14 Greatest Paranormal Manga Where Demon Falls In Love With Human

Read these Amazing Manga Where Demon Falls In Love With Human

Manga where demon falls in love with human is a great option for individuals who like to leave the mundane and instead appreciate the most recent unique and thrilling love stories in manga.

A romance manga is nice in general, however, a romance manga focused on a demon human relationship in the supernatural realm is far more remarkable.

Here are the top 14 greatest paranormal manga where demon falls in love with human to start reading today.

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14. Maou no Niwa no Shiroi Hana

Maou no Niwa no Shiroi Hana

There is a demon family in which only sons are born. In order to carry on his ancestors’ legacy, the demon ruler has kidnapped a human woman to be his wife.

However, by demon standards, this demon king is weird and shy. To please her, he even begins to learn cooking…

This is a beautiful demon-human relationship manga with decent art and engaging characters. if you are looking for a good manga where demon falls in love with human, this might be your cup of tea.


13. Demon Chic x Hack

Demon Chic x Hack

A demon princess falls in love with a human guy in this fantastical love story!

Giselle descends into the human realm in order to find her long-lost mate, a human kid named Shiina Ichiritsu. Giselle transfers into Ichiritsu’s school, an all-boys boarding academy, in order to come even closer to her love! Ichiritsu, on the other hand, is no longer the boy she knew six years ago…

This is a beautiful demon-human relationship manga with decent art and engaging characters. if you are looking for a good manga where demon falls in love with human, this might be your cup of tea.


12. Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?!

demon human relationship

Our demon ruler, Anima, is the most powerful in the universe, and the dwellers of the realm dread him. He is forced to spend his days alone until, seemingly out of nowhere, he is beckoned to another realm! Ruina, an impoverished girl who runs an orphanage, is the one who calls him. The two fall in love instantly, with Anima vowing to use his ability to defend his newfound family!

Despite the typical fantasy event of summoning someone, this manga is still original. A man known as the ruler of demons, an eater of children, and of a destroyer of cities, is summoned to another world by a woman being attacked by a goblin. They fall in love and thus this romantic story begins. The protagonist is ridiculously strong and he could take over the world, but he simply wants to have a normal family life. Wife, children, maybe a cute pet. That’s the dream, of the former demon king.

Overall, this story is great and the art is decent. But there is a big focus on relationships and family bonding. the story is still about romance and humor. I believe anyone that likes fantasy and looking for a manga where demon falls in love with human should be able to enjoy this story.


11. Fuuin Maou wa Mederaretai

demon human relationship

Lilian Eddington finds an odd yet lovable black beast in the woods and refuses to give it up when her grandfather tells her she can’t keep it as a family pet. She kisses the now-christened Woolbo on the nose once he lastly concurs, just for it to transform and release the seal into the Maou.

Because this demon-human relationship manga is a doujinshi, each chapter is quite brief. The artwork is adequate. Aside from the romantic and captivating components, the plot focuses on Lillian’s desire to be able to utilize magic and Fe’s inability to do so. Overall, if you’re into the doujinshi series then this manga where demon falls in love with human is definitely recommended for you.


10. I’m a Demon Lord. I Got Remarried to the Mother of a Hero, so She Became my Step-Daughter

Im a Demon Lord. I Got Remarried to the Mother of a Hero so She Became my Step Daughter

Meet Galt Luzen, the Satanic Force Lord. Well, the Devil Lord of his own continent, anyhow. After his other half died, he gradually withdrew from his social life and started to do more of whatever Devil Lords do.

Go into Angelica, the Hero. Heroine. Whatever. She’s a paladin of goodness, who wants nothing more than to beat the Demon Lord. However, she is no match for him and is absolutely defeated.

As Galt is not an entirely wicked Satanic force Lord, he takes Angelica, still unconscious, as well as the other members of her party, back to their households so they can rest their wounds. As he and she bond over tea, Galt’s feelings get the better of him, and he proposes to Reitia in the area.

How will Angelica cope with an actual satanic force for a stepfather? Just what is Satanic Force Lords in this world, anyway, for them to nonchalantly treat the battles of excellent and wicked as if they were sports?

Meet Galt Luzen, the Satanic Force Lord. Well, the Devil Lord of his own continent, anyway. As Galt is not an entirely wicked Demon Lord, he takes Angelica, still unconscious, as well as the other members of her party, back to their households so they can rest their wounds.

This manga where demon falls in love with human is really entertaining, and the comic bits are beautifully done. Overall, It’s a lovely slice of life with a lot of humor but also some serious issues. If you like new twists on demon lord stories, I urge you to give this a shot! And I hope you enjoy it!


9. She’s Too Cute to Take Away

demon human relationship

Shion, among Hell’s seven demon princes, aspires to become the next demon king by completing the Satanic force King Succession Exam. Unlike past years when the princes were expected to take a human soul, Shion’s new objective is to take the heart of his selected human.

Shion disguises himself as a human and infiltrates Umeko Makimura’s school as the new transfer student in order to get closer to his target, the all-too-innocent and frail Umeko Makimura.

Shion arranges the most romantic settings he can consider to establish their connection, based on the techniques he has actually checked out in shoujo comics. The more Shion attempts to take Umeko’s heart, the more he understands that it may have been his own heart that was stolen.

Overall, the characters and story aren’t anything new in this manga where demon falls in love with human, but the art strikes all the right funny notes that make it hard not to smile at times. If you’re searching for some tooth-rotting fluff that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this series is for you.

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8. I Want to Marry the Devil

demon human relationship

Haru, a young human young boy set to be offered as a slave, is saved by the Devil Queen one day and reclaimed to be her attendant. Years later, the bored satanic force queen inquires about our now fully grown and handsome Haru and what more she has to do.

“Marriage” Haru states.

As a result, a thrilling romp between an innocent devil queen and her servant emerges.

This manga where demon falls in love with human is relatively easy, typical, and lacks considerable character advancement, which is what you would expect from a Romcom, however, the characters make the story rather fun and light.

Let’s start with the main character, Haru. He’s an extremely uncomplicated character that does not think twice to announce his love for the main heroine, The Satanic force Queen Eleanor, and when combined with her replies, makes for an actually humorous and interesting book.

Overall, If you are into Romcom, you’ll probably like this manga where demon falls in love with human, it may not have the greatest story with the greatest plot, but I assure you that it will not be a waste of your time.


7. Love is for Other People

demon human relationship

When Tsukumo Sayo was five years old, she made a promise to a child devil. Now, 10 years later, that devil has grown bored of waiting on her and can be found in front of Sayo to fulfill that guarantee. “I’ll certainly make you fall for me”. So, which side will be the very first to fall?

Ladies with ideals and strong personalities are unusual in any narrative. Her determination to become powerful for her brother and her willpower to fight even when she is in danger is fantastic.

This manga where demon falls in love with human is rather entertaining. There is a great deal of love, but the main characters are so young that they do not comprehend who they are.

Moreover, each of the characters appears to be unique. The illustration method is excellent; it is unpolished and rough, and the background is mostly visible, but that is what makes it great. It’s terrific how the mangaka changes his art into something gritty and soft. The sensations were conveyed by means of the character’s eyes, utilizing exaggeration where suitable, to make the scenes more enjoyable to check out. If you’re eagerly looking for a manga where demon falls in love with human, then this might be your cup of tea.


6. Taimashi to Akuma-chan (Exorcist and Devil)

demon human relationship

While snow fell on a holy night, a devil with the appearance of a girl entered the neighborhood and observed the warm individuals inside their houses. Despite the hostility in between the two types, the satanic force was startled when an exorcist spoke to him; the satanic force rapidly fell in love with the exorcist.

Don’t stroll into this manga where demon falls in love with human anticipating a compelling narrative or fleshed-out characters. Take it up and check out a couple of pages if it’s a damp day outside and you just want to snuggle up on the couch and relax.

Overall, reading this manga where demon falls in love with human isn’t like reading. It’s more like seeing a cute discussion between multiple characters. A sweet story about an exorcist and a young satanic force woman who become friends. It’s a pretty touching read.


5. I’m a Devil, and That’s My Bride

demon human relationship

Initially glimpse, the cover reveals how cute the comic is! Uika, an orphan, craves a family more than anything else. She prays to God every day, and when she experiences Anzam, the fallen satanic force who is longing for a soul since he has none, she provides years of her life for desires.

Since she wants to wed him and other minor things that will not cost her a single year of her life, Anzam is enraged. Anzam, on the other hand, rapidly acknowledges her as a good, peaceful, and kind girl.

Due to the fact that of our main characters’ backgrounds, this manga where demon falls in love with human is both terrible and entertaining at times. Anzam, the story’s hero, is not your typical “flawless” guy. Our primary heroine, Uika, is good, delicate, and kind, and she understands how to bake sugary foods, which drew our “devil” hero to her.

Romance, age distinction, demons, and white hair. Overall, if you desire something beautiful, entertaining, and rejuvenating, this manga where demon falls in love with human is a fantastic option.

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4. Devil and Sweet

manga where manga falls in love with human

Ogura Mayuri is a high school loner who delights in cooking and magic, which her mother taught her. She’s already summoned a little satanic force familiar to help her with baking and other small tasks.

When she inadvertently summons a high-level demon named Beaut after spilling the tea on her skirt, he approves of her desire. In return for sugary foods, Mayuri desires for the stain on her dress to vanish. The easy request infuriates the satanic force Beaut, but he is sidetracked by the scent of sugary foods, which is Beaut’s weak point.

This manga where demon falls in love with human has everything a fan could want: satanic force summoning, cute demons, love disappointment, harsh high school girls bullying, and dreadful love scenes. It’s not every day that you come across a lady who can conjure devils to do her bidding in exchange for sweets. It’s easy to be drawn into the tale, and it’s a quick read.

In general, the artwork is fantastic, and you will like reading it. Each character has a distinct personality. The lady is a regular girl with magical skills. Beaut has the character of a child who simply desires sweets, but it is finest not to irritate him given that it will turn into hell. Overall, this is a Recommended manga where demon falls in love with human if you want something fast and enjoyable with little depth.


3. Superior

manga where demon falls in love with human 

The demon queen subjugated enormous and strong beasts and killed the majority of the world’s people. Enduring members of the human species select a hero to slay the satanic force queen in order to be without her vicious rule.

He doubts his function to get rid of the monsters given that, in his perspective, they are likewise conscious and living, and he is bothered by this truth.

Sheila the Devil Queen ends up being captivated by him and picks to accompany him on his journey, hiding her identity and preparing to murder him once she has actually earned his confidence. However, she quickly finds that she has fallen in love with the hero, and hence their journey starts.

Superior is an interesting mash-up of fantasy, experience, and romance in which the strong Demon Queen Sheila falls passionately in love with Exa, the Hero paradoxically charged with the goal of slaying the Satanic force, Queen. Sheila disguises herself as a feeble monster and joins the Hero on his quest.

The plot of this manga where demon falls in love with human is simple at first, with Sheila and the Hero experiencing new and old associates and allies. Later, Sheila produces a reproduction of herself to function as Devil Queen while taking a trip with the Hero, however, an unusual twist happens when the copy plans to show she is the most powerful by killing both the Hero and the Satanic Force Queen.

That along with numerous other factors of the story, including its even balance of humor and drama makes it a very satisfying read.

In general, the art takes some getting familiar with, but there’s a lot to like, specifically the attention to information and distinct character designs. In this narrative, facial expressions are also rather cute.

Overall, this is a fantastic manga where demon falls with human, with a tale that touches on numerous relatable subjects, a touching love story, and some exciting action and experiences. The morally ambiguous story and characters will leave you thinking and desiring to read more. I totally suggest this manga to everybody who likes a fun adventure narrative with some much deeper themes and heartbreaking love.

2. Hana to Akuma

manga where demon falls in love with human

This is a supernatural rom-com manga where demon falls in love with human that tells a sweet little story. Hana, a human baby, is left outside Vivi’s castle and is taken in by him. The plot focuses on Hana is 14 years old, however, the demon, who is still in a beautiful 20-year-old body, is in fact 200.

As the two concerned terms with their genuine sensations, accidents happen, and love spirals out of control. Sure, the characters’ ages look a little off, and it verges on lolicon. Wait a minute! The mangaka even makes fun of it by sprinkling hidden jabs occasionally.

The wonderful thing about this story is that it’s really light-hearted humor and still provides a deep romantic aura. The story pans throughout Hana’s whole life and leaves the reader with a sense of loss and, yet, fulfillment.

You’re likewise on pins and needles about Hana and Vivi – it’s obvious that they love each other, however, Vivi does not comprehend it while she’s young, despite all of their terrific times together. Hana even comes through and isn’t the standard little woman protected by her partner in lots of locations – she’s actually incredibly strong, and she does it all out of love.

Overall, Hana to Akuma is a manga where demon falls in love with human that falls into the romance and scary classifications. If you prefer mangas with diverse personalities, Hana to Akuma has a broad selection of characters to pick from, whether human or devil, there will constantly be someone you appreciate and appreciate.


1. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

manga where demon falls in love with human

Chise Hitori was an unwanted kid. The little woman has actually grown up sensation lost, despondent, and mentally numb, having been informed by her own mother that she ought to never ever have actually been born and moved from one inattentive guardian to the next.

He whisks Chise away to his English house and reveals her to a world of talking animals, faeries, and dragons, claiming that she is to be his apprentice in magic … and also his wife!

This manga where demon falls in love with human is such a lovely little encapsulation of the western magic-themed “beauty and the beast” idea of the whole story at its heart.

Kore Yamazaki-sensei truly is crafting a fantastic manga that has so much depth, a lot of charm, therefore much warmth. There are some ugly moments where the absolute worst of mankind comes out but the manga is so masterfully assembled that these moments only serve to make the intense, warm ones stand apart a lot more.

In general, the entire setting is intriguing and wonderful, The sheer amount of character depth, lore, and gorgeous artwork just sucks you in. It has an excellent balance of action, character, and drama advancement that few other stories handle to achieve.

Moreover, it has thoughtful world-building, and deep, interesting characters. Mag Garden series tend to blur the line between shojo and shonen, and this is no exception. the established romance is very interesting, considering it’s a human-nonhuman relationship.

in conclusion, Yamazaki weaves different folk traditions in such a way that is respectful of the initial tales but likewise offers a unique perspective. This is a story about valuing life and others, and it’s lovely. The majority of the characters have been broken in some way, but they are repairing each other and themselves.

Overall, this is a beautiful manga where demon falls in love with human. Gorgeous artwork, and an engaging story, all rolled into a dark fantasy world.


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Perhaps there is another manga where demon falls in love human that we missed. Do let us know in the comments below and we will see you next time!

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