give this one a try; you won’t be disappointed.

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5. Crepuscule (Yamchi)

magic school manhwa with op mc

The plot of this magic school manhwa revolves around Lark, a human boy who is bullied by other kids in the human world due to his red eyes (which are typical for a vampire). One day, he meets Setz, a real Noble clan vampire, who is the only one who does not name him a monster or bully him. They eventually become friends, but when Lark learns that he may have to return to the orphanage, Setz decides he does not want to lose his buddy, so he invites him to his home… the vampire world.

So far, the narrative is quite engaging; it’s nicely written and easy to enjoy. The artwork is wonderful! The character design is excellent, as is the setting. I would suggest this manhwa to anybody who likes supernatural, fantasy, or school magic! It’s fantastic.


4. Black Haze

magic school manhwa with op mc

In a world full of magicians and demons, we meet Rood, a small, blonde 15-year-old boy, whose past is filled with mysteries. But nobody knows, except his boss. As soon as he activates his magical powers, he transforms into one of the most famous and powerful magicians in the country, known as the Black Magician, in order to complete a mission. Rood attends a magical school, where he makes new friends in this school. Now, with his newfound abilities, Rood wishes to save his new friends while hiding his true identity.

Overall, this manhwa about a magic school is a great combination of comedy and action. When you get through the first few pages, the story is quite engaging, and the art is quite good. This manhwa is deserving of more attention from manhwa readers. So, if you’re searching for an excellent magic school manhwa to read with an OP MC, give this one a go.

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3. Ascension to Godhood by Slaying Demons

magic school manhwa with op mc

After being abducted into the spirit world, a young boy awakens his powers of divinity by accessing nirvana. Together with his younger twin sister, they explore this mysterious world, study Taoism, get stronger, assist gods, make friends, solve mysteries, and become the number one demon-slaying god!
In brief, the story is intriguing, the artwork is amazing, the characters are well-drawn, and the combat sequences are fantastic. If you like magic school manhwa with OP MC, you should try this one. You will not be let down.


2. Anz: The Memory of Wind

magic school manhwa with op mc

This magic school manhwa with op mc is set in Winfred Academy. Students at this prestigious school of magic have just one goal in mind: to become the next Witch of the Wind. Furthermore, the wind witches are one of the four types of witches that guard the continent. That is to say, as the world looks for the next great witch, one intriguing student at the Winfred Academy of Magic, Anz, prefers to be left alone.

In a nutshell, the plot of this magic school manhwa is excellent. The tempo is excellent, and the characters are nicely developed throughout the story. The artwork is fantastic, and the magical school settings are wonderfully portrayed. If you’re looking for a school life story with a touch of comedy, this manhwa is for you.

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1. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A Returners Magic Should Be Special

For ten years, Desir Arman and his group have fought inside the mystical Shadow Labyrinth—and against the end of the world. Much of mankind has already died, and just as Desir is about to be executed, he is transported back 13 years. Despite his knowledge of the cursed destiny that awaits him, Desir strengthens his determination as he sees a chance to train his allies and better prepare to confront Armageddon together, without losing those they love!

Overall, it’s an intriguing story with great character development. The plot moves at a good speed, neither too slow nor too fast. The art is often excellent, the world-building is great, and the character designs are appealing. In brief, if you’re looking for a magic school manhwa with a powerful main character, give this one a go; you won’t be disappointed.

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Finally, these are the greatest manhwa we could discover about students going to magic school/academy. We truly hope you will like them and that you find the best magic school manhwa with an overpowered main character that you’ll read next.

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