15 Best Anime Characters With Fire Powers Cool As Hell

Anime Characters With Fire Powers Cool As Hell

The anime characters with fire powers are always able to give viewers chills. Also through the fictional anime worlds, like magic, gods, or demons.

And with those imaginative worlds, viewers have a fascinating power system of magics, devil fruits, and flaming swords,  anime characters with fire powers have the ability to control fire in different ways. These types of powers tend to be visually spectacular and impressive.

Here are the top 15 best fire users in all anime. Still, as a reminder, our tops are totally subjective and they only represent our preferences!. Please feel free to give us yours in the comments below.

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15. Madara Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


This fire user was the head of the Uchiha clan. Therefore, the main antagonist of the series for most parts of Naruto Shippuden. is extremely powerful and adept at using different Transformation Jutsu.

Moreover, Madara is the only one to be able to use the fireball during the ninja war. His Magistic Destroyer Flame technique is a gigantic fire style Jutsu exclusive to him.

With so much firepower at his disposal! Madara Uchiha surely earns a spot in this list of the best anime characters with fire powers. And he is one of the greatest anime characters with fire powers to watch…

4.Escanor from the Seven Deadly Sins

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


Escanor is one of the fire users in anime. Also the Lion Sin of Pride and the bearer of Sunshine.

After the introduction of Escanor, he has been nothing but a total badass. Escanor’s fire powers come from the sun and as noon grows near, so does his power. At peak noon, he becomes the incarnation of power, hence defeating the strongest of demons in just one chop.

Moreover, his treasure can store any excess power which he can use anytime he wants. With such great powers and abilities, Escanor has the right to be one of the best anime characters with fire powres, we can watch with a passion…

13. Muhammed Avdol from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Muhammed Avdol


Technically, Avdol of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure isn’t a fire user per se. But he commands a Stand that can control fire. Avdol controls Magician’s Red, one of the first Stands in the series.

This Stand can generate flames intense enough to melt metal in an instant. Also, change the direction or shape of the flame, or even detect minute changes in heat to find enemies or detect lies.

Moreover, only Stand users can see these flames. Despite his limited screentime, Avdol is a nicely well-rounded character, and still one of the best anime characters with fire powres…

12. Alibaba Saluja from MagiAlibaba Saluja


The 9th anime character with fire powers on this list is not just all talk. The 3rd prince of Balbadd is a metal vessel user with the Djinn. This pretty face with his Djinn Weapon Equip can become a force to be reckoned with.

Furthermore, Amon is a fire Djinn who can convert his sword into a sword of fire. After burning his whole body with the flames of Amon.

Alibaba now is able to wield an insanely powerful sword, the Sword of Melting. Moreover, Alibaba, with the skill of Djinn equip, is even able to cut down three Black Djinn in one slash. So, anime characters with fire powers are very cool and this one is one of them…

11. Tsunayoshi Sawada from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


The dying will flames from Katekyo Hitman Reborn are way more complex than your average fire powers. They have a variety of colors and abilities, from purple flames that create illusions to yellow ones with healing properties.

But nobody wields them better than the main character Tsuna. Sky flames signify him as the future boss of the Vongola mafia family. Also one of the best fire users in anime.

Unlike most protagonists, Tsuna hates fighting and only does it to protect the people he loves. But due to his own growing confidence and Reborn’s brutality, he eventually becomes one of the most powerful anime characters with fire powers.

He uses the dying will flames properties as ballast for larger blasts, converting them to the ice for counterattacks. Also, he uses them as propulsion so he can fly at high speeds. This anime shows that if you’re just using fire to burn things, you’re clearly doing it wrong. So it is one of the coolest anime characters with fire powers you can possibly watch…

10. Rei Ogami from Code: Breaker

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


The 10th anime characters with fire powers have an alias, Code:06, also the main protagonist in the series. His trainer is the student council president and Principal of the high school Shibuya. Hence the gain of high levels of strength and a special power known as Transformation.

With this firepower, he can use the Flames of Purgatory which represent the seven deadly sins and it can destroy everything in its path.

Moreover, His fire ability is so powerful that the intense heat can incinerate anything to the point of producing no smoke or leaving any ashes behind.

Still, one fire ability that is pretty interesting and crazy, is his Flame of Rebuke. It has the ability to pass judgment on a person once he inserts a special flame in their bodies.

The flame will burn them to death if they ever decide to commit another crime again. A very good anime with fire powers to watch…

 9. Shinra Kusakabe from Fire Force

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


Shinra Kusakabe is the protagonist of the series Fire Force. He is the third generation pyrokinetic for the Special Fire Force. currently, Shinra has become one of the strongest characters in the series.

With his fire powers (called the Devil’s Footprints), Shinra is able to generate flames from his feet in a variety of ways. Most of the time he uses them to fly around.

Shinra is one of the rare exceptions for fire users in anime. He uses his fire to fly and fight, rather than hover and blast from afar. Moreover, Shinra can compress his flames, create explosions with them, or use them to add insane amounts of inertia to his kicks.

Without a doubt, Shinra is one of the best anime characters with fire powers. that you have to give a chance and spend some time watching it…

8. Todoroki Shoto from My Hero Academia

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


Todoroki’s entire existence is the result of toying around with nature. He’s the son of Endeavor the number 1 hero with incredible fire powers and the ice quirk woman. Still, their marriage was only so that he could create the perfect superpowered child.

Todoroki was rebelling against his father for his entire life, even refusing to use his fire quirk out of spite. But when Deku faces off against him in the school sports festival, only then he realizes what he can really do with both fire and ice.

When he finally unleashed his fire powers, Todoroki nearly filled the entire stadium with flames. He can also use it to restore his frozen body after using too much ice, therefore fighting longer. He still has to deal with his overbearing father, but by using everything that he was born with, he can finally grow as a person.

Thus, showing everyone that he’s more than just a science experiment. But we already know he’s one of the best anime characters with fire powers. That you might think you should watch!

7. Itachi Uchiha from Naruto

Itachi Uchiha


Killing his entire clan and joining the Akatsuki, Itachi is one of the most powerful ninjas in Naruto and one of the best fire users in anime. He’s intelligent and possesses various skills such as, Chakra, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Dojutsu that includes his Sharingan that develops into Mangekyo Sharingan.

By unlocking this fire ability and being able to use his Great Fireball Technique, he mastered the art of using Amaterasu. A very powerful black flame that burns anything in its path, including fire itself, and never goes out until the wielder extinguishes it.

Moreover, This technique comes with a price. The Amaterasu activation is so intense that it strains his eye to the point of bleeding and going blind. One of the greatest anime characters with fire powers…

6. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

Natsu Dragneel 1


These anime characters with fire powers are as powerful as they come. Raised by a dragon, Natsu Dragneel is the protagonist of Fairy Tail.

Equally important, he also has one of the closest relationships with his element of choice. Unlike other fire users in anime, Natsu uses Dragon Slayer magic.

Consequently, he can consume his element of choice to replenish his own reserves. Depending on his emotional situation his attacks can be very destructive if he’s enraged. He can seep out fire from any part of his body.  when he consumes fire, he loves blowing it out his lungs like a dragon.

His fire ability is so strong and powerful that it is similar to that of a real dragon. It can literally melt metal almost instantly. Moreover, He’s the best at using his special attacks in defeating the most troublesome foes in the series.

In addition to using the various attacks with his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode!. That is why he belongs on our list of anime characters with fire powers!

5. Mareoleona from Black Clover



Mereoleona is the great Lioness of the Magic Knights, the strongest female in the series. Also the former captain of the Crimson Lion squad.

She seems hostile at first and absolutely does have a short temper. But her aggressiveness is usually just a front for her deeply empathetic and understanding nature.

Mereoleona uses her mastery of hand-to-hand combat and well-toned muscles in combination with fire magic ability to overwhelm her opponent in seconds.

Mareoleona Vermillion is the wild beast user of fire magic, and one best anime characters with fire powers. You have to watch it sooner or later…

4. Endeavor from My Hero Academia

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


Enji Todoroki, or Endeavor, is the Number 1 Hero in the world of My Hero Academia. One of the greatset anime characters with fire powers! Endeavor has serious firepower, courtesy of his Quirk called Hellflame.

This Quirk allows Endeavor to produce and control unbelievable amounts of flame. Even making himself immune to flames in the process.

Therefore, Endeavor takes the top prize for his appearance as one of the best fire users in anime. He literally decks himself out in the flames he uses, complete with a fiery beard that makes him the 4th of best anime characters with fire powers…

3. Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


On the subject of anime characters with fire powers, Colonel Mustang is the leading expert. His unique flame alchemy allows him to turn sparks into fireballs that can turn bodies into ash.

Furthermore, Mustang is the best, because he combines creativity with raw destruction in ways never seen before.

With this fire ability, he can incinerate enemies with explosions of fire. Also, attack a specific area with pinpoint accuracy. For instance, You would think that water would be a way to stop him, not really.

He is still able to separate the oxygen within the water and use it to his advantage. He can do this as long as he’s in a closed space to have control of the oxygen. But if the fight is outside in the rain with open-air, that’s a different story. So, You would add this one as one of the coolest anime characters with fire powers to your list…

2. Yamamoto from Bleach



Welcome to number two on our list of anime characters with fire powers. The oldest captain in the Bleach series. Despite his appearance, he’s probably one of the strongest and most powerful Shinigami in the series.

In fact, If anyone wants to fight him, he would definitely hope to come out alive. One of his most powerful and intimidating abilities is using his Ryujin Jakka, a wooden staff that would transform into a katana of great energy.

The technique it possesses is creating a huge wall of flames that nothing can get through. An intense fire attack that turned anything in contact to ashes.

His most fearful technique is so powerful it creates heat hotter than the sun. In fact, I don’t believe he used it in the anime but in the manga, it nearly destroyed the Earth. At that point, nothing could touch him! Good anime characters with fire powers! This one is one of the best…

1. Portgas D. Ace from One Piece

Anime Characters With Fire Powers


One of the best anime characters with fire powers! Ace is the sworn brother of the fifth emperor Monkey D. Luffy and the revolutionary army’s chief of staff Sabo. Before his devastating death by the hand of the holder of Magma devil fruit user Akainu, Ace possessed the flare-flare devil fruit.

The Mera Mera No Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to become flame itself. Hence creating what seems like a near-infinite supply of fire and makes the user immune to normal damage.

With his fire powers, Ace was able to create and control fire. Consuming a Logia fruit, Ace could also turn his own body to fire.

likewise, Being the second commander of the Whitebeard’s crew, it is safe to say that Ace was surely a very skilled fire user and a person capable of clashing with Black Beard. Ace definitely deserves the first spot as the best anime characters with fire powers…

There are a lot of anime characters with fire powers! Who use it in creative ways that help them stand out from the crowd. Which anime characters with fire powers do you think are the best?

Make sure to give us your opinions in the comments below. If you’d like some anime recommendations, check out our youtube channel and dive through all the different lists and videos about anime, manga, and manhwa…

After all, that’s why we are here.

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