The Greatest Gambling Anime Of All Time

The best 10 Gambling Anime That You should watch

It’s not fun to watch someone be prudent and cautious. But to see someone constantly putting his well-being on the line in desperate, irrational hope for that One Big Score … well, gamblers in gambling Anime are in many ways just like that veteran cop who takes One Last Case before retirement.

Gambling Anime has an inherent drama because, by definition, they’re about risk.

Today we bring to you a list of The Greatest Gambling Anime Of All Time! So, prepare yourself for feeling some intense gambling anime that would make you hold your breath from the beginning to the end.

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Without any further ado let’s countdown our list.


10. The Lie Eater (Usogui)

anime gambler

Genres: Game, Psychological, Gambling, Seinen

Usogui (The Lie Eater) as he gambles against maniacal opponents at games—such as Escape the Abandoned Building, Old Maid, and Hangman—to ultimately “out-gamble” and control the neutral organization of Kagerou itself.

In general, this anime is OVA had 1 episode (Duration: 42-45 min). But the animation is very basic because the anime is aired in 2012. Finally, if you’re looking for gambling anime with psychological games! This one might be a fast watch for you.


9. Weeping Dragon

anime gambler

Genres: Action, Game, Psychological, Gambling

The protagonist of this anime, is Ryuu or Crying Dragon, is a mysterious gambler who often plays games with the gang members.

*”Ron” is also called “naki” in mahjong, which has the same pronunciation as “crying” in Japanese.

This Show is a very old one that was realized in 1988. So, don’t expect anime any good animation, but you might like the story. Well, if you are looking for a classic anime gambling! This one is for you.


8. Mardock Scramble

Gambling anime

Genres: Action, Psychological, Gambling, Sci-Fi

Rune’s search for answers to the questions that haunt comes to a shattering climax.

But winning the golden chips (BlackJack) containing Shell Septinos’ memories is only the next step on a long and treacherous road. Easter and Oeufcoque, Rune’s chances of winning are slim.

The first Mardock movie had a lot of issues but it was still not that bad, it was somewhat a good movie. But Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion and The Third Exhaust is on a different level.

In general, if you are looking for a gambling anime movie! This one is recommended for you.


7. Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Gambling anime

Genres: Game, Comedy, Ecchi, Gambling

The story is about a dealer named Rio Rollins Tachibana.

In order to approach closer to her mother, one of history’s greatest dealers, she does battle to gather up the legendary cards called “gates”.
The “Howard Resort Hotel” is an entertainment destination where people gather from around the world to grab huge fortunes. Those who gather all 13 gate cards are presented with the title MVCD (Most Valuable Casino Dealer), proof that they are a top dealer.

Set in a vast resort, an exciting battle begins with rival dealers that’ll take your breath away!

Overall the show is pretty to look at. The settings, backgrounds, and characters themselves are all appealing and well-drawn. I would recommend this to anyone who looks for ecchi and gambling anime to watch.


6. Dorei-ku: The Animation

Gambling anime

Genres: Game, Psychological, Gambling, Drama

Descend into the dark world of SCM, where you are labeled either a master or servant based on your ability to win a game.

Granted access to 10 million yen, Eiya’s job is to convince Yuuga’s would-be master to free him from his servitude. Though hesitant at first, Yuuga’s words resonate with her personal yearning for something more from her life, and she agrees to his request.

However, when a mysterious organization begins rapidly accruing slaves, Eiya becomes entangled in a game far more dangerous than she ever could have imagined.

Overall, the story is unique in its way with good animation. So, this show might be a good watch if you want a different gambling anime series to watch.

5. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

Gambling anime

Genres: Gambling, Game, Historical, Shounen

Traveling Tetsuya chooses to spend his time gambling at Mahjong parlors where he is wiping the floor clean with his adversaries. However, when Tetsuya meets the intensely skilled Boushu-san, he realizes that his skills are still lacking. So, does Tetsuya have what it takes to become a legendary gambler?

Overall, Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is a great anime, fun viewing, but the animation isn’t the best. So, If anyone wants a gambling anime to better understand the finer aspects of cheating! This is your show.


4. Kakegurui

Gambling anime

Genres: Game, Psychological, Gambling, School

At Hyakkaou Private Academy, the winners live like kings, and the losers are put through the wringer.

Yumeko Jabami, a seemingly naive and beautiful transfer student, is ready to try her hand at Hyakkaou’s special curriculum. But when Yumeko enrolls, she’s gonna teach these kids what a high roller really looks like!

Unlike the rest, she doesn’t play to win, but for the thrill of the gamble, and her borderline insane way of gambling might just bring too many new cards to the table.

So, in conclusion, Kakegurui’s concept is very interesting, and the animation is very engaging. Overall, If you’re interested in gambling anime! Kakegurui is worth your time.


3. The Legend of Mahjong: Akagi

Gambling anime

Genres: Game, Psychological, Gambling, Seinen

One stormy night, a desperate man named Nangou finds himself playing Mahjong with yakuza thugs; The prize is his life. When all hope seems lost, the game parlor is suddenly intruded upon by Shigeru Akagi, a young boy on the run from the police.

Desperate to turn the game around, Nangou hands the game over to Akagi after teaching him a few of the rules.

However, they soon come to learn that Akagi is a natural-born gambler.

Akagi is an incredibly good anime to watch for every seinen fan who enjoys dark atmospheres or mature themes. I would recommend this show to everyone looking for gambling anime in this genre.


2. Kaiji

Gambling anime

Genres: Game, Psychological, Gambling, Seinen

Kaiji Ito is our unlucky protagonist as they come; a man who gambles his days away, only winning enough to lose significantly more.

Then one day a strange man offers him what seems the solution of a lifetime – to take a short journey on a ship called Espoir, during which time he will be given the chance to win more cash than he can dream of in a card game like no other.

Unfortunately, Kaiji finds out the hard way that the worst sides of human nature surface when people’s backs are against the wall, and that the most fearsome dangers of all are greed, paranoia, and the human survival instinct itself.

All in all, Kaiji is one of the best gambling anime series that you should watch. Kaiji would bring you an amazing thriller story with just some simple games. From that simple game, prepare for feeling some intense scenes that would make you hold your breath from beginning to the end.


1. One Piece Film: Gold

One Piece and gambling

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Gambling, Shounen

Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew have finally arrived on Gran Tesoro, a ship carrying the largest entertainment city in the world.

The glittering Gran Tesoro, a city of entertainment beyond the laws of the government, is a sanctuary for the world’s most infamous pirates, Marines, and filthy rich millionaires.

But behind the gilded curtains lies a powerful king whose deep pockets and deeper ambitions spell disaster for the Straw Hats and the New World alike.

Overall, for One Piece and gambling anime fans! This movie is absolutely for you.


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