The Best 14 Manhwa Where MC is Weak Then Gets Stronger

Manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger


Manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger is what readers these days adore. Moreover, almost all of the manhwa stories are worth reading, and their stunning art makes them memorable. That is why many popular manhwa stories highlight the hero’s character growth throughout the tale. These stories have a main character who is not physically strong. However, as the tale goes on, they grow in power, with some even ending up being the strongest in their universe!

Hence if you are a sucker for this sort of manhwa where MC begins weak but ends up being OP, then I have some recommendations for you. In this article, we are going to have a look at a few of the leading titles that you should read. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right in!

14. The Hero Returns

Manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger

The sudden appearance of dungeons resulted in an endless invasion of monsters that overwhelmed civilization. Even Sungin Kim, humanity’s most powerful hero, sacrificed all to confront monsters, but he couldn’t prevent the world’s destruction. Sungin dies and comes back twenty years later as Soohyun Kim, an average high school student. He has no idea how or why he was brought back, but he knows this is his second chance to save the world and restore his hero’s reputation.

At first sight, it appears to be a basic returner-type manhwa, yet it is a well-polished manhwa with a sympathetic main character who exploits his knowledge to get stronger. The overall world-building and the plot are amazing, as always. The speed of the plot is beautifully handled. You never get the impression that the rhythm is excessively quick or too slow. The artwork and fight scenes are both fantastic.

So, if you’re looking for a wonderful action fantasy manhwa where mc is weak then gets stronger, Sungin travels 20 years back in time to keep you entertained while reading this manhwa.

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13. The Lone Necromancer

manhwa where mc is weak then gets stronger

The lead character of this weak-to-strong manhwa is dealing with his business at university. Suddenly, a menu appears in front of everyone’s eyes and advises him to pick a class from among those available. Each class has a unique quantity of stars associated with it. Some people are reluctant to pick a class. However, the lead character rapidly chooses the class with the highest stars, a Necromancer. Monsters attack the human world when class selection time is done. So the mc takes control of the situation and starts grinding levels.

Imagine if the world abruptly turned into an RPG and you had to select an objective in a brief period of time with no time to discover or envision. The MC of this manhwa starts weak and then gradually ends up being stronger and more powerful, yet it’s done in such a manner in each action is amazing to check out and pumps some adrenaline.

In general, the art is wonderful and the tale is well-written, therefore I highly suggest that you read this manhwa where mc is weak then gets stronger due to its capabilities.


12. FFF-Class Trashero

Manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger

Hansoo Kang is sent to Fantasia and spends a rigorous 10 years beating the ruler of demons. He’s overjoyed and thinks he’ll be returning to his own world when the god of the world all of a sudden hands him a transcript.

The lead character of this manhwa where the mc is weak then get more powerful is adorably disgusting, and regardless of the truth that the craftsmanship is rather oversimplified, you can neglect it efficiently for all the extraordinary unanticipated developments and turns that leave you reviling, giggling, and having compassion with the manhwa’s ‘Hero.’.

In general, this is an isekai manhwa where the mc is weak then gets stronger, whom you will either abhor or like! Because we are mindful that people believe in various methods, we have to propose it to you regardless of your viewpoint …

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11. Fist Demon of Mount Hua

Manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger

Dam-Ho, the sole survivor of a raid on his town, has a lame leg, the worst possible condition for a martial artist. He refuses to stop training. Whilst everyone around him notifies him he can not become one, Dam-Ho declines to quit on this dream.

The story of this manhwa where Mc is weak then gets stronger is a classic in the beginning however progressively it ends up being special and much deeper than the remainder of the growing manhua/manhwa. The mc is strong with an effective will and the art is charming and it adjusts extremely well to the context.

In general, it is highly recommended for those who wish to check out a story in which where the protagonist struggles to get callous and strong, plus you’ll absolutely enjoy it if you are a fan of the Northern Blade.


10. Records of the Swordsman Scholar

Manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger

The lead character of this manhwa where mc is weak but gets strong gets into the palace after passing the Imperial Examination. He quickly comes to lament his bad and miserable life of having to deal with the Crown Prince’s pastimes. Regardless of that, he does not give up and tries his best to learn martial arts.

There’s nothing to state about this manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger so far, the mc is an imperial scholar that gets associated with martial arts and research studies them but considering that he was never ever part of the martial world he doesn’t recognize that he’s growing stronger and nobody around him is able to tell so either.

Overall, The story is interesting, even though the pace is slow to the point of getting boring the advancement of the lead character makes up for it. Moreover, the MC is a scholar, a real one, not like in the majority of stories, but like in “Tale of a scribe that returns to the nation”, so he’s a principled and ethical guy, one that does not like combating and that has no issues in decreasing the head to avoid them. He is any case a well-presented and developed character.
In general, The art is excellent and the discussions are on the good side for this manhwa where mc is weak then gets stronger. Even though it is a bit slow it still interesting to read.

9. Muinnigwak

Manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger

Lee Gwak, was a common military officer with an awful fate as he got included with the celestial devil troupe and lost the capability to utilize any of his limbs. In the depths of misery, a brand-new hope dawned upon him. A martial art that he knew. He took his chances and put everything on the line by training in that martial art and, by some miracle, was able to recuperate as he mastered it.

After that, Lee Gwak desired to live as a real warrior and not as a normal martial artist as when did.

Overall, The story and art of this manhwa where mc is weak then gets stronger are quite special even for a murim type of story. The slow power-up of MC is credible and rather great. Mc is not subdued from the start however he trains slowly and still, the total facility and action are very impressive. this is definitely one of the best weak-to-strong types of manhwa to read. give it a try and you won’t regret it.


8. Dungeon Reset

Manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger

This manhwa where mc is weak then gets stronger follows the experiences of a Korean teenager who discovers himself trapped in the first level of a deadly video game filled with monsters, traps, magic, and a malicious game master intent on eliminating him. In addition, Jung DaWoon got wounded in the dungeon game and was apparently “dead” according to the guidelines. Since the dungeon reset, he was healed among survivors. And now he became an “error” bug, and can not pass the next stage.

This is a remarkable manhwa where mc is weak then gets stronger. It’s the kind of great storytelling with just the ideal touch of humor to keep you on the edge of your seat. Contributed to that is the clever and cunning MC getting rid of difficulty and gradually leveling up with the small skillset he’s provided.

This is overall worth the read. And the art has been done by Ant Studios, if you see their other work you understand it’s pleasing to the eyes. what more can be stated, it’s really the perfect weak-to-strong manhwa with the best mc.


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7. The Celestial Returned From Hell

weak to strong manhwa

This manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger centers around Yeonseung Choi, the first human ever to end up being a celestial! He trains in the Abyss to stop other celestials from swallowing Earth whole.

In general, this special concept in the real world became an RPG circumstance. It diverges from the very start without following the typical weak-to-strong climb story. The MC does go from weak to strong but not in the method you’d anticipate.

Plus, the author of this manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger is truly proficient at world-building along with character introduction. This is simply fantastic. The art is remarkably gorgeous with an excellent storyline. You will not regret reading it.


6. Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside

weak to strong manhwa

This manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger has to do with a scribe who follows a middle-aged martial artist and writes his bio. It focuses on their interactions and conversations about the abstract ideas of martial arts. An engaging read that has fantastic art and battle scenes.

Overall, it’s a well-written manhwa where the mc is weak then gets stronger. the art is well-executed and effectively matches the tale. Every character serves a role, and there are no “generic” people that exist simply to further the plot. Moreover, the tale and the characters make it possible for the story to stream in a beautiful and natural way. definitely worth reading.

5. The Lazy Lord Masters the Sword

weak to strong manhwa

After witnessing his mom’s horrific death, young Airen Farreira picks sleep to escape his bizarre world, giving him the name “the lazy lord.” Despite the jeers and whisperings of others, Airen has no intention of altering his practices. But when he awakens one day from a dream about a secret swordsman, his life takes a dramatic 180-degree shift …

This is a weak-to-strong manhwa about a useless noble that changes himself into a swordsman. In general, it is a great read. Characters serve as they are expected to. No character appears to be forced in the manhwa. The pacing art and story are likewise well integrated. Moreover, the story shows the advancement of a young boy who finds his method with the sword. Overall, the character development is fantastic and makes you share the main character’s sensations. Hence if you’re a sword fights manhwa fan then this manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger is certainly recommended for you.

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4. Viral Hit

weak to strong manhwa

This manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger centers around Hobin Yoo. He began with being weak and figured out to become strong by learning a series of necessary blended martial arts methods from a strange and random Youtube channel he discovered. Now he’s knocking out a few of the greatest people and stacking more cash than he could ever think of. We can just see and wait if Hobin will keep up this level or if he will eventually satisfy his match.

In general, this is an incredible manhwa where mc discovers to combat. If it may look odd in some cases, the art is good and does the job even. The story is good and the characters are well-paced. Overall, the story is intriguing and will make want more, thus it’s one the best suggestion I can insist for you to read, So enjoy.

3. Promise of an Orchid

weak to strong manhwa

The story of this manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger focuses on ghosts, specters, and the primary character who has the capability to see them. He was various from typical human beings. The mc moved from a house to a cheap haunted home which is really an old house for some other reasons. Then he met the female lead in an ancient temple and their experience started with specters.

In general, the art of this manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger is really good, the way it represents the scary elements is pretty. This manhwa is extremely interesting, it’s like a breath of revitalizing wind, it is original, and has a great plot and storyline, plus the art is spot on, hence certainly worth the read.


2. Murim Login

Manhwa where the mc is weak the become strong OP

This manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger sets in an age where hunters flourish on hunting beasts that come from Gates. Jin Tae-Kyung is a low-rank hunter who gets a VR device, and accidentally logs into the video game, which is embedded in the world of Martial Arts. After lots of ups and downs, Tae-Kyung can escape this world. The strength and skills, he received in the Murim had the ability to roll over back to real life.

This enables him to continue earning a living as a hunter! He decides to return to the world of Murim, out of care for his NPC friends.

Overall, It is one of the best manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger and becomes OP as he trains. It is an excellent weak-to-strong manhwa with good art and the story is also well-composed. Make certain to read this one.


1. Nano Machine

manhwa where the mc was weak but became stronger

Nanotechnology meets martial arts at the Mashin Academy. Yeo-un’s mother may not be one of the High Priest’s six main spouses, but his dad’s blood still qualifies him for a chance at the position of Minor Priest. The story of this manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger follows an illegitimate child of the Demonic Cult Lord, who gets an unanticipated check out from his descendant from the future who inserts nanomachines into his body.

in general, this manhwa where mc is weak then gets stronger is incredible. The story is effectively considered although there is something OP like nanomachine it still leaves a challenge. Moreover, this nanomachine really depends upon the user itself and you will see the MC Journey into learning how to make use of future innovation as in Nanomachines just similar to a system to be effective. Overall, the Art is really great and pleasing, and the action and fight scenes are flawless. Moreover, the MC gets a flip of personality and becomes wise in using future technology which gives him a benefit and understanding above everybody else, hence this is the top recommendation for weak to strong manhwa lovers.

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Thank you for Reading.

There you have it, a list of the best manhwa where MC is weak then gets stronger. We truly hope you will like them and that you find the best weak-to-strong manhwa with an overpowered main character that you’ll read next.

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