Top 10 Amazing Romance Manhwa With Yandere Male Lead

The Best Romance Manhwa With Yandere Male Lead That You Must Read


Hi, Otaku fans, and welcome to this charming list of manhwa with yandere male lead. This article will talk about manhwa featuring a compulsive male lead whose partner shows yandere propensities.

From Yandere male leads and love, interest falls in love first to strong female leads. This list is for you if you’re looking for a manhwa with possessive male lead and can’t get triggered by the toxicity. Some are also not harmful, so make sure you check out till you find what suits you.

So are you among the fans excitedly looking for a good romance manhwa with yandere male lead? Then it’s time to dive and choose your favorite one to read from this list of the most incredible yandere manhwa recommendations. weather you’re trying to find a series filled with drama and mental themes or just a fluffy adorable and wholesome manhwa, for sure you’ll discover the romantic tale that craves your desires.

So without any further ado, let’s enter it.

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10. Empress of Another World

manhwa with possessive male lead

Following a rare event that transfers her into another universe and time, Korean highschool student Sabina is taken in by a duke of the Crentia kingdom just to be provided as a courtesan to the ugly old emperor. When the king is assassinated by an unknown assassin, Sabina is required to complete for the throne versus a poisoned circle of other hopefuls. Can she win the trust and love of the ladies and men she needs to survive?

This manhwa with yandere male lead featured an unique method to the cliched styles of reincarnation and 2nd chances. It shows the author’s breadth and openness, as well as a remarkable representation of women, providing us with something to look forward to.

In general, the conclusion was excellent for how this manhwa with obsessive male lead began; such endings are unusual when checking out mangas since the authors let us guess how it ends and offers us numerous reasons to dispute how it ends; this is practical for crucial believing development.

Overall, this manhwa with possessive male lead was simple to follow, and there were no covert messages or different analyses behind every word and deed. If you’re browsing for a wonderful royalty narrative, this one is a must-read among yandere manhwa recommendations.


9. It’s Mine

yandere manhwa recommendations

Do Yohan has little recollection of his background, however, he is aware that Lee Dajeong is the most significant person in his life. She is the focus of his universe; he is aware of what she is doing at all times, and her face, caught from every angle, is plastered across his bedroom.

This manhwa with yandere male lead has great pacing and a distinct premise, so you never understood what to expect. The art is consistent and the narrative is satisfying. Everyone has written so well. The characters are portrayed to be analytical and do not constantly know what is best, however, they do what they believe to be best. When you read this manhwa with obsessive male lead, you feel like you’re there with them as a ghost, seeing their continuous corruption, curiosity, issues, and so on.

Overall, if you desire a thriller manhwa with possessive male lead that will keep you hooked like a fish on a hook, read this. And if you desire a narrative with a lot of plot twists and awful realities then this is on the top shell of yandere manhwa recommendations.


8. Sica Wolf

manhwa with possessive male lead

Sica takes foot outside the Magician’s Tower for the first time ever, on a journey to find the two most important people in her life! Karsus, a mercenary swordsman who resembles her previous love, soon appears in her path. In spite of being misinterpreted for another person, Karsus promises to assist Sica to discover the individuals she’s seeking for in exchange for assisting him with his business. As a result, the two go on a journey that will alter not only the fate of the Empire but likewise their hearts!

This manhwa with yandere male lead is about the romance and troubles of an individual who does not want to get close to others and a girl who believes she’s a monster. Sica is on the hunt for her long-lost rescuer, the male who saved her life and is the single factor she ended up being a sorceress. Karsus is a master who strives towards a goal he is unaware of.

Overall, this is a good manhwa with obsessive male lead. The action portions were lackluster, and the romantic component was adequate. The storyline is outstanding and truly interesting. The dark pasts of MC and ML that are linked to the plot of this manhwa with possessive male lead contribute to the intrigue of the manhwa. If you’re looking for a submissive yandere male lead, then this is at the top of yandere manhwa recommendations.


7. The Villain’s Savior

yandere manhwa recommendations

The plot of this manhwa with yandere male lead begins when Elzay reads a book about a bad guy named Aseph, who lived a life of pain and destruction before dying. She became so attached to that character that she dreams about him and pledges to save him. Finally, the goddess of that world heard her plea and provided her to him. However what precisely is this fate seal she has? Is this a bad or great thing?

The story of this manhwa with obsessive male lead communicates precisely what it’s attempting to convey: a twisted love between a homicidal man in a book who has an extreme desire to be loved and a girl who is so consumed with him that she wakes up as a character in the book.

In general, the art is great in this manhwa with possessive male lead, and the characters are expanded and engaging. It simply leaves you feeling rather uneasy, and it’s not a light read, especially for the faint of heart.

Moreover, the male lead is a psychopath who is also compulsive. Usually, these characters are improperly crafted in those types of stories, but this one feels engaging and extremely reasonable. The male protagonist essentially has the unfortunate backstory cliche. His uncomfortable past describes his adjustment and possessiveness of the female lead.

Overall, the art, plot, and characters are all rich, gorgeous, and luscious. The method the story is dealt with is rather innovative. More significantly, there are no loose ends, and the pacing is never irregular. This is one of the best yandere manhwa recommendations for you if you like creepy controlling however appealing MLs who are enamored with the meek and innocent FL.


6. 340 Days

manhwa with possessive male lead

This manhwa with yandere male lead centers around Dosung. On her 18th birthday, she meets Lin, a destroyer and a special subset of the population understood for demented propensities and superhuman power. Following this, Lin ends up being fascinated with Dosung, revealing her love for him at every turn, but Dosung remains totally unconcerned. Dosung develops a strong possessive and aggressive personality as the story progresses.

This is a manhwa with obsessive male lead that provides a fresh viewpoint on what society may be like. The author gives us what might be one of the most truthful portrayals of how discrimination and perception impact society and how people are treated inside it through special world-building and characters.

Overall, this is a hectic manhwa with possessive male lead that is remarkable and engaging, with gorgeous visuals. It includes just the appropriate amount of sweet taste, mystery, and gore, in addition to the perfect mix of romance and psychological genre. If you’re seeking some good yandere manhwa recommendations, this yandere manhwa must be at the top of your list.

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5. The First Night With The Duke

yandere manhwa recommendations

A narrative was supposed to go like this: a stunning, greedy aristocrat succumbs to a lovely, gentle commoner. When an ordinary university student awakens as Ripley, an additional in her favorite romance novel, she promises to enjoy the comforts of her character’s rank while seeing the story’s development from the sidelines. Her intents are rapidly interrupted when she finds herself in bed with none aside from the novel’s hero, Duke Zeronis!

The male lead in this case is depicted as a possessive, yandere who looks to abuse people for his own gain.

This manhwa with yandere male lead isn’t particularly complicated, however, it’s well-crafted, with adequate signs in the preliminary chapters to foreshadow the ending. The ending was carefully considered and was formerly recommended from the beginning; the author did not create some arbitrary conclusion, demonstrating that each character’s action was systematically planned. They had a strategy to follow, which led to high-quality manhwa with obsessive male lead!

Overall, this is an engaging manhwa with possessive male lead with excellent art and a hardcore yandere male lead character, making it an excellent option for this list of the best yandere manhwa recommendations.


4. The Villainess is a Marionette

yandere manhwa recommendations

This manhwa with yandere male lead centers around Cayena, the most stunning princess of the kingdom. She was resurrected as a working female; a villainess doomed to death. She recognized that her and Cayena’s histories were comparable. They were both exploited and controlled…and eventually abandoned. To avoid future destruction, she must first break the strings as a puppet and devise a survival plan.

The art of this manhwa with obsessive male lead is in-depth and gorgeous. It’s a timeless manhwa with possessive male lead in which the primary character takes a trip back in time, understands the future, tries to safeguard herself, and has the ultimate objective of liberty however lastly falls and ends up being entangled in the plots. The man who first disregarded her has actually now grown madly in love with her, and his mind is filled with nothing but her.

Overall, it’s a wonderful story with lovely panels and excellent graphics. The characters are strong, and if you’re looking for a charming manhwa, this is one of the good yandere manhwa recommendations that will not disappoint you.


3. Miss Not-So-Sidekick

manhwa with yandere male lead

This manhwa with yandere male lead centers around Hyejung who enjoyed checking out to eliminate her daily stress. That was before she awoke in the strange world of her favorite novel! Instead of being the primary heroine who pursues three ideal men, she is now Latte Ectrie – a small bad guy that everyone dislikes?! In any case, it’s a chance for her to relive her most preferred plot, with popcorn in hand to see all the action! Taking control of the story has an entirely new meaning!

In general, this manhwa with obsessive male lead is amusing to read. The story was rather great. The characters are engaging and entertaining, and the connection between the FL and the possessive male lead is fascinating to see.

Overall, the plot of this manhwa with possessive male lead is engaging and simple to follow; once you start, you won’t have the ability to stop! It actually feels more like a comedy webtoon than a romance webtoon. If you’re looking for something lighter and hilarious, this is one of the best yandere manhwa recommendations to check.


2. Roxana

manhwa with yandere male lead

This manhwa with yandere male lead is about kidnapping, murder, and ribald love. The demise of Roxana Agrece’s nefarious family is predicted in the spectacular pages of The Abysmal Flower. When the heroine’s senior brother, Cassis Pedelian, is abducted by Roxana’s father, she has two options: wait on the heroine’s vengeance … or take matters into her own hands, as Cassis is the key to her survival. However, with shady individuals on both sides, can Roxana and Cassis depend on each other adequately to reduce the savage Agreces?

In general, Roxana’s connection with the obsessive male lead character Cassis is growing at a medium rate. It’s not the healthiest relationship, however, it’s not undesirable to read about.

Moreover, the manhwa with obsessive male lead is engaging and goes at a great speed, and the art is exceptional. The events are intriguing, and the backstories flow naturally into the tale.

Overall, this manhwa with yandere male lead is a breath of new air, and it streams well. The art improves the reading experience by exactly setting the tone for each scene, and the characters are well-designed. If you’re looking for some dark romance manhwa with obsessive male lead; this is one of the best yandere manhwa recommendations to read.


1. Villains Are Destined to Die

manhwa with yandere male lead

This manhwa with yandere male lead is about a lady placed in the body of an abhorred and despised embraced daughter of the aristocracy. She must combat to prevent being murdered by the obsessive male lead. The problem is that the FL is at a substantial disadvantage due to both misconceptions, her terrible attitude, and her family’s own apathy. She is required to claw with every fiber of her being to find the love she never ever had.

This manhwa with obsessive male lead is about how the wicked survive in an extreme environment where her life is continuously endangered by having to interact with 5 masculine characters in order to endure. The characters are slowly growing and evolving and the art is excellent as well. Everyone has their own backstory and qualities that set them apart.

Overall, this manhwa with possessive male lead has both awesome serious, and funny cute sides so it is pleasing to check out. It’s excruciating and heartwrenching, with many moments that push you to keep reading, so if you’re looking for possessive love this is one of the best yandere manhwa recommendations you can find.

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