12 Best Romance Manga To Read in 2023

The Greatest and heartwarming Romance Manga To Read This Year


A great romance manga can make anybody’s heart sing. There has actually been many manga with romance stories composed throughout the years, ranging from humorous to major and sorrowful.

Moreover, fans appreciate a well-executed completed romance manga story that can pluck their heartstrings and make them experience the entire spectrum of emotions. Romance manga offers whatever, whether fans want a classic or more complex cliches like love triangles or upset plotlines.

Yet, fans of romantic manga might have a problem infiltrating the countless alternatives to find the right episode to enjoy. Luckily, there are a couple of outstanding love comics to be discovered that stick out from the crowd.

Overall, falling in love and trying to approach or keep a romantic connection takes precedence, with other subplots either taking a back seat or serving to build the primary love tale. This romance manga recommendations highlights the characters’ feelings and thoughts, displaying their ties and discussing their reactions to circumstances or issues. Almost generally, the story ends happily, and the pair is rewarded with a lifelong love for their efforts.

So are you one of the fans eagerly looking for a good romance manga to read? Then it’s time to dive and pick your favorite romance manga to read from this list of the most heartwarming romance manga recommendations. weather you’re looking for a completed romance manga or new ones with amazing plots, for sure you’ll find the romantic tale that craves your desires.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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12. The Demon Prince Of Momochi House

romance manga recommendations

On her 16th birthday, orphan Himari Momochi gets a will describing her fortune and is accompanied to the Momochi Estate, where she finds a boundary between the actual world and the spirit world.

Aya is saved after being attacked by a satanic force by a secret lad who happens to be a youkai, Aoi Nanamori.

This is a unique supernatural romance manga that ignites the interest of prospective readers. The art is gorgeous, and the characters are well-established; if you’re searching for some great completed romance manga recommendations that aren’t your regular shojo love stories, this is it.


11. Love Me, Love Me Not

romance manga recommendations

This completed romance manga centers around the youth buddies Yuri and Hikari. They are inseparable regardless of being total revers in every element until 2 guys called Rio and Kazuomi occur and ruin their picturesque lives. It’s a coming-of-age manga with romance that teaches our characters about the intricacies of love and relationships.

While Io Sakisaka’s a lot of widely known comic is Ao Haru Trip, her most recent effort Love Me, Love Me Not is refreshingly varied among shojo romance manga recommendations.

In general, this romance manga to read is drawn in her famous effervescent, light, and nostalgic design, but with more possible and grounded concerns and people.

Overall, this is a shojo romance manga about female friendships as much as it is about love and enthusiasm. The connection between Yuna and Akari is the most intriguing and necessary in romance manga.

They find out and develop from each other, which is what makes this romance manga stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter love stories.

10. So Cute It Hurts!!

romance manga to read

When twins Megumu and Mitsuru Kobayashi end up tired of going to schools with people of their own gender, they decide to switch places.

When the possibility of love emerges, Megumu and Mitsuru’s swap becomes more bothersome than they had prepared for.

In general, this completed romance manga is special and interesting. The art is great, and the amusing panels and love parts are both charming and comforting making it such an enjoyable manga with romance.

This is a good romance manga to read, like all of Go Ikeyamada’s works. Really satisfying to check out, with numerous romance manga recommendations. It leans more on the amusing side of love, however, it has enough to keep fans interested.


9. Hiyokoi

romance manga to read

Hiyori is very shy, and the idea of making friends, much alone providing herself for the class, is unbearable. Despite her humiliation, Hiyori’s little stature makes her an instant favorite with her buddies, particularly the popular and gorgeous Yuushin.

Hiyokoi is a fantastic romance manga to read. The narrative demonstrates how, despite disparities in height and personality, love always triumphs.

Moreover, The artwork is easy and stunning on the eyes. It was produced in a recent manga style, so if big-eyed girls aren’t your thing, prevent it.

The characters are well-drawn and wonderful. Hiyori changes from a shy distressed teenager with little confidence to a joyful girl open to new people and concepts. Yuushin goes through a transformation as he learns what it suggests to like someone like Hiyori.

In general, Hiyokoi is a fantastic manga with romance with an excellent narrative and a simple romance to check out in the afternoon. Give it a try if you’re looking for some good completed romance manga recommendations.


8. Daily Butterfly

manga with romance

This completed romance manga follows 15-year-old Suiren Shibazaki, a girl who attracts attention due to her lovable look, and Taichi Kawasumi, a peaceful lad who is likewise a karate champ.

Except for Taichi, every male falls in love with Suiren’s functions on the first day of school. Suiren and Taichi fall in love with each other as the unique unfolds, and they date throughout the manga with romance until their senior year of high school.

In general, this was a cute romance manga to read with little content that continued gradually. The main couple’s carefully progressing relationship’s innocence and purity struck the heart. The artwork was cute and pleasing to the eye.

This romance manga is great. A tender and innocent love story. The art is nice and charming, and the character designs, specifically the female heroine, are rather revitalizing and charming. The plot is moving along well. Those who have ended up being fed up with conventional violence, harem, eechi, and power might discover it beautiful and refreshing and one of the best romance manga recommendations to read.


7. Honey So Sweet

manga with romance

Honey So Sweet is a sweet high school completed romance manga about a bashful lady and a supposed mischievous young boy.

Nao is a kind however bashful teen woman who ends up being involved with Taiga, a young delinquent kid. When she helped him when he was harmed in middle school, he fell in love with her. He approaches her with a bunch of flowers and expresses his affection now that he is in high school. Taiga is a teen guy who is frequently misidentified as a delinquent yet has a kind heart.

This is a very sweet romance manga to read. Young love and affection between high school trainees. The characters all have distinct characteristics and are depicted as unique people who get along in spite of their distinctions, and the artwork is spectacular.

In general, it’s one of those romance manga recommendations that defies clichés by depicting someone who appears frightening but is in fact good and kind. The main characters have a strong connection and clearly care about one another. It’s a welcome change from the unsettling nature of lots of other mangas. If you’re desperate for some manga with romance, then give this one a try.

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6. A Sign of Affection

manga with romance

The story of this new romance manga focuses on the love that blooms in between a popular young boy, Itsuomi, and a cute woman, Yuki who is hearing impaired.

Yuki’s world modifications as she falls and interacts in love with Itsuomi who reveals to her a various world than she had been in before. Both their worlds change as they learn and experience brand-new things through each other’s worlds.

This romance manga has really distinct characters and having the story based around the mc and ml interactions is rejuvenating and extremely cute. The art is very well drawn and all of the characters are written truly well, they have extremely susceptible moments, revealing their problems and insecurities.

Overall, there has been more romance manga coming out with hearing-impaired people. This is one of the few that are like that but with cute romance and compatibility between the leads! So if you’re looking for some new romance manga to read this one is for you.


5. Will you marry me again if you are reborn?

manga with romance

Although the title seems fantastical, this completed romance manga is in fact a quite tragic love story about a young kid and lady who are reminiscing about their past as an elderly couple. It’s a fascinating concept that’s done flawlessly.

In general, this manga with romance moved at a wonderful pace, with amazing moments of romance, humor, and care interspersed with somber times. The narrative offers a unique perspective on living in Japan prior to and throughout World War II, as well as the general cost of war. The story encapsulates a couple’s lives in a couple of chapters and finishes it elegantly.

Moreover, almost all of the characters are well-written. Showing the many classes of living in early twentieth-century Japan, you get a sense of what life was like at that time. The start exposes the characters’ background and the difficulties they withstand, and as the story unfolds, their love for one another grows and makes you envious.

Overall and without exaggeration, this romance manga to read earns the term “Masterpiece.”, hence it’s one of the best romance manga recommendations.


4. Strobe Edge

romance manga

This completed romance manga centers around Ninako, a lady who is naive about love and falls for Ren, one of the popular young boys at school. Everything seems okay initially, but we rapidly find Ren has a sweetheart. The romance manga then adds another kid named Andou who adores Ninako, resulting in the traditional love triangle.

In general, due to the fact that it does not rely on flashy narrative twists to tell its tale, this romance manga is amusing. In reality, at its foundation, this manga with romance is a love tale, and it doesn’t strive to be anything it isn’t. While because the process, it seamlessly takes advantage of the relationship and maturing because those are inextricably connected to love in the first place.

In addition, this is what distinguishes Strobe Edge from other romance manga series with similar plots. The art of the character’s facial expressions and activities conveys many subtleties about their feelings. Ninako’s brief and insightful remarks each time she combats her love for Ren provide the comic a broader and much deeper significance.

Overall, Strobe Edge is a story that starts as a fairly standard story, a typical shoujo, but is able to end up being one of the best romance manga recommendations to read, it managed to be something distinct and exceptional due to its excellent plot speed and well-thought-out character development. Strobe Edge is a manga that will make you want to uncover your first love.


3. Hetakuso Cupid

romance manga

This completed romance manga centers around Teru. A woman whose brother gave her a cellular phone before he died, contacts a person called “Daisy.” Who assists her in her everyday life, provides guidance, and is the virtual shoulder she can weep on when she needs it the most. When she meets Janitor Kurosaki, weird things occur at school. She is forced to team up with him due to an unanticipated event. She draws closer to him and opens to him accidentally. She informs him everything about Daisy, but she has no idea who he is.

Since they consider that, a satisfied slew of the multitude has accidents actually taken place Daisy appears to be the only one who can put things right. Kurosaki strives to secure his secret from Teru while concurrently attempting to grow closer to her.

In general, this is not your basic manga with romance in which the two male and female characters meet in the first few pages. There’s more to it, and it may both make you happy and unhappy. While it is not an impressive romance manga, it works so well with what it has and is so exceptional without being too apparent. It drops tips along the way that make you wish to read more.

Overall, this is a great romance manga to read. The plot is original, elaborate, and enjoyable, precisely like in real life! Many shoujo mangas have a comparable plot and are a little insane, with too numerous romance scenes, but not this one.

Frequently, the work is significant and funny. The tale is strange and incredibly appealing, with everything from emotions to skeletal structures being well represented. The speed is likewise perfect; it is not establishing too rapidly, but, it is also not going too slowly.

What more can you request with an engaging tale, great characters, and sensational artwork? It’s one of the greatest romance manga recommendations that everyone must read.


2. Horimiya

romance manga

This completed romance manga follows Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, who are not the exact same outside of school as they are within. She is a favored honor student with a secret home life full of duty and parenting her gorgeous young bro.

He’s an introverted, almost inconspicuous middle-of-the-road trainee with a surprise personal life as a pierced and tattooed himbo. They unknowingly uncover one other’s secrets due to her little brother. Since they share secrets, they quickly get close, and their lives begin to alter as a result of each other.

In addition, Horimiya is one of the most well-known romance manga series ever created. Their personal dramas, disputes, dreams, and daily lives are filled out and given complete attention.

In general, this is a manga with romance that is wonderfully written and moves at a speed that does not feel rushed but does not go so gradually that you become bored or lose interest. Horimiya is a captivating and interesting character that leaves you desiring more. The work is very appealing and spectacular.

Overall, this is an exceptional romance manga to read in your spare time or after you’ve read or watched some anime that has actually shattered you. All of the characters are charming and entertaining, and their characters are all different yet in a manner that makes them all captivating. if you’re looking for some amazing romance manga recommendations you know this one is a must-read.


1. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

romance manga

Kaguya-sama is a completed romance manga embedded in the student council workplace of the elite Shuchiin Academy. It follows the budding relationship between the titular Kaguya Shinomiya, vice president of the trainee council, and the council president Miyuki Shirogane, which is hindered by their pride and stubbornness. The plot twists normal high school dating scenes on their heads, with the primary protagonists going to ridiculous lengths to get a benefit in an ultimately pointless rivalry.

Furthermore, it properly depicts the manga’s universe and characters. The characters are really well-formed and definitely ridiculous, which is relatively important offered the story’s issue, which might have been tough to make use of with inferior characters.

Moreover, the series’ popularity has actually risen when it was adapted into an anime. The remarkably amusing series Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War efficiently integrates the high-stakes mental components of Death Note with common romantic funny cliches making it the best manga with romance.

Overall, this romance manga depicts a dispute between the pride of two individuals with opposing ideas. It’s a wonderful mental warfare technique carried out in an uncommon method. You will undoubtedly rupture your guts. Without a doubt, Kaguya-sama: Love is War is the king of romantic comics, and definitely, one of the top romance manga recommendations to read.


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