The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

Top 10 Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character That will Leave you Feeling Numb


Hello! And welcome to a new post, today we cover for you the best manhwa with an emotionless main character you must read.

At first, an emotionless main character can be hard to relate to, but once you get into their headspace, they’re actually quite easy to understand. And besides, there are plenty of other interesting characters in each series who make up for it! These stories will show you what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes for a change. Plus, who doesn’t love a good cry?

These manhwas all have one thing in common: they all feature an emotionless main character who’s interesting, complex, and intriguing despite their lack of emotions. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something new that will keep you hooked from beginning to end!

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So, if you are looking for a story that will leave you feeling numb, let us count down the top 10 manhwa with an emotionless main character.


10. My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World

The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

Our protagonist was on his way to acquire some beer to celebrate his new job as a civil servant. He was suddenly hit by a truck and sent to another world. Reincarnated as Denburg Blade, the son of the head of a famous combat race, he caught demons at the age of eight and a dragon at the age of twelve. He lived an unnatural life. However, Denburg prefers a safe and peaceful life. So he decides to work as a civil servant for the empire! Can Denburg become a civil servant and live the quiet and steady life he desired?

This story starts pretty well but becomes a little boring later on. because it begins as a fantasy-action manhwa and then transitions into a completely drama-heavy manhwa after a few chapters. However, the artwork and world-building are excellent. From the outset, the main character is overpowered and heartless. So, if you’re looking for a new drama fantasy manhwa with an emotionless main character, check out this one.


9. A Useless Villain

The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

The story revolves around “Dongjin Kim”, a high school student who appears to be a regular grumpy adolescent, but he’s actually a strong psychic “villain” who aims to destroy humanity. However, there is a catch: whenever he utilizes his powers to kill, he is transported back in time. Dongjin, imprisoned in this time loop, seeks to narrow down the perpetrator by doing what he knows best: murdering everyone around him. Will he be able to get out of the time loop and achieve his goal as a villain?

In general, the story is brief but engaging and easy to follow. The artwork is beautiful and vibrant. The protagonist is a charismatic, complex, crazy villain who kills without remorse. He’s intelligent and motivated, but he’s not perfect. So, if you’re looking for a fast-read manhwa with an emotionless main character, A Useless Villain is the one.

8. Android Have No Blood

The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

In contrast to previous manhwas, the protagonist in this one is a high-tech android-ai who is transferred to the Murim world due to a crash landing and a dimensional shift. Our robot MC begins to aid everyone in the new world, and everyone thinks of him as a hero. He feeds the hungry, assists those in peril, and never sleeps or tires.

This manhwa is one-of-a-kind. There is no other manhwa like it; the story is interesting and full of funny moments. The art is fantastic, and since the main character is a robot, he is emotionless. So, if you enjoy action, mecha, martial arts, and fantasy all rolled into one, this manhwa with an emotionless main character is well worth your time.


7. Weiß

The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

Shim LeaYoung is the “zombie boy” of his school. Every day, his duty is to get beaten up by the entire student body. Because his expression never changes, people are disgusted by him and avoid him. He is not loved even at home—where he lives with his father’s friend’s family. One day, a real zombie and a couple of people who call themselves “Schwarz*” appear”, trying to extract the Evil Spirit Jade from within him.

Overall, the plot is excellent, the characters are well-created, and the artwork is good. The only issue is that it is far too short. Give it a go if you want a quick read manhwa with an emotionless main character. There are just 12 chapters. You’ve got nothing to lose.

6. Nameless Lantern

The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

The story of this manhwa with an emotionless main character begins when the state of Joseon is defeated by the invaders of the royal family. Two are born with a power that both the emperor and his traitors can use. Will this light illuminate the chaos of the times that have come? Or will it be the reason an entire country burns out?

In a nutshell, the story is amazing and deep. The artwork is really outstanding. Sadly, this flawless work of art is underrated. Give it a go; you’ll be glad you did.

5. Automata

The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

A mysterious creature known as “A-R” has connected the physical and cyber realms shortly, furthering humanity. Meanwhile, ATMT agents are responsible for directly engaging with tech networks to repair and upgrade devices. When some of these “Automata” find surprising new powers in the domain of everything linked, rogue units, viruses, and even the business itself must choose sides. Sharle, a new automaton, and his backer CC are now looking for answers as they navigate an underworld of hazardous bytes set to break into reality.

Overall, this manhwa with an emotionless main character is fantastic, but the plot is complicated. The artwork is great, and the characters develop wonderfully throughout the story. Then, if you enjoy action mysteries and sci-fi manhwa, you should try this one.


4. Level Up With the Gods

The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

Our protagonist becomes stronger and quicker than everyone else. However, he was defeated in the end. Kim YuWon was left with nothing but despair. He was offered a second opportunity in his final moments… His fate had not yet been defined by his friend’s sacrifice. YuWon returns to where he started, destroying monster after monster and relearning his abilities before taking on the Tower once more. Will he be able to battle his way through the tutorials and level up again, or will his triumph shatter before him?

This is an absolute must-read manhwa. It reads similarly to Omniscient Reader and Second Life Ranker, yet it has its own distinct features. The visual style is fantastic, the action sequences are always intense, and the characters are highly detailed and well-done. The MC is a total badass who lacks feeling. Give it a go; you won’t be disappointed.


3. Nowhere Boy

The Best Manhwa with an Emotionless Main Character

The world is in danger only because God was too kind and granted the world’s most unhappy person one free wish. Lee Hyun, a Korean schoolboy, desires the apocalypse. God accepts his wish with one condition: the world would end in 100 days, and he would only be allowed to “change his mind” once during that time. To make up for his error, he chose the world’s happiest person, manhwa artist Oh Duk Hee, to make the world’s unhappiest person happy again. Will she be able to convince him to change his mind before it’s too late, bearing the weight of humanity’s extinction on her shoulders?

Overall, the story is both charming and comical. The gags might be a little tricky at times, but it’s still amusing. The art style is really fantastic. The main character is dumb and heartless, but the supporting characters are hilarious. So, if you like dark comedy or fantasy, and want to read a manhwa with an emotionless main character, this one is for you.


2. Dr. Frost

Dr. Frost

This manhwa with an emotionless main character follows Nam-Bong Baek (aka Dr. Frost), a brilliant psychologist who had a severe brain injury as a child and is thus unable to experience certain emotions. As a result, he chose to study psychology in order to understand himself and human behavior, and he is currently a consultant psychologist at Yonggang University. The plot is divided into several small arcs, each following one of the different clients’ situations.

The storyline is quite incredible; it is both educational and entertaining. The art is fantastic; it’s brightly colored and contains well-drawn backgrounds, items, and characters. In addition, responses and emotions are depicted quite effectively. The characters in each case are different, with distinct personalities and backstories. You will experience a range of emotions, including happiness, sadness, creepiness, disgust, and anger. Overall, if you’re interested in psychology and don’t mind a slower-paced plot, this title is a good choice.

1. Noblesse

manhwa adapted to anime

The story revolves around a vampire named Rai, who awakens after being asleep for 820 years. After waking up, he assumes the appearance of a high school student and unknowingly encounters an acquaintance named Frankenstein, who also happens to be the chairman of the high school he wandered into. Rai then resolves to remain a student at the school in order to learn about the 820 years he has missed. All the while, meeting new acquaintances at school, learning about new technologies, cultures, and, of course, the food (you’ll get it later)! However, his peaceful days are soon interrupted by mysterious attackers known as the “Unions”.

Overall, the story may appear long, but it is quite fascinating and intriguing. In addition, the artwork is excellent! The action sequences are well-drawn. The characters are interesting and unique. There are many with diverse personalities, which I find pretty attractive. So, if you want a good vampire manhwa with an emotionless main character, this is the one! You should absolutely try it.

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Finally, these are the greatest manhwa we could discover about the emotionless main characters. We truly hope you will like them and that you find the best manhwa with an emotionless main character that you’ll read next.

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