The Best 12 Manhwa Where The MC Goes From Strong to Overpowered

Read The Best 12 Manhwa Where The MC Goes From Strong to Overpowered


In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the best manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered. These characters are out of control and are able to do anything they want without any limitations. So it’s important to not mess with these characters.

Nothing beats the thrill of seeing a strong main character with tons of power who is going to overcome all odds. Some manhwa series features no weak characters and instead center on a single character who begins strong and grows progressively stronger and more powerful. Some writers develop these characters to the point where they are powerful and unmanageable. In this list, we’ll look at several fantastic series where the main character is strong from the start and eventually becomes unstoppably overpowered. These heroes are typically overpowered owing to their exceptional skill, strength, or both.

With so many manhwa titles available nowadays, it might be difficult to decide which one to read. Hopefully, this list of the top 12 manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered will help you choose your next one to enjoy. If you didn’t like one, just try another!

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So, without any further ado, let’s countdown our list.


12. The Breaker: Eternal Force (Manhwa)

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

The Breaker Series’ third season made a controversial with a ton of changes since New Waves-it is now in a webtoon format and the name changed to Eternal Force. The authors introduced another main character named Haje Kang, who has been bullied to the point of breaking. He stands on the edge of the school roof, ready to take his own life, and just as he’s about to leap, he’s pushed literally by an unknown upperclassman named Si-un Lee, but he wakes up safely in the school nurse’s office. Haje has no idea that Si-un is one of the most powerful martial artists in the Murim, the underground realm of martial arts. Haje begs Si-un to train him, but he has no idea how turbulent the martial arts underground can be.

Generally, the changes in art style, characters, and scenario give the impression that this is a whole separate story. The fights are enjoyable. The art is still fantastic, but it is now colored, so it has a different mood, but it is still fantastic. More importantly, Haje is already stronger than the ex-main character when he initially begins, and he magically becomes overpowered after only 8 chapters. Finally, if you are a big fan of The Breaker Series and want to read a manhwa where the main character goes from strong to overpowered, this is the one for you.


11. Peerless Battle Spirit (Manhua)

manhua where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

The setting for this manhwa is the Canglan Continent. In this world, Only those with powerful martial spirits may interact with the sky and the ground on this planet. Our main character Qin Nan was struck by a bolt of lightning while training his martial arts and, by chance, earned the Divine Battle Spirit, which could level up. Qin Nan had no idea that his Martial Spirit contained a huge secret, which would continue to be revealed as he learned more about the heavenly combat spirit’s story.

To be completely honest, the plot begins quite slowly and becomes fairly repetitious over the first 50–100 chapters. However, it becomes more engaging beyond this point, with events/new characters/plot development becoming more fascinating between 100–200 chapters. The artwork is excellent, and the cultivation, realms, and martial spirits are all portrayed in detail. Overall, if you enjoy a manhua with a brilliant main character awakening his strength and becoming invincible overpowered, this cultivation webtoon is for you.


10. I Get Stronger the More I Eat (Manhwa) 

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

Mr. Kim, also known as “Pet Shop,” is the main character of this manhwa where the MC is strong and then gets overpowered as hell. The Pet Shop has a unique ability to absorb the talents of the creatures it consumes. One day, our main character gets mysteriously transported to a mythical realm abounding with orcs, trolls, and monsters. Pet Shop has only one objective in mind: to become the world’s most powerful monster.

Generally speaking, the story is unique compared to any other fantasy-isekai series you’ve ever read; it’s unexpected and keeps you wanting to read more. The protagonist is also unique compared to other famous heroes. The character designs are well done, the expressions and feelings are skillfully depicted, and the action scenes are first-rate. The art is pleasing to the eye. Fans of fantasy, isekai manhwa, and villain MCs with superhuman abilities should read this one.

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9. I Copy Talents (Manhua)

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

This manhua where the MC goes from strong to overpowered centers around Ye Tian, a young guy who learns how to imitate other people’s skills just by touching them and now battles the skies to alter his destiny. He fights to live and to keep his sister safe from the alien beasts invading their catastrophe. He starts exploring the uncharted planet to gain strength, and as he does, he progressively uncovers the reason the alien dimensions invaded. Ye Tian unavoidably becomes involved in several significant conspiracies while learning the truth behind the wars and ends up playing a vital role in an inter-dimensional fight involving both human and extraterrestrial forces.

Overall, the story is above ordinary, but the storyline is executed flawlessly. The main character is ruthless, instantly strong, and clever. The artwork is top-tier. The fight sequences are very skillfully rendered. The world-building is also fantastic. This is a must-try for fans of dungeon-type manhua.


8. The Hero Returns (Manhwa) 

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

The sudden appearance of dungeons resulted in an endless invasion of monsters that overwhelmed civilization. Even Sungin Kim, humanity’s most powerful hero, sacrificed all to confront monsters, but he couldn’t prevent the world’s destruction. Sungin dies and comes back twenty years later as Soohyun Kim, an average high school student. He has no idea how or why he was brought back, but he knows this is his second chance to save the world and restore his hero’s reputation.

At first sight, it appears to be a basic returner-type manhwa, yet it is a well-polished manhwa with a sympathetic main character who exploits his knowledge to get stronger. The overall world-building and the plot are amazing, as always. The speed of the plot is beautifully handled. You never get the impression that the rhythm is excessively quick or too slow. The artwork and fight scenes are both fantastic.

So, if you’re looking for a wonderful action fantasy manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered, Sungin travels 20 years back in time to keep you entertained while reading this manhwa.

7. Memoir of the God of War (Manhwa)

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

Dan Sa Yu, a descendent of Goryeo, severely chastises the Central District to protect his buddy, whom he values beyond everything else. He wins every conflict! Nobody was able to stop him! Cheonpo Military Forces. The most effective martial art in Goryeo! As the story of the King of War develops, the mystique of the Cheonpo Armed Forces endures!

This manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered is pretty good. The story isn’t original, but it’s still engaging and moves along nicely. The main character is cool and unstoppably overpowered. The art is pretty good and fits well with the story compared to other stories of this genre. Both the world-building and the combat scenes are well-done. Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes Manhwa OP MC.


6. The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero (Manhwa)

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

The mysterious, terrible animals that suddenly appear on earth are referred to as “calamities” by humans. The 12 saints were awakened by the zodiac gods as a response to these disasters. However, the unselected Geon Lee was the next to awaken. There are currently 13 heroes in all, and our main character is the most powerful of them all. He gets betrayed by one of his allies during a raid on a dungeon, who turns on him and hurls him into a pit full of creatures. Everyone believed he had passed away, yet he came back to life after 20 years.

Most things are different this time. Once his allies, the twelve heroes are now powerful rulers. But now that Geon Lee’s stronger than ever, he’s determined to find the person who betrayed him and give him a lesson he’ll never forget.

Overall, it’s a satisfying story to read if you want a revenge manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered and beats all the godly beings without breaking a sweat. The combat sequences are beautifully portrayed, the characters are hilarious, and the art is astounding. So give it a go; you won’t be disappointed.

5. Volcanic Age (Manhwa)

Best Manwha Where The Mc Is A Swordsman

Joo Seo-Cheon is a man who, by luck, survives the Age of War and becomes the elder of the Hwasan group, only to live a life filled with regrets and doubts. When Joo Seo-Cheon dies, he is sent back to his eight-year-old body and given the chance to change history and maybe avoid the war.

Overall, if you’re looking for a manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered that has a well-orchestrated storyline, solid character development, fantastic world-building with elements of cultivation, incredible sword combat, and diverse martial art techniques! Volcanic Age is for you; now go read it and enjoy the journey.

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4. A Transmigrator’s Privilege (Manhwa)

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

The story of this manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered starts when our female protagonist receives an unusual spam text message just before she dies. She thought she was dead when she opened her eyes and found herself in the transmigrated examination bureau.

Survival Difficulty S-class is the book she’ll transmigrate to, and it’s jam-packed with regression situations. And her role will be that of the daughter of a servant who works for a severe aristocratic household.

This is one of the best transmigrator novels to read. The plot is pretty different from other isekai manhwas; it’s charming, wholesome, and humorous, but it’s not all puppies and rainbows; it can become rather exciting. because it has excellent dungeon battling and an overpowering female lead. Furthermore, the character design and general artwork of the manhwa are excellent. Overall, if you enjoy charming, funny, fantastical stories, this manhwa is a wonderful pick.


3. Burning Effect (Manhwa)

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

The story of this manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered is set in Graymark, a post-apocalyptic metropolis administered by the Central Bureau. People live harsh lives to reduce crime and population, and the law says that everyone who commits an offense, regardless of severity, is sentenced to death immediately. Burner planned to keep her head down and get out of Area 5. However, after reaching a breaking point, she finds herself in conflict with the Central Bureau and its most powerful administrator. As she learns to recognize her powers and gains new allies, an all-out battle between the government and the revolution ensues.

Overall, the plot is extremely fascinating, set in a world of kill or be killed, which only serves to develop and make many of the characters mad. Some of them are just insane killers, while others are battling them. The art style was also distinct. They were able to portray the emotions of the characters and their moods by using a very limited color palette, which made the battle sequences realistic. I would recommend it to anybody searching for a lighthearted yet serious story with endearing and strong characters.


2. The World After the Fall (Manhwa)

manhwa where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

When faced with defeat and inevitable death, would you choose to flee—or fight for a doomed world? The story of this manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered starts when mysterious towers sprout across the world, calling forth creatures that prey on humans, the Tower Walkers—adventurers with extraordinary abilities to confront the monsters—are given this option. On the verge of death, they can use a “regression stone” to return to the past for a second chance, but this decision permanently deposits them in a different timeline. Tower Walker Jaehwan rejects this option, opting to battle for the original chronology and uncover stunning tower secrets along the way.

This series is a definite must-read for its amazing originality. The story is great and combines several genres into one. The art is incredibly nicely done; the shading, colors, tones, and tints are pretty excellent. It built an entirely new fantasy world of beauty and terror. Each frame contains a lot of information since the character designs are based on human anatomy. So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind fantasy manhwa with a badass OP MC, give this one a read.


1. I Am the Fated Villain (Manhua)

manhua where the mc goes from strong to overpowered

Gu Changge was transmigrated into the Xuanhuan martial arts realm, but our main character was fated to be the villain in this new universe. He detested the Lucky Male Protagonist from the moment he saw him. As a result, Gu Changge strives to become the strongest to reverse his fate as a villain and gain some luck that would help him defeat his destined rival.

Overall, the story is nothing new, but it is entertaining and has plenty of hilarious moments. The characters are very well-developed, and the plot is well-paced. Furthermore, the art is quite good, with some use of color shades and tones. The line work is above average, and the character designs are extremely detailed. The environment is nicely shaded and drawn. Because of these qualities, this manhua ranks first on our list of the top manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered. So go ahead and read it; you won’t be disappointed.


Thank you for Reading.

Finally, these are the greatest manhwa we could discover about strong to the overpowered main characters. We truly hope you will like them and that you find the best manhwa where the MC goes from strong to overpowered that you’ll read next.

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