Top 15 Best Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

The Best Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers That You Must Read


Friends to lovers plots are a common trope in romance manhwa. But wait until you see this list of manhwa where enemies become lovers. The romance genre thrives on industry tropes, with enemies turning into lovers becoming one of the most popular storylines.

Fans of this Love-Hate Relationship can’t get enough of it. It’s satisfying to see two characters who despise each other fall in love. This list of 15 covers the best manhwa where enemies become lovers, from characters who hated each other since childhood to true enemies throughout the series.

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As a result, if you enjoy romance, regardless of time, manga, manhwa, or anime, you’re just in for some extremely and satisfyingly deep storylines. This extremely satisfying manhwa about love blossoming from hatred will provide you with exactly what you need.

So without any further ado, get ready, and let’s dive through some stories where Unrequited Love Becomes Requited.


15. The Lady Tames the Swordmaster

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

This manhwa where enemies become lovers centers around Istina, who was a regular high school student until she was struck by lightning. When she opens her eyes, she learns she has awoken within her beloved novel. She’s thrilled with the prospect of seeing her favorite character, Laon, but her joy immediately fades as she sees herself in the mirror. The lovely little girl with red hair and purple eyes staring back at her is the bully who torments Laon mercilessly and makes his life a nightmare. But Istina is concerned about more than just her connection with Laon. Laon is doomed to die while protecting the female protagonist, but Istina isn’t willing to let that happen, even if it means getting her hands filthy. Will Istina be able to tame the prickly swordmaster while also changing his ending?

Overall, the plot is intriguing, and the art is wonderful. I won’t lie, it didn’t seem the greatest at first, but as you progress, you discover it has a nice charm to it, and the moments that need to be are really well done, the color is fantastic, and it matches each scenario nicely.

Furthermore, the characters begin clichéd but finish up very differently; certain sections are predictable but later on, each character has a very well-defined individuality; they do not act the same and seem real. So, if you’re looking for a fantasy action manhwa where rivals become lovers, check out this webtoon.


14. There’s No Friendship Between the Grand Duke and the Marquis

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

Ovette and her twin brother Ordo were living a nice existence until her first experience occurred. She had to attend the meeting with the prince of her age instead of her other twin, Ordo, who was unwell. After her mother promised to buy her the telescope she had always wanted, Ovette was summoned to properly impersonate her brother Ordo. To her astonishment, she becomes connected with a strange person who is not even the prince; she talked to him excitedly, wanting him to depart as quickly as possible, but fate has more in store for them than the eyes can see, and the glitter of emotion has begun.

This is a new manhwa where enemies become lovers; as of the time I wrote this review only 11 chapters have been released, the plot appears to have wonderful elements, and the artwork appears to be fantastic; therefore if you’re tired of old enemies to lovers manhwa, give this new one a try; it could be the right one for you.


13. Good Luck, Hero!

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

This manhwa where enemies become lovers begins when a great hero sacrifices himself to destroy the evil Demon Lord, and an angel fulfills his request to be reincarnated with his memories intact and lives a normal life. Now known as Hero Baek, he puts his memories to use by writing a web book about his old life. He eventually gets a position at an entertainment corporation, working with the brilliant and imposing CEO, Yeonhwa Do. Hero has no idea that his new employer is the reincarnation of the Demon Lord. When his online book piques her interest, the two fatal rivals look doomed to collide once more.

In general, the story is fascinating and one-of-a-kind. The characters are grown and powerful. The art is excellent, though quite typical. It’s easy on the eyes, and there’s not much else to say. So, give it a go! If you seek a modern-day romance, comedy, and fantasy manhwa crossover with demon and hero reincarnation.

12. To Love Your Enemy

Enemies To Lovers manhwa

The plot of this manhwa where enemies become lovers revolves around Yeonhee, an amazing liar who used to utilize her abilities to dupe others into buying pirated products. She decides to restart her life by leaving her employment and enrolling in college at the age of 24. By chance, she stumbles with Yikyung who knows exactly what she did and may damage her reputation. His mother lost money after being duped by Yeonhee, and he carries a personal vendetta against her. Now her dreams of a perfect existence begin to shatter. Can the two put aside their differences and accept each other for who they are in the middle of college gossip, infatuation, and jealousy?

In general, this romantic manhwa about rivals who become lovers is worth a watch… you won’t be disappointed with the storyline, and the overall plot and character development are also commendable. The art is stunning, and you could read the novel just for the art. Furthermore, the drama is not overly theatrical and is rather realistic. The love story between the two major characters is adorable! The artwork is excellent. In a nutshell, this is the manhwa for you if you want to read something lovely, charming, and not too dramatic.


11. So I Married the Anti-Fan

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

Geunyeong Lee is prepared to put everything on the line in order to bring down the country’s national treasure, Korean superstar Who Joon. But after the two get to know each other, taking him down becomes much more difficult. Will she be able to permanently demolish him after discovering the truth about the guy behind the pop star?

Overall, I believe this manhwa’s pacing is good. He’s an idol, and it’s fantastic that he doesn’t immediately fall for her. I believe the female lead is too furious with the male lead, and she isn’t very understanding. Furthermore, the art is nice and the characters are properly depicted; just read it because the good part comes when you go deeper into the plot.


10. I Only Want to Beat You

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

The male hero, ‘Lee Gi-Go,’ who has never lost in his life, and the female lead, ‘Oh Roh-Ji,’ who vanquished him. Who will be the winner of this ‘bet’?

What more could you desire than a good and delightful novel with characters that would make you grimace with their wholesomeness?

Furthermore, the plot progression is straightforward, with some little school drama thrown in for good measure to spice up the scenario. The characters are well-developed, and the plot revolves only around the two major protagonists, with no extraneous side characters to detract from their importance. Overall, this manhwa about enemies falling in love is fantastic and will leave you wanting more chapters.

9. I’m No Heroine!

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

A young woman who is enamored with a book finds herself sucked into the story. The issue is that she has assumed the position of the antagonist in the plot. And she knows how this will end…with her head! Maybe she’ll just let this play out and then wake up… But, after far too many fatalities, it’s finally time to deviate from the script. She’s going to have some fun with this story. She’s made her decision…to live!

This manhwa about enemies falling in love is fantastic on so many levels. Despite the idea, which is so familiar — a girl gets transferred inside a novel, and decides to follow the storyline / go against the plot — this story sticks out for some reason. That, I believe, is entirely due to the well-written characters and dialogues that bring this narrative to life. Overall, the art is stunning, and the characters are well-drawn. I recommend that you read it.


8. Aidin

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

This manhwa where enemies become lovers follows Aidan, the acclaimed daughter of a duke who is the Emperor’s assassin and the commander of ‘Owl.’ She was deceived and sentenced to death by guillotine for giving her all and faithfully serving her Lord. Her life came to an end after her Lord abandoned her. But as she opened her eyes again, she found she had traveled back in time 10 years to when she was just 17 years old. Now, she plans to wipe away the Perdin Kingdom’s existence with the assistance of this hunk of an enemy prince in order to get her retribution.

The storyline is excellent. Because it’s a revenge story, no complicated mysteries are revealed. The artwork is really fantastic. The story’s characters and storyline are delicate and wonderful. So, if you’re looking for a decent revenge plot with a dash of romance and drama, give this manhwa a read.


7. The Rewards of Marriage

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

Wilhazelle’s family spent all their money on luxuries and bringing a crisis of bankruptcy. While trying to figure out how to pay off their debts, she found a leaflet from the duke looking for a lost child. she plans to earn a reward from the rich Duke Heillos by locating his lost nephew. Despite the fact that her quest is successful, Wilhazelle must remain one month at the Heillos mansion until the dubious Duke can authenticate the little boy’s identification. But as one month develops into a year and a contract marriage, she begins to question if the money is worth it!

Overall, this is a pleasant and sweet enemies-to-lovers manhwa, with extremely excellent art that matches the tale well. The characters are quite lovable and well developed throughout the story; thus, if you’re seeking a manhwa where enemies become lovers with child-rearing, fluff, and romance, this is a must-read!

6. The Great Wish

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

The Great Wish is about a princess who has spent her entire life training to become an empress by removing her facial emotions and learning all she needs to become the empress who delivers peace like her father. But life isn’t all black and white, as she discovers through a dream that “may” be from the future. She is first pleased with her dream, but after the others, she begins to doubt her kingdom, her connections, and her reality. She doesn’t break through, but instead learns what she didn’t know, rebuilds solid connections, and embraces the shift of the future for her dream of becoming an empress who would bring peace to all.

The entire story is quite interesting. Characterization and romance are both excellent. The art style is lovely, and all of the characters are intellectual. So, if you’re looking for an entertaining manhwa where enemies become lovers, this one is worth your time.


5. What Do You Want to Be, Prince

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

Yoonsoo works as an average office worker during the day. by night her name changed to Wasser a best-selling novelist… Until the villain of her story, Prince Einsen Kyte showed up and kidnapped her! He suffered so much because of her, lost his honor, and was ready to claw his way back. He was even broken-hearted wondering why he had to be such a pathetic villain written in her book. Why couldn’t he have been like the other characters to turn around their lives, find respect, obtain honor, and even love? Now trapped in a world she created, Wasser tries to utilize her artistic abilities to meet his demands. But she quickly realizes that her influence is restricted in this place. Worryingly, she never mentioned dark beings, including demonic monsters, in any of her writings.

Overall, this is a very beautiful enemy to lovers read that is definitely unique and does not follow most of the tropes that most isekai novels do, the art is amazing, and the characters in this series are all quite attractive and well developed. Hence, if you’re into fantasy, isekai, or romance manhwa where enemies become lovers, you should definitely read it!

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4. How to Win My Husband Over

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

The story of this manhwa where enemies become lovers begins when our female lead dies in an airplane disaster, believing she has finally escaped her horrible existence. She awoke as Rudbeckia de Borgia, a minor villain in a historical romance who was doomed to die at the hands of her husband, Iske van Omerta. It’s difficult enough to survive with the unstable Borgia family, but now she has to marry the man who will murder her! Still, it’s all right; all she needs to do now is convince Iske, his family, and all his fellow citizens that she is completely harmless! How difficult can it possibly be?

Generally, this is a wonderful story with tear-jerking scenes. The art is pleasing to the eyes, the colors are vibrant, and the expressions fit the situation and the emotions of the characters. Well, if you’re interested in reincarnation, fantasy, romance manhwa crossover enemies to lovers stories, this webtoon is a must-read.


3. Olgami

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

This manhwa where enemies become lovers centers around Chaeah, a taxi driver. She once witnessed her church acquaintance Park Yoonsoo going through the city streets with a female, but she had no idea that this would lead to the burying of evidence of murder, persecution, and a total transformation in her everyday living.

Overall, everything is amazing in the manhwa where adversaries become lovers; the art and overall vibe suit the story very well, and the characters, particularly the FL, are nicely described. This is a fairly nice thriller manhwa with a touch of romance.

2. Goodbye, In-law!

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

He believed she was a bully in high school, and she thought he was a jerk. Haneul and Dahae reunite years later… because their brothers are getting married! However, catastrophe hits the newlyweds, leaving their loved ones to ponder how they might have rescued them. Haneul and Dahae wake up at high school—and their siblings are still alive! With nothing but each other and a journal to fall back on

This manhwa where enemies become lovers is really sweet! It’s quite unique from other manhwa’s. Moreover, the slow-burning foes to lovers’ romance were fantastic, but it became a little tedious in the middle with the drama between the major protagonists, which was only contrived to facilitate the needless arc in the conclusion. Having said that, the story’s ending was excellent and more than made up for it. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.


1. ‘Til Debt Do Us Part

Manhwa Where Enemies Become Lovers

Subin’s mother frequently employs matchmakers to put her up on dates. Subin turns them all down, one by one. When she runs into an old-school acquaintance, things become tricky when he unexpectedly asks her to marry him.

Overall, this is a really clear and uncomplicated manhwa. Perfect for times you need a break from dramatic drama romance stories but yet want to be entertained. The story, the art, and the character are all laid-back. This is a fantastic manhwa in which enemies become lovers. I recommend it to everyone who likes manhwa such as Knight of the Fallen Star or What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.


Thank you for Reading.

Finally, these are the greatest manhwa we could discover about enemies becoming lovers. We truly hope you will like them and that you find the best manhwa where enemies become lovers that you’ll read next.

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