Top 21 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes OP As Hell

Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes OP

Hello, dear Otaku fans welcome to this new article. However, it is about anime shows where the mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end. So we are hoping that you would find what you are looking for! In the process, we tried to find the best there is so that you enjoy watching.

And also appreciate the service we provide on our website. Moreover, we really glad to have you with us reading and reacting to any of our articles. Thus, with no more boring details let’s start the count down…

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21. Berserk 

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

People are sick of betrayal. And they have become energetic about it nowadays! However, in this anime, our mc gets betrayed and becomes an op at the last moments of this show.

However, full of the fire seething in his heart, the Black Swordsman Guts proceeds with his apparently interminable journey for vengeance. Remaining in his way are intolerable fugitives, capricious abhorrent spirits, and a faithful offspring of a god. Even as it works in his life.

Guts keep on battling his foes, who use ghastly and obtuse force, with nary yet his body and blade—his solidarity as a human.

What lies toward the finish of his movements? The appropriate response is clear in the “night.” Strain your eyes and gaze into the dim! Thus, you can stop routing from one site to another! Looking for a show! With an mc who gets betrayed and becomes op at the end of anime!

20 . Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest 

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

The anime story of the mc who gets betrayed and becomes op at the end! This was happening during a campaign in the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Hajime comes face to face with one of his cohorts, diving him to the lower part of a pit.

Although he endures the fall, Hajime had to faced-threatening beasts and setbacks that send him spiraling into a dismal bad dream. Urgent to live and get back one day, he makes plans to battle for his endurance—just to meet a  vampire Yue, who is likewise trying to get away from the maze.

Checking out him, Yue and a couple of others en route go with Hajime on his excursion to discover a path back home, while consistently changing from ordinary for the world’s most grounded. The mc gets betrayed in this anime and becomes an op at the end of it…


19. Redo of Healer

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

My mind was saying to me! I have to watch an anime where the mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end! So I did what this show. Where, Keyaru, who has limits according to regular information! He was abused over and over by others.

At some point, he saw what lay past mending wizardry, and was persuaded that a recuperating entertainer was the most grounded class. In any case, when he understood that potential,  everything was taken from him.

Accordingly, he utilizes mending sorcery on the actual world to return four years, choosing to re-try everything. This is a chivalrous story of one recuperating performer. Overall, there is no chance for anyone to deny it!  An anime where the mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end!

18. Masamune-Kun’s Revenge 

Masamune Kun s Revenge

An anime where the mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end! Nobody would hate such a show to watch. Furthermore, Masamune was once a fat-rich child who was loving his food! Yet was the objective of menaces sheds pounds to turn into a famous person.

After shedding pounds he takes another personality. So he can seek retribution on his previous domineering jerk, the most mainstream young lady in school, Aki – a young lady he was in love with!

The setup isn’t novel and it’s not difficult to foresee what the probably finishing will be. The story loans itself to pieces of show and parody.

There a couple of turns that add to the story and the investigation of this thought of what self-perception truly mean. Thus, our mc in this anime gets betrayed and he made a great effort and becomes op at the end…


17. Dimension W 

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

This animation show is one of the finest out there! Most importantly this anime has an mc who gets betrayed and becomes op later on.

Therefore, In the year 2071, the world’s energy issues appear to be fine, due to the organization of cross-dimensional electric-field inductors-“coils” – that extricate energy from an apparently endless source.

That source is the W measurement, a fourth plane that exists past the X, Y, and Z measurements. In this world, informal “illegal” curls outfit controls that the police can’t want to counter.

Managing these curls is the work of loop-loathing repo man Kyoma, whose run-in with the special loop android Mira drives the two to shape a hesitant organization. You wouldn’t stop wandering around but this article will give you what you looking for in an anime where the mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end…

16. Record of Grancrest War

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

No matter how comfortable you think you are! If you are an mc in an anime story you will surely get betrayed and it will be a must to become an op!

However, Atlatan, is a land administered by the tumult. Dreading fiasco achieved by confusion, individuals lived ensured by “Masters;” those with the force of “Peaks,” used to stifle the tumult.

Notwithstanding, the Lords chose to forsake the idea of securing individuals and betray one another, taking each other’s Crests to acquire territory more than each other.

Among these individuals are Siluca, a solitary mage who scorns the Lords, and Theo, a transient knight preparing to some time or another free his country.

Captivated by Theo’s beliefs, Siluca’s coercive strategies have the two shaping an agreement and together, change a war-torn land. Thus, you can stop routing from one site to another! Looking for an anime show with an mc who gets betrayed and becomes op at the end…


15. Kabaneri of the iron fortress 

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Just when you think that betrayal is no more around, you discover that the mc in this anime gets betrayed and he has to become an op no matter what!

Just the most strengthened of human advancements endure this unrest, similar to the case with the island of Hinomoto, where humankind has made an enormous divider to shield themselves from the unlimited crowds of Kabane.

The lone route into these monster forts is through vigorously heavily clad trains, which were under the supervision of youngsters! For example, Ikoma. During the mechanical insurgency, humans were an insight into the abrupt development of mortal beasts! Who must die by piercing their heart through an iron plate? Those chomped become one of them.

By the name “Kabane,” these beasts detonated in number. The Hinomoto public made post stations and put themselves inside. Just steam trains, the Hayajiros, can go between them. The mc in this anime gets betrayed and becomes op is what you need to watch…


14. Stigma of the wind 

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Betrayal never ends guys! If it ends the world as we know it ends! So this anime is having an anime mc get betrayed and become op at the late end.

Kazuma Yagami is a client of “Fuujutsu,” the capacity to control the breeze. He gets back to his old home. The honorable Kannagi family, in the wake of being ousted four years prior for his failure to control fire and his resulting rout in a duel because of his more youthful cousin.

Ayano Kannagi, returning after a particularly ruthless outcast as of now offers to ascend to numerous contentions, however, to exacerbate the situation, a few Kannagi relatives have as of late been killed with Fuujutsu.

This leads the Kannagi family, including the hot-headed Ayano, to presume Kazuma as the guilty party. Presently, Kazuma should demonstrate his innocence, yet additionally help the family he imparts common scorn to, to find the genuine personality of the executioner.

The mc in this anime becomes op after he was betrayed! Such a hard break is making the mc do the impossible…

13. Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

The hardest thing anyone can face or feel in his life is betrayal! So we have this anime show, where the mc gets betrayed and somehow he becomes op at the end of the anime show.

However, Legend says, when the Evil God stirs from the most profound of dimness, the lord of destiny will bring Six Braves and award them with the ability to save the world.

Adlet, who professes to be the most grounded on the essence of this world, was chosen as one of the “Brave Six Flowers”. And sets out on a fight to forestall the revival of the Evil God.

Nonetheless, incidentally, there are Seven Braves that came together at the guaranteed land. So this is one of the anime where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at a late process of the show…


12. Chrome Shelled Regios 


If you still didn’t find the one you looking for! You might try this anime where anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end.

In a dystopian world overwhelm with extraordinary monsters called Filth Monsters, a gleaming arch distends from the no man’s land. This is Zuellni, a versatile city one of a kind for having cognizance of ‘electronic pixies’.

Additionally, Zuellni is a foundation where the up-and-coming age of incredible Heavens-Blade wielders accumulates to set their solidarity in opposition to one another in between detachment rivalries.

Nina Antalk, military understudy and head of the seventeenth Platoon,  wants to be the best! Subsequently, when baffling Layfon Alseif moves to the foundation, she in a split second perceives his capacities and chooses he’s the ideal possibility to join her gathering.

Nonetheless, with a mysterious past, that will not let him be, and obscure forces past the institute checking out Zuellni, Layfon joining the group is just the beginning of every one of their difficulties.

It does look interesting to watch and what is more interesting in this anime is that the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op on further occasions…


11. Btooom 

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

It seems we are getting along with each other right! An anime where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end. In this anime, we find 22-year-old Ryouta a jobless bum who goes through his days living at home and playing Btooom!

A very famous internet game. Close to different partners, Ryouta fights it out with others utilizing ground-breaking bombs and sonar that can uncover concealed adversaries, and his devotion has acquired him the title of Japan’s top player.

Therefore, Ryouta’s distraction becomes reality! As he and numerous others went to a tropical island to play Btooom! Presently, he and the rest should battle to the passing by whatever implies essential, as the best way to dominate this lethal match is by murdering seven different players.

As usual, it is always hard to watch! An anime where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end…


10. Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon 

Cross Ange

It was all happening in an empire! An anime where the anime mc gets betrayed so badly and becomes op. However, he in the end becomes op.

Angelise is the main princess of the Empire of Mitsurugi. She is the leader of the Empire until one day she discovers the stunning truth that she is a “Norma” – a sporadic being who can’t utilize “Mana”.

However, they were “things” instead of individuals. Having her name taken from her, Ange disconnects herself to a far off-island. There, she finds a gathering of Norma ladies who go through their days chasing mythical serpents that have come to attack.

I have nothing against anime that flourish with develop topics and stun esteem. Madoka Magica, for instance, there’s a contrast between handily utilizing full-grown substance and stun worth and basic offensiveness. Overall, what we are interested in is something entirely different, which is the anime mc gets betrayed and somehow becomes op at the end of this anime…


9. Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign 

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Since we are taking this theme under control, the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes an op at the end. We had to talk about this fascinating story! You have an existence where essentially every grown-up was alive no more!

And practically vampires stole all the kids. It’s the narrative of how one kid figures out how to get away from bondage and figure out how to retaliate close to the human opposition.

It’s the makings of an incredible shonen anime. Truly, we haven’t seen a shonen activity story with this much guarantee since Attack on Titan.

The clever thing that I referenced Attack on Titan since this current anime’s story should be Attack on Titan, except with super-brilliant vampires rather than titans.

Thus, when an anime mc gets betrayed it becomes a must to be an op at the end of an anime. And so it happens…

8. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

When we talk about an anime story where anime mc gets betrayed and somehow made it to become op! We should of course mention this anime show!

The story is about Ikki Kurogane, a sorcery client who has no ability regarding wizardry. And on account of that wasn’t clear to his family and the people around him.

He takes a crack at this sorcery foundation to demonstrate that he isn’t frail, and the solitary way he can graduate is that he removes a portion of an enchantment celebration and win.

What I cherished about this anime where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op! It isn’t your commonplace feeble character that can’t do anything.

It is hard to lose trust in the ones you once were loving. Because you feel that you had been betrayed! The sure thing is you should never stop working on yourself till you become an op at the end…


7. The Legend of Legendary Heroes 

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

As we count down the anime shows where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op we didn’t dare to skip this show! The story starts with two of the three main characters, the wizard Ryner and the knight Ferris.

As they venture across the landmass of Menoris, looking for amazing Hero Relics to help our third main character, the High King of Roland, Sion. The lethargic Ryner and ardent Ferris are nothing past that in the primary scene, with the solitary perceptible exchange between them being a scene where Ferris considers Ryner a deviant.

Sadly, this scene is a running gag all through the show that turns the Ryner and Ferris team from easy to cringeworthy.

At that time when you watch this anime show where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end. You might say it is just a comedy! Which it is.

But it holds way many themes in it! The anime mc gets betrayed and somehow he made it to become an op figure!

8. Tower of God 

mc gets betrayed and becomes op

The anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end. Thus, the world is out of line for him, he lost his adoration for his life. And he gives off an impression of being feeble when in all actuality he’s too exceptional, gets all the more remarkable in a moment.

Everybody around him loves him. The awesome twofold principles show when the primary scene starts, where he gets saved multiple times since he’s the main character.

And he has hax powers he didn’t procure because he is adorable. It was dramatic anime when the anime mc gets betrayed by the one with who he was in love and becomes op later on!

but that was a shock to wake him up and order him to become an op after getting betrayed at the start of this anime. You will live and love the show guys so do not skip it for anything else…

7. Bungo Stray Dogs

mc gets betrayed and becomes op

The anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op later on such anime stories are the ones that warm your hearts on cold nights. Therefore, thrown out of an orphanage and very nearly starves to death! Nakajima Atsushi meets some peculiar men.

One of them, Dazai Osamu, is a self-destructive man endeavoring to suffocate himself without trying to hide. The other, bespectacled Kunikida Doppo, anxiously remains by flipping through a notebook.

Both are individuals from the “Armed Detective Agency” said to address incidents that even the military and police won’t dare to touch! Atsushi winds up going with them determined to kill a man-eating tiger that has been threatening the populace.

In the virtual city of Yokohama are people bearing the name of Bungo, “Literary masters,” who have unordinary powers in comparison to that name. Presently starts the fight between the puzzling Bungo powers!

Additionally, Nakajima Atsushi after he was betrayed was a must for him to become op! And that is exactly what he did in the end. surprisingly he was an amazing turnover in the anime story when the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end!  Which was so sad at first! But in the end, it was so cool…


6. Devilman: Crybaby 

mc gets betrayed and becomes op

Any anime with the drama of an anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end is a good show to see! Furthermore, The main character Akira Fudo gains from his closest companion. Ryo Asuka, that a rare race of devils came back to reclaim the world from people.

Ryo reveals to Akira that the best way to crush the devils is to join their extraordinary powers. And recommends that he join with an evil spirit himself. Akira prevails with regards to changing into Devilman, who has both the forces of an evil presence and the spirit of a human. The clash of Devilman and Akira Fudo starts.

I don’t have the foggiest idea where, to begin with! Devilman: Crybaby, however, I surmise I should begin by saying this isn’t difficult to watch! This isn’t a show for everybody.

Thus, the anime mc gets betrayed and went on a long journey and becomes op, and that’s what he did in the end. You need a strong heart to watch this anime guys! So if you think you have what it takes go for it…

5. 91Days mc gets betrayed and becomes op

Every anime that has an anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op is worth watching! However, during Prohibition, the law didn’t have any force, and the mafia was controlling the town.

The story happens in Lawless, a town flourishing with bootleg market deals of illegally fermented alcohol. At some point, Avilio gets a letter from a secretive sender, inciting him to re-visitation of Lawless for vengeance. At that point invades the Vanetti family, the ones liable for his family’s homicide.

And starts to become friends with the wear’s child, Nero, to put his retribution into action. Murdering brings additional execution, and retribution generates more vengeance. How might the 91-day story of these men guided by a shocking destiny end?

The answer to this question is laying there in the anime show. So all you need to do is watch it! You would like the theme in this anime when the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end…

4. Gungrave 

mc gets betrayed and becomes op

We wouldn’t like this anime where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op out of this article for any price! I mean it deserves the spot.

Additionally, Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell were closest companions who lived by the law of the road. Until one day they come across as bad individuals and their life was abruptly done.

With nobody to go to and no place to run, the decision to join Millenion, the city’s most impressive organization. Seems as though an offer they couldn’t do! Presently, in the midst of sorrow, misfortune.

And most extreme betrayal, Brandon should take up the firearm and help Harry climb the positions of Millenion to succeed, to secure his loved ones, regardless of whether it implies murdering incalculable others all the while.

So if you desire to watch an anime that carries a lot of dramatic feelings! In an anime where the anime mc gets betrayed so he becomes op at the end, the thing which made everybody surprised…


3. The Rising of the Shield Hero

mc gets betrayed and becomes op

The general anime story where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op is really nonexclusive. Some individual or gathering gets zap to a dream game. They need to do XYZ to get out.

During this time they can essentially carry on with their life as they need. The contrast between this and the number of others that went down! This way is not normal for the vast majority of different stories.

The primary individual is beginning from the exceptionally base, and the world they are attempting to secure loathes them. This story waiting for you to watch the rest of it! Where you will see!

The anime mc gets betrayed and tries so hard to level up himself to become op at the end. When an mc gets betrayed in an anime and later becomes op! Is really enjoyable and fine vibes are clear in this anime show you have to watch it…


2. Dororo 

mc gets betrayed and becomes op

The second anime where the anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op is without any doubt this one. Furthermore, Hyakkimaru is a young man who lacks 48 body parts.

because demons stole them before birth! As payment by his father, Kagemitsu Daigo, to obtain his wish to take over the country. When the baby boy was born he was missing 48 parts of his body. And thrown into a river!

Hyakkimaru has grown up and now has fake body parts.  So he can eliminate the 48 demons that were parts of his body, and retrieve his missing parts. Along with the adventure is the boy thief, Dororo, with whom he becomes friends.

A very interesting story I mean one of the greatest ones! In an anime where the anime mc was betrayed and later on he made a great effort to become op. So we are sure that this anime deserves this spot in the article…

1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass

This anime show with an anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op! Has all the right be here as the king of this article. However, Lelouch and his friend Rivalz enter a room where a chess match was happening. With Lelouch claiming he can turn the situation on the chess table in under 9 minutes.

He starts his game by moving the King. He effortlessly crushes him in a short period of time (8 minutes, 32 seconds)! While the noble gapes at his own defeat.

Rivalz compliments Lelouch on his victory and is happy that the ego of the nobles will force them to pay!  Which he notes also makes them lose. As they walk out of the casino! They get an interruption by Clovis’s “heart-breaking” speech which turns out to be an act.

On the road, Rivalz accidentally cuts the way of the terrorists, resulting in their vehicle’s crash. Without any more details, this anime show is one of the best to watch! The anime mc in this anime was betrayed and he somehow becomes op. It is a very good anime that’s why we have it on the top of our list in this article…


Finally, thank you for reading and spending time with us it is a great honor for us. I hope you found that anime show where an anime mc gets betrayed and becomes op at the end you looking for!

However, if you have any comments or ideas whatsoever you can always tell us in the comment section below. And also,  feel free to check our Youtube channel below where we have all sorts of anime shows you want …

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