One Punch Man Abilities That You Wish to Have

Top 10 One Punch Man Abilities

Hello, dear otaku fans. Today we are counting down the best One Punch man abilities! So prepare your brain to analyze some of the amazing one punch man abilities. However, from cyborgs metal robots to astounding superpowers!  One punch man series sure has some great abilities to offer. For its heroes and villains through their primary end goal is to be stronger and surpass each other.

These abilities managed to heighten the power levels of the heroes. And amplify the stakes of the villains and overall make the series more unique! Among these abilities what are the best ones you wish you had? To answer that question! without further ado let’s get to the top best 10 of one punch man abilities!

10. Super Speed

one punch man abilities

When you watch the series one punch man you surely become amazed by the abilities that the characters have! So, which one would you choose from one punch man abilities to be yours?

However, speed is sure one of the best superpowers a hero can receive. But in the one punch man universe! The speed quirk is taken to the next level. When it’s given to two men with ninja skills! Speeder sonic and Flashy flash. The former is a mercenary who crosses paths with Saitama and gets badly damaged.

Groin and the latter is an s-class hero who can take down dragon level threats instantly. When it comes to speed the users’ lightning-fast movement is enough to confuse their opponent! And this gives the chance for them to do a deadly sneak attack.

This is exactly what villains like speeder sonic does having great speed! Also means great defense. Because you can dodge any attack your opponent throws at you. And even take a fast retreat if things go bad. It’s also a plus if you’re using the ability along with a weapon such as Flashy flash!

Using his sword to take down his enemies while dashing around them in an interview with the author he claimed that speeder sonic can surpass the speeds of s-class heroes! Like Jane Austen metal bat. And with his abilities in hand sonic could even defeat the deep-sea King! While in his dehydrated form. Thus, this is one of the best of one punch man abilities! throughout the whole series.

9. Robot Arsenal

Robot Arsenal

If you are thinking about what is the best one punch man abilities! I can clarify this for you right now. If Marvel’s got Iron Man the metal Knight! Surely the Iron Man of one punch man universe, he’s not only one of the ranking ST heroes! But also one of the most powerful. And influential members of the hero association. Under the giant mix, he’s a man known by the name Beaufoy!

Who has a love for weaponry and advanced technology! Metal knight’s power lies within his robots and has a reputation for using powerful weaponry without caring about what his surroundings are! Both those a favorite robot is a battle robot a giant silver robot with powerful cannons attached to its back. This suit comes with full flight capabilities attached rocket!

And its protective metal skin is strong enough to withstand even the most powerful attacks. The robot gives an advantage to Beaufoy as he can stay a safe distance away from the battle! And also use weapons without thinking twice.

When it comes to his preferred method of combat Beaufoy isn’t limited to his battle robot! And has varied types of robots in his arsenal. Each of them specializing in different aspects. So with his robot army by his side, both ways armor is sure one of the best of one punch man abilities in this anime series…

8. Martial Art

One Punch Man Abilities

Even though it may seem weak compared to other one punch man abilities! You’d be surprised to know martial arts can still triumph even the best heroes! If anyone uses them wisely enough. The best examples for this are Bank and Garo fangs! Ranked among the top three
heroes of the one punch man world.

And his disciple Guru was also dubbed as the infamous hero hunter! With the strength that matches all of S Class Heroes combined! Martial arts is one heck of an ability to have if you’re fighting close combat with Garo being living proof of it! Even in his weakened state Garo managed to fend off attacks of 8/A class heroes.

And even knocked them down one by one not to mention his battle with an improved Geno’s! With Garo managing to take the upper hand of the battle in many instances! Using his skill, and with the author of the one punch man even claims that his max potential Garo can even defeat Boros in close combat using his martial arts alone!

This means if you can master it! Your two hands are the best weapons you can use in any fight. Overall, this is one of the greatest one-punch man abilities!

7. Immense Reflexes And Swordsmanship

One Punch Man Abilities

Another great ability of one punch man abilities in this anime series! We can see even though speedo sonic has his speed he surely has a lot to learn when it comes to his swordsmanship!

But on the other hand, one who’s mastered the art of speed and swordsmanship is kamikaze. Better known by his alias atomic samurai. Though he doesn’t have much screen time as the other heroes! When atomic samurai gets into a battle! You can really see the potential of his abilities with his speed and strength. Atomic samurai can cut his opponents to pieces in the blink of an eye.

He also has great agility! And this is a plus point for his defense as he can dodge many attacks within seconds without getting even a single hit. When he puts his powers to test in his battle with Melser’s guard. In this battle, the atomic samurai was bold enough to face him head-on counter! Many of his attacks unleash the peak of his ability.

Well, if you have what it takes to face such a beast that means you are a badass! And yet another great ability of one punch man abilities in this anime series. You can dream to have it one day! Yet, it’s just a dream…

6. Shape Shifting

one punch man abilities

If you can choose any of one punch man abilities! Which one do you wish to have? We’re sure you dreamed of shape-shifting at least once! And in the one punch man universe the power of shape-shifting.

Unfortunately! Falls into the hands of a villain Melser guard. He has the ability to form wings hammers blades extra limbs or any object he wishes! Through his body. This also gives him the ability to do anything with his body. Giving him a larger defense and offense one of his subforms.

Also created due to the shape-shifting abilities has wings and he is capable of flight at great speeds. One of the other pros of his shape-shifting ability is that he can separate and multiply himself as much as he wants. So no matter how many opponents he faces! He can multiply for the number of opponents that each of these clones will have the same power as the original Melzar Guard.

This makes him of course, a tougher opponent to deal with. His strength mainly lies within his shape-shifting ability. so you can see how much of an influence his powers really are. Therefore, shapeshifting is yet another amazing ability.  You can only wish to have one of one punch man abilities!

5. Water Empowerment

deep sea King

This one is one of the most awkward of one punch man abilities! We’ve only mentioned common quirks so far but how about something rare! Water empowerment is an ability related to the quirks owner’s habitats. And allows him to gain strength using the energy stored in the water. If it wasn’t obvious by now the one we’re talking about is! The deep-sea King from.

one punch man series still carrying the legacy as one of the greatest threats! Faced by the heroes this villain mostly relies upon his water empowerment ability. To gain augmented strength. And speed his strength! Even managed to bring down s-class heroes! Like Pooty Pooty prisoner. And his newly developed speed was enough to surpass Sonic’s! When his water empowered powers are activated.

The deep-sea King’s body changes as well making him larger and even more muscular. However one downside of this ability! Is that if he stays in a dry area for a long period of time! Or gets inflicted by attacks similar to Geno’s. His form may shift back, and he may become vulnerable! But the boost his ability gives him is enough to give this ability a spot on our list amongst the best of one punch man abilities…

4. Genius Intellect

One Punch Man Abilities

Bing genius is also one of the best of one punch man abilities in this series. Now let’s accept it! No matter how many fists you throw at your opponent it’s not gonna be enough if you don’t play the fight with your brains. This has been a lesson for countless heroes! As they gradually learn the skill of the villains through battle.

But a person who’s always one step forward is child Emperor this twelve-year-old has a genius-level intellect. He always plans his moves before the fight. Though he has the strength to match a class hero’s strength. It is rarely a factor he prioritizes in battle! As he prefers to take time to understand his opponent.

Create opportunities in battle. And then put various strategies into play before approaching the fight. This ability proves tough for many of the one punch man villains. As they rely on their fists during the battle. And leave many openings in their fights.

Which a genius tactician can use to aim carefully planned attacks! Having a great intellect also important. When handling dragon level attacks! Because you’ll be the only one who can grip a sense of the threat. And take precautions rather than rushing straight into the battle. Child Emperor proved this as he took the time to analyze the battleship of borås.

During his invasion rather than heading straight out to battle! Besides being a genius never hurts, does it? Surely, you will learn many of one punch man abilities! But this exact ability you have to be born with it…

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3. Cyborg Power

One Punch Man Abilities

As we come down counting one punch man abilities in this show! We have to talk about cyborgs’ powers. You know what we’re talking about, don’t you? It is your friendly neighborhood cyborg who tried to incinerate his sensei Jenos! But when it comes to cyborgs powers Jenos isn’t the only one who should be mentioned!

We shouldn’t forget the s-class hero drive Knight. Though he rarely gets screen time! And it’s still not clear if he’s a cyborg or a robot! The cool thing about cyborgs powers is that it not only greatly augments your physical strength! But it is capable of increasing your defense. And offense capabilities! And provide gadgets suitable for every situation.

A good example of this is generals tracking down Saitama! Using his visionary senses in their battle. And also those powerful blasts he unleashes with his weaponry. His mecha enhanced body also gives him the edge. When it comes to speed, reflexes, regeneration, and flight capabilities! They are also several additions that come along with disability.

Both Jenos and Drive Knight is capable of transforming their body parts to match the situation. Jenna can transform both his arms into powerful weapons and the drive Knight can transform his arm into a sword named silver. Which can cut multiple dragon level enemies at once. with all these cool gadgets and features who doesn’t yearn for this skill. Yet we only can dream to have one of one punch man abilities!

2. Esper Powers


The best is yet to come! This is the second-best ability of one punch man abilities! That we have to talk about. Anyone who watched mob psycho! Sure knows ESPA powers aren’t to be handled lightly. But the Esper powers of thought Tatsumaki can sure surpass the powers of many other heroes.

The main ability of Esper’s is psychokinesis aka. The ability to move and control objects through one’s mind a load and characters like that Samake has the ability to lift the entire z city without breaking a sweat.

Which explains how much potential disability has. Tatsumaki’s sister Fubuki has mastered psychic combat. This allows her to use the objects in her environment to directly attack her opponents. This way it’s easier for her to handle multiple opponents at once! ESPA powers also give the user more control over his or her mind.

And renders the effects of mind control useless so if you’re heading down the mind-master route! This is surely an ability you should have. You could learn any of the abilities that the anime one punch man has! Yet it is impossible to have any of one punch man abilities!

1. Super Strength

One Punch Man Abilities

You saw this one coming now, didn’t you? The best of one punch man abilities that the series has to offer! However, after all, how can we talk about one punch man’s abilities without talking about the power of Saitama? And all the supervillains he’s faced in the one punch man universe.

Most heroes and villains rely on their physical strength. So having the strength of a superhuman is always a plus. We don’t want to go to the strength levels of Saitama. But there are many other characters like Carnage Kabuto, the monster king Orochi, And even the all-mighty Boris who rely on excessive physical strength in battle.

One of the cool things about superhuman strength! Is that it can be divided into levels. As an example, Boris was much different in his final form, rather than the original form he started the battle in. So how far can physical strength go? The answer for that is probably Saitama’s one-punch! Because what else do you need if you can end your opponent with just one punch?

That being said superhuman strength is surely the best ability to have in the one punch man many abilities! But if you’re planning on reaching the levels of Saitama! Make sure you have a pretty tough training schedule.

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