Top 20 Anime Food That Will Make You Hungry As Hell

Top 20 Anime Food That will Make You Go Hungry

Hello, dear otaku fans!  are you looking for anime food or cooking?  are you looking for something that will make you go hungry lol or similar vibes as Food Wars!

Then You are in the right place where we cover the best anime food and cooking, you’ll find different anime genres from a slice of life, comedy… Shounen shows related to anime food.

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So, let’s start our journey in a world of delicious anime food, and countdown our list of the best anime series about food.

20. Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

  • Genres: Seinen, Slice of Life
  • Studios: Zexcs
  • Episodes: 12

Our anime takes place in Japanese Style Tea House “Rokuhoudou” which is quite popular due to the great efforts of Sui (shop manager in charge of tea), Gre (in charge of Latte Art), Tsubaki (in charge of desserts), and Tokitaka (in charge of the food).

Not only do they excel in hospitality for their customers, but they also help out with their worries from time to time. A series of endearing stories that take place in this heartful restaurant. Who will be their customers today?

This anime is a must-watch for people who like reverse harem anime and BL anime. Although there is no hint of romance with the main characters, it certainly leaves you drooling.

19. Mister Ajikko

Mister Ajikko

  • Genres: Comedy, Shounen
  • Studios: Sunrise
  • Episodes: 99

Ajiyoshi Yoichi is a culinary prodigy who manages the eating house together with his mother. One day, Murata Genjiro appears in the eating house and is surprised at the delicious taste and delicate culinary skills of the katsu-don prepared by Youichi.

Subsequently, Youichi is being invited to the Aji-oh Building in which he is involved in a spaghetti match with the in-house Italian chef, Marui. Youichi’s novel culinary ideas, coupled with his enthusiasm for serving the best for his guests, allow him to defeat Marui in the match. From then on, Youichi begins to compete with other rivals in the race for the best tastes and dishes.

If you like anime about food such as Cooking Master Boy, Yakitate Japan, and the likes; this anime is definitely a must-watch. Mister Ajikko is one of the best anime about food; is even said to be the origin of the cooking show Iron Chef.

18. Cooking Papa

Cooking Papa

  • Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Studios: Eiken
  • Episodes: 151

Araiwa Kazumi is an energetic salaryman who can perfectly manage his responsibilities at work and home. Kazumi is also a fantastic chef, though many of his coworkers are unaware of it.

His wife Nijiko, who works as a journalist, has a bit of trouble making time for her home life. However, she tries to always be a cheerful mother. With their son Makoto, who is 7 at the beginning of the story, they have a very happy family.

This anime follows the Araiwa household and their delight with delicious anime food.

17. Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie


  • Genres: Comedy, Harem, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
  • Studios: Silver Link., Connect
  • Episodes: 24

Sayuri Haruno dreams of becoming a pastry chef and enrolls in Fleurir Confectionary Academy, an elite school located in Tokyo’s trendy Aoyama district.

At Fleurir, she finds herself surrounded by charming boys, each one distinctly unique… As Sayuri pours her heart and soul into making her dream a reality, she encounters many happenings…

So, if you are usually a fan of anime about food. the anime had a good storyline as well as characters you can love and hate. Overlay, it’s a good anime food to watch…

16. Ramen Fighter Miki

Ramen Fighter Miki

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Parody
  • Studios: Telecom Animation Film
  • Episodes: 12

Miki Onimaru is a poster girl that works at her mother’s Chinese ramen restaurant. She appears to be a normal girl, but she can become very violent if provoked.

She picks a fight with her mother and acquaintances as a result on an almost daily basis, causing a series of troubling mishaps in their otherwise normal lives.

For someone who originally dropped such a related comedic show as Excel Saga and stalled on another comedy. Ninja Nonsense. Interestingly enough, Completing and enjoying the anime food of Muteki Kanban Musume or in English Noodle Fighter Miki.

15. Bartender

anime food

  • Genres: Drama, Seinen, Slice of Life
  • Studios: Plam
  • Episodes: 11

Pouring a perfect cocktail is a difficult feat, but one bartender, Ryuu Sasakura, is such a master of his craft that his drinks are renowned worldwide.

No matter what challenges are thrown his way, Ryuu takes the time to get to know his customers and serves them the most helpful concoction for their joys and sorrows. With a calm demeanor and caring heart, this skilled bartender will do whatever it takes to make his clientele, and colleagues, happy.

Generally, Bartender is not exactly anime about food. But, it’s quite different from other anime given that it is centered around alcohol and its consumption.

If anything, it gives you rather interesting, non-boring histories about rum, whiskey, beer, wine, and other drinks. Never has a history lesson been so absorbing or alcoholic. The series may not have widespread appeal since it caters mostly to an older audience in terms of pace and presentation.

However, the content is nothing shocking or destructive that anyone of any age can enjoy it. The slowness and mellowness might turn a lot of viewers off, not to mention the lack of any real action or events that might bore some people.

But for any viewer interested in a series to really, really relax to, this title just might be it. So get your favorite glass, pour yourself a tall one, and sit back and let the warmness of a good drink and a nice anime spread all over you in this anime food…

14. Meng Qi Shi Shen

anime food

  • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Drama, Romance
  • Studios: Wawayu Animation
  • Episodes: 12

Ye Jiayao finds herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan. After many twists, she thought that she would finally be able to lead a simple life and achieve her dream of opening the best restaurant in Huai Song.

However, there are villains constantly trying to bring her down. This story was amazing, people who love anime food, and like historical love stories, definitely should watch this anime food.

13. Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World

Isekai Izakaya

  • Genres: Fantasy
  • Studios: Sunrise
  • Episodes: 24

The story center on a bar called “Nobu”—located in Kyoto, Japan, but with a door that is connected to the bar in another world. The visitors include denizens of the other world, and customers seek out its excellent “Toriaezu Nama” ale and cuisine in this anime food.

I really enjoyed this anime, mostly food situations where the master has to prepare certain dishes for his isekai customers. I thought it was super fun and enjoyable to watch while eating actually.

The characters were enjoyable, just a quick watch, with no crazy plotline in this anime food.

12. Wakako-Zake 

anime food

  • Genres: Seinen, Slice of Life
  • Studios: Office DCI
  • Episodes: 12

The main character of this anime Murasaki Wakako is a 26-year-old OL that loves nothing more than delicious food and drink.

Wakako’s favorite thing to do for relaxation is to go off by herself after work and go to various places to eat and drink, even if she’s never been there before.

The moment Wakako can taste the pairing between the food she wants to eat and the perfect accompanying drink, the happy sound of “Pshuuu” leaves her lips. Now, then. Where shall we drink tonight?

Some people may get turned off by the way Wakako’s drawn, but I think it adds to her charm and helps her stand out.  Also, I love the way food looks in this series.  It’s so beautiful and delicious looking that just looking at the food in this series makes me hungry.

Overall, This series isn’t amazing, but if you looking for anime about food it is enjoyable, then you may want to check out this anime food series.

However, some people may get turned off by the way Wakako’s drawn, but I think it adds to her charm and helps her stand out.  Also, I love the way food looks in this anime food, It’s so beautiful and delicious looking, that ll makes you hungry.

11. Gourmet Girl Graffiti 

anime food

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Seinen
  • Studios: Shaft
  • Episodes: 12

Ryou Machiko is a high school student living alone, after the loss of her grandmother. Although she recreated her grandmother’s recipes perfectly, she felt that something was missing.

However, when a girl named Kirin begins visiting her home, she realizes that company makes any meal taste better. Together with their friend Shiina, they enjoy many different kinds of delicious foods together. If you’re an anime food lover, this series would be on your radar.

This anime has really good art, and glorious animation of the food prepared and eaten (but do not expect details of the cooking process like what you get from Shokugeki No Soma). That’s about all the positive things I can say about Kuofuku Graffiti.

There’s not much to the storyline. The characters are pretty straightforward, with Kirin being a particularly annoying character. The cutesy characters, with their sparkling huge eyes, head tilts, and mini-skirts may be entertaining to some. I found it all kind of grating. Not my cup of tea. Thus, it is a good anime food to learn from…

10. Antique Bakery

anime food

  • Genres: Comedy, Shoujo, Shounen Ai
  • Studios: Nippon Animation, SynergySP, Shirogumi
  • Episodes: 12

A high school crush, a world-class pastry chef, a former middle-weight boxing champion. And a whole lot of cake!
Ono has come a long way since the agonizing day in high school when he confessed his love to handsome Tachibana. Now, some 14 years later Ono, a world-class pastry chef, and a gay playboy have it all.

No man can resist Ono’s charms (or his cooking skills!) but he has just found a new position under a man named Tachibana. Can this be the only man who resisted his charms, and if so,

Will the man who once snubbed the “magically gay” Ono get his just deserts? And how in the heck did a former middleweight boxing champion wind up as Ono’s cake boy?

If anime series revolving around food are of any comparable measure, one can expect them to have an illuminating, if not downright addicting, feel to their overall atmosphere.  Antique Bakery happens to revolve around a group of handsome gents that manage a cake factory.

And honestly, I haven’t watched a series with such a nice, calming atmosphere that pulls you into the realm of the treat it revolves around since Bartender (alcoholic beverages) and Yakitate Japan (bread).

Overall, a great anime series. If you’re usually turned off by shounen-ai, I still suggest giving this a try. I like the way relationships were done. Also if you’re an anime food lover, this will definitely appeal to you. It’s a great series that I wouldn’t mind watching again. Especially if I’m craving something with anime food.

9. Restaurant to Another World

anime food

  • Genres:  Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life
  • Studios: David Production
  • Episodes: 11

Western Restaurant Nekoya is a popular eatery located on a street corner in a Tokyo shopping district. Serving both traditional Japanese fare as well as Western dishes, this eating establishment is popular among Tokyo’s residents.

But this seemingly ordinary restaurant is also popular with another type of clientele. While the restaurant is thought to be closed on Saturdays, the truth is that on this special day each week, its doors are instead opened to the inhabitants of other worlds.

From dragons and elves to fairies and mages, this restaurant has no shortage of strange customers. Nevertheless, the enigmatic chef is known only as “Master” will be waiting to serve up their favorite dishes with a kind smile and keep them coming back for many more Saturdays to come.

One thing you’ll really like about Anime is not the food but is that its whole atmosphere is very calm. It’s not really your run of the mill happy-go-lucky show, but each episode leaves you with a warm, comfortable feeling.

I think in today’s world that can be a nice exchange for all the real-life and fictional drama and gore we are subjected to every day (coming from a horror/thriller enthusiast herself).

I think overall you should watch this Anime if you’d like some rest from action and blood. Maybe this show could be great as a sort of “filler”, whenever another anime food you’re currently watching gets you down too much! You can watch this anime food to left your spirit a little…

8. Ristorante Paradiso

anime food

  • Genres: Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life
  • Studios: David Production
  • Episodes: 11

Located on a small street near the center of Rome, the Casetta dell’orso is a small yet popular restaurant staffed by a group of older, bespectacled gentlemen. Nicoletta is a twenty-one-year-old woman who has just arrived in Rome to meet with her estranged mother’s husband, who owns the restaurant.

She intends to inform him that not only was his wife married once before, but also that she is her daughter – a secret her mother desperately wants to keep. When she arrives at the restaurant Nicoletta becomes enamored

with Claudio, one of the waiters, and begins to spend more time there. Despite the age gap, Nicoletta finds her feelings towards Claudio growing; and after making a promise to keep her mother’s secret, Nicoletta begins working at the restaurant as an apprentice chef in this anime food.

Now she is trying her hardest to become a good cook, but can Nicoletta overcome the difference in age and win the quiet Claudio’s heart?

So, If you are looking for a deep and relaxing slice of life anime with a nice pace to it, then you will enjoy Ristorante Paradiso. While it might disappoint some that we’re expecting an anime that centers around food, it still has a lot to offer the viewer who can appreciate its plot and themes. So if you were looking for your next anime food entree, then your appetite is about to be fed!

7. sweetness & lightning

anime food

  • Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Seinen
  • Studios: TMS Entertainment
  • Episodes: 12

Having lost his wife, math teacher Kouhei Inuzuka is doing his best to raise his young daughter Tsumugi as a single father.

He’s pretty bad at cooking and doesn’t have a huge appetite, to begin with, but chance brings his little family and one of his students, Kotori Iida, together for homemade adventures. With those three cooks in the kitchen, it’s no wonder this dinner table drama is so delicious.

This was a perfect anime food to relax after binge-watching some dark and depressing shows. It’s just a simple story about a single parent learning to cook to make his young daughter happy. The food in this anime looks delicious!

I looked up some of the recipes they talked about and plan to try to make them see if they are as delicious as the girl makes it out to be in this anime. For anyone looking to watch a light-hearted cute cooking anime food then this is it for you!

6. Toriko

anime food

  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
  • Studios: Toei Animation
  • Episodes: 147

Hamburgers that grow out of the ground like four-leaf clovers, mountain ranges carved out of ice cream.

And warm servings of mac and cheese that stew deep within the stomachs of volcanoes fill the landscape. This world of delectable natural wonders has reached a prime age of exploration—the Gourmet Age!

Citizens and chefs alike aspire to taste and prepare the finest dishes, while adventurers called “Gourmet Hunters” seek out delicious rare ingredients.

Possessing a unique set of skills, the wild and passionate Gourmet Hunter Toriko is infamous for discovering 2% of all known ingredients. Together with his friend Komatsu—a highly skilled chef working at a five-star hotel—Toriko strives to complete his Full Course Menu of Life.

But it isn’t going to be easy; to obtain the most delicious ingredients, Toriko must battle against obstacles like deadly monsters, evil organizations, and the food itself!

Toriko is a great parody of fighting shounen and anime food series, But my advice to you is to read the manga of this anime food it’s pretty more good.

5. Cooking Master Boy

anime food

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Shounen
  • Studios: Nippon Animation
  • Episodes: 52

Mao is an aspiring young chef trying to live up to the legacy left by his mother – a nationally-recognized, culinary genius.

Leaving his home as the successful winner of a successor cook-off, the inspirational boy travels the length and breadth of China to expand his sizzling repertoire.

In addition to meeting a wide range of personalities with varying gourmet skills, Mao must use every skill his mother left him to become a legendary chef in his own right.

this series is one of the most underrated series that I have ever watched. The Chinese cooking theme is surprisingly interesting in this anime food, although the cooking style and anime food appearances are a little exaggerated to me.

4. Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family

Today s Menu for the Emiya Family

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Studios: ufotable
  • Episodes: 13

In this anime food, fate, and food meets in a delicious and gentle world. With the threat of the Holy Grail War no longer looming over Fuyuki City, its inhabitants can finally enjoy a time of peace.

Now that all of the Masters and Servants have adjusted to their new mundane lives, Shirou has taken it upon himself to cook for his household and show Saber the wonders of modern cuisine. Every day, he ventures into the marketplace to see what kind of different meals he can cook up with unique ingredients. And a limited budget.

However, his legendary skills often attract uninvited guests from all over the city, so there is never a dull moment at dinner with the Emiya family.

As his guests entertain themselves in the living room, Shirou walks through the step-by-step process of creating some of his favorite meals. With delicacies such as his savory New Year soba with shrimp tempura, steamy foil-baked salmon, and cheesy bamboo shoot gratin, everything is up for grabs on his menu. Itadakimasu!

This is basically Fate Stay meets Shoukugeki no Soma (Anime Food ). It has all the characters so far from the Fate Stay series, in an anime about food and preparing it, etc.

It’s not as good though like others of this genre, and if you were especially annoyed by the last show in the series being Fate/Apocrypha, you’ll probably not even bother with this. But, somehow you will like this anime food…

3. Yume-iro Pâtissière

Yume iro Patissiere

  • Genres: School, Shoujo
  • Studios: Studio Pierrot, Studio Hibari
  • Episodes: 50

Fourteen-year-old Amano Ichigo is a would-be pâtissière who acquired her love of sweets from her late grandmother’s desserts. After meeting the talented Henri Lucas at a local sweets Festa, Amano convinces her parents to let her attend the culinary Marie Academy so that she can fulfill her dream.

However, as she’s only armed with a positive attitude and no real cooking skills in this anime food, Amano quickly finds herself at the bottom of the class. Luckily, she soon meets Vanilla, a sweets spirit who’s here to help Amano reach her full potential.

Alongside good friends such as Rumi and the three gorgeous Princes of Sweets, Amano will bake, mix and sift her way to the top! Finally, I’d say if you like cooking, anime food then you should watch this if you haven’t already!

2. Yakitate!! Japan

anime food

  • Genres:  Comedy, Shounen
  • Studios: Sunrise
  • Episodes: 69

Dimwitted Azuma Kazuma is a young man with a dream — to create a bread worthy of the name “Japan”, made by the Japanese people, for the Japanese people!

With hefty bread-making skills, hands that have an uncanny warmth to help dough ferment, and will power like no other, Kazuma must put his delicious creations to the test as he struggles to become employed at the prestigious Pantasia bakery, for fame and glory! Yeast, beware. Kazuma is in the kitchen!

This is superb anime food! The series is completely ridiculous, utterly ludicrous, and deliciously absurd. If you are a serious baker, patissier, or have simply undergone a sense-of-humor bypass.

Then it’s probably best that you turn back now. If not, then leave your hat, coat, and common sense at the door and prepare for some freshly baked fun! The most beautiful about this anime food is you will learn many ways to prepare your food…

1. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

anime food

  • Genres: Ecchi, School, Shounen
  • Studios: J.C.Staff
  • Episodes: 86

Ever since he was little, Souma Yukihira’s main goal has been to beat his father in a cooking contest and take over the family diner. That’s why, when his dad suddenly announces that he’s shutting the restaurant down and sending Souma to cooking school, Souma is shocked.

However, Tohtsuki Academy is no ordinary cooking school. This elite institution is filled with culinary giants like Erina “God Tongue” Nakiri, who does her best to keep a lowly short-order like Souma from even making it inside the door.

However, if the snobs can dish it out, Souma can serve it up, and when he learns that only a handful of the students manage to graduate every year, he swears that the only way he’ll leave is as number one!

Definitely is the best anime food.  It’s a step out of the norm which some touches to make you feel familiar.  One of the most enjoyable to watch as well.

Word of advice: Watch late at night when everyone’s asleep and have your headphones on.  People will question what you’re watching with all the loud moaning and such.  If you don’t care then go on ahead and enjoy to the max! But, if you want an anime food you can try this one…

In conclusion, we hope you find your next anime food to watch! If you enjoyed this list then check our channel down below, and watch tones of videos where we recommend some of the best lists of manga, manhwa, and anime…

whatever you like we got here.

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