Top 20 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read

The Best 20 Romance Manhwa Recommendations Of All Time 


Hey manga lovers, and welcome again to a new manhwa recommendations list. Today we are going to be talking about the top 20 best romance manhwa you should read!

We all know that Manhwa or Korean comics are a popular comic genre in Korea. Where They are often created by one author and consist of several volumes containing stories of romance, comedy, historical, royalty, isekai, or fantasy…

Often, Romance manhwas are webtoons that have romance as the main theme. They are usually released in volumes, and they’re popular amongst female readers. Moreover, the story usually covers romantic relationships between two or more characters, or it could focus on one person’s search for true love.

Now, are you interested in reading some romantic manhwa? Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered. So, Let’s talk about the best romance manhwa you should read. There is a lot of great romance webtoons out there, but we covered for you the best, and by that, I mean romance Korean comics with memorable characters, great artwork, and a realistic storyline. Hence, making the manhwa world filled with shitloads of victorian romances and dramas. For that, we’re sure you can find your next favorite ones to add to your read list.

So without any further ado, get your heart and mind ready for a storm of romantic fantasies, and let’s dive in with the top 20 best romance manhwa recommendations.


20. Untouchable Lady (Solitary Lady)

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Time Travel

The story of this romance manhwa centers around a  lady named Hilise, who lived already 7 times while believing every time that everything will get better and by unfortunately dying a miserable death every time… Except since her last death! Now she knows what will happen if she still believes in her family or a better life, now it’s time for her to change everything!

well, the plot is very interesting, even the small details are taken into account which makes you more interested and invested in the chapter you’re reading (and hoping for the rest). as well the art style is really beautiful and eyecatching. Overall, this is one of the best romance manhwa recommendations this year (2021). Therefore, you should read this manhwa!


19. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

The Best Mature Romance Manhwa Recommendations

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Adult Couples, Work-Life

This typical boss/employee romance manhwa starts with Youngjoon, a bossy, loaded, and good-looking vice president of a major corporation. Miso was always his perfect secretary, basically legend for surviving her narcissistic boss for 9 long years, but now she’s quitting.

However, Miso isn’t annoying or obsessed with Youngjoon and she’s independent, strong, beautiful, kind, hardworking, and caring. Yet Youngjoon acts like he is doing Miso a favor by offering to be in a relationship with her (because it would be “inconvenient” if she stopped working for him),  and when he is turned down, he won’t take “no” for an answer.

Overall, The characters, plot, art, and everything are so perfect. Besides the heaps of romance throughout the story. This manhwa is worth reading and I would recommend it to all boss/employee and romance manhwa lovers!


18. The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Time Travel

After her lowly mother married a count, Aria enjoyed a life full of luxury while harassing her gentle stepsister Mielle. Several years later, Aria is about to be executed when Mielle reveals that she wickedly tricked Aria into building the bad reputation that ultimately brought her to the scaffold. Just as Aria desperately wishes she could change her fate, she sees a curious hourglass that takes her back into the past. Now, Aria can destroy Mielle by using her tactics against her as a true villainess. The power of the hourglass is on her side… Can Aria take everything from Mielle, or will her actions change the past in ways she couldn’t have imagined?

Good story. Not that complex if you’re familiar with the whole ‘villainess’ stories but instead of isekai it’s time travel. This does let it be more serious though since this MC was a bad person and did get her head cut off and that has traumatized her.

Moreover, The art style is just beautiful and it draws you into the plot of the story. The MC is very clever and because she went back in time, she becomes a completely different person. I find everything about this manhwa very charming and intriguing. The ML is also nothing to overlook even though he doesn’t make an official entrance until later on. His attitude towards the FL is a lot more likable compared to other MLS who just obsess over the FL and force her to love them back. There isn’t much romance in the current chapters, but the story is so good that I don’t mind if there isn’t much.

Overall, If you enjoy political intrigue, stories involving nobility and royalty, ruthless female characters, strong female characters, or power struggles between different factions. This romance manhwa where mc gets betrayed and goes dark is definitely for you.

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17. My Life as an Internet Novel

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Romance

Each tale has the typical cast in this romance manhwa: a flawless champion, attractive young men competing for her consideration, and a simple closest companion at the courageous woman’s side.

Dani, a conventional understudy and devoted peruser of web books, is generally very acquainted with these figures of speech. However, she never envisioned that one day she’d awaken at the focal point of one herself! Her new anecdotal world is finished with an excellent closest companion named Yeoryung, and four outlandishly attractive young men who all end up being in her group. Dani is resolved to avoid the way and not engage in the exciting bends in the road of the plot. Yet, would she say she is truly the companion – or is Dani the main woman? The sky is the limit in the realm of a novel!

In general, the first chapter was quite confusing but when the story started, it was amazing! The art is really good and has loads of different personalities. Overall is a good romance manhwa recommendation and if you aren’t reading yet, I’d recommend you to give it a go.


16. Seasons of Blossom

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Romance

So basically this amazing romance manhwa begins with a love triangle with Bomi, Seohee, and Jaemin. Bomi and Jaemin are popular people in school and they’re seen as the perfect couple. They like each other but when Bomi finds out that her BFF, Seohee, likes Jaemin, she feels uncertain about her feelings about Jaemin and lies that she loves this other guy named Jiyoung, who is a gamer nerd and the shortest guy in class. And then, later on, Jiyoung finds out about this and faces Bomi about it, and suggests that they pretend to date.

Honestly, this manhwa is a cute and heartwarming romantic story combined with gorgeous art. It’s so beautifully strung together, it’s just another masterpiece. With showing various types of people in society from a popular girl to an introverted gamer guy, to an overly loud friend, to a smile-over-the-dark-past guy. It got the elements everyone would love. No one was neglected and that’s the most beautiful part of the story. This story shows that people have all types of past which can vary from the slightest love interest to the most aggressive bullying. It shows a person inside out. Overall, if your want a sweet romance manhwa that will touch your soul, whether from cuteness or sadness. then you must give Seasons of Blossom a chance.


15. Light and Shadow

The Best Mature Romance Manhwa Recommendations

Genres: Drama, Romance, Adult Couples, Historical

This Korean romance manhwa starts with an insult to Duke Eli when the humble maid Edna came to marry him instead of the noble daughter Anna who refused him. However, this ambitious maid hides a bigger secret behind her obvious looks. A secret that may change the history of the kingdom. hence, Can the two find freedom, and love without skirmishing with each other?

In general, the story of this romance manhwa is original and does a great job of being mysterious and heartwarming at the same time. The story slowly begins to change from a realistic medieval drama to an interesting touch of romance from a true romantic manga. There is a bit of smut in a few brief scenes at the beginning, but still a good manhwa recommendation to read. Well, if you like action romantic manhwa with a strong female MC, then this webcomic is for you.


14. Positively Yours

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Drama, Romance, Adult Couples

The story of this romance manhwa starts when Hee-won finds out that her two best friends are secretly dating. She gets depressed and feels betrayed because she had feelings for one of her best friends (Min-Wook) for almost a decade but didn’t tell him anything.

To forget what happened Hee-won decides to go into a bar where she meets a stranger man (Doo-Joon)… and she gets pregnant this night. Soon later, she meets Doo-Joon again at her doctor’s appointment. Through that, he finds out that she is pregnant, assumes that he is the father, and asks her if that is the case. but will she tell him the truth?

In general, this romance manhwa it’s really good and has such good elements! There’s not much to say but well done, it was a funny story and has good drawing. So if you are looking for a good romance manhwa recommendations, read it you won’t regret it.


13. The Symbiotic Relationship Between a Panther and a Rabbit

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Drama, Romance, Fantasy

The story of this romance manhwa is about a sweet bunny girl who was unable to transform to her human form by the time she turned of age. As time goes on, her family had enough of her and decided to abandon her, then a bad panther boy found her lying in his territory and picked her up.

In general, this romance manhwa is so so cute! it was a breath of fresh air from your typical romance/fantasy. All characters were interesting and the female lead is hilarious and charming. The comedy element is such a mega bonus. So don’t hesitate to read it if you are looking for good fantasy and romance manhwa recommendations.


12. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

The story of this romance manhwa starts after a mysterious death, Park Eunha gets reincarnated as Raeliana McMillan, a minor character of a romance novel she read in the past. This character died soon by her own betrothed. To break up with her dangerous fiancé, she offers a surreptitious deal to the male protagonist of the novel, Noah Wynknight, but winds up romantically with other men that are not part of the plan. So she has to find a way to survive.

Overall the plot is engaging, the characters are charming and the artwork is beautiful, if you’re looking for a light-hearted romance manhwa I’d recommend this.

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11. Beware the Villainess!

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Royalty, Isekai

The story of this romance manhwa centers around a modern-day college student who had an accident that led to her death. But fate gave her a second chance when she was reborn as the story’s villainess in a romantic novel that she read, Melissa Foddebrat.

Now as the daughter of a Duke, Melissa wants to just live a leisurely life … or at least, that was what she thought until she witnessed her fiancé, the Crown Prince, having an affair right in front of her.

In general, the art, plot, characters, and everything is just perfect. Moreover, Melissa is one of the most amazing Manhwa Villainesses MC. She is so strong and badass. Her love interest is also great. Overall, if you want an amazing isekai and romance manhwa with a badass female lead! don’t hesitate to read it.

10. See You in My 19th Life

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Reincarnation

This romance manhwa tells us the story of a young girl named Yoon Joowon, who develops an interesting relationship with her family friend, Moon Seoha. However, Joowon is abnormally mature for her age. She has a secret; she can remember all of her past lives and she’s currently on her 18th life. While Joowon and Seoha initially dislike each other, they quickly warm up and grow to like one another. Before either of them can confirm their feelings, Joowon passes away in a car accident after saving Seoha. Now Joowon’s in her 19th life and an employee at Seoha’s company.

In general, the characters and story are unique, refreshing, and well done. The art isn’t bad, but it isn’t the best art I’ve ever seen either. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for good drama, comedy, and romance manhwa recommendations.


9. Winter Woods

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Psychological

The story of this romance manhwa centers around a young boy called Winter, who was created by an alchemist. Winter lives and moves with the body of a human but suffers from the lack of possessing an innate understanding or connection with other people. Right away this brings about a certain question: Is he fairly emotionless and disconnected because he’s not human or because his Master isolated him from the villagers for many years and did very little to teach him how to develop feelings?

A few thousand years have passed, Winter now lives with a young writer, Jane, to see whether he is alive and can be considered a human. The story follows their life together.

In general, the art is simply fantastic and the emotions displayed throughout the story are incredible, some moments in the manhwa make you feel sad while some make you feel overloaded with happiness!  So if you’re looking for a Psychological romance manhwa with an interesting concept, then this webtoon is a good one to read.


8. The Fantasie of a Stepmother

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

The setting is vaguely mid 19th century Germany. Shuli, the matriarch of the Neuwanstein family, a stepmother of four, and a favorite subject of gossiping nobles finally makes good on her husband’s dying wish. Her oldest stepson is getting married, thus making him the new head of the powerful family. However, due to estrangement from her stepchildren, she is rudely asked not to attend the ceremony. Full of regrets and pain, Shuli leaves everything in pursuit of freedom and happiness. At the next moment, she miraculously wakes up on the morning of her husband’s death, seven years prior. With no way back, she embraces the opportunity to live this new timeline differently. Since she is now a more mature person (23) in a young girl’s body (16), her new goal is to be a more emotionally present mother and to live to attend her son’s wedding day.

In general, the story of this romance manhwa is amazing, the art is good too, the chapter is long and nice, the characters are unique and very well written. Overall “The Fantasie of a Stepmother” is just really something unique in terms of romance manga. The female lead Shuli doesn’t need men to live, she’s independent and acts mature. You’d love her relationship with her children.


7. The Remarried Empress

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Royalty, Historical

This romance manhwa follows the intelligent, and beautiful Empress Navier. she is the wife of Sovieshu the Emperor of the Eastern Empire, and is dedicated to her people. However, they were more like partners, not lovers. It was a political marriage. Therefore, he ignored her and placed a mistress beside him. That was fine until Navier heard the Emperor promise the mistress the Empress position, and tensions quickly start to build.

In general, this romantic manga has a really good story, the art was amazing, and And the characters have a good purpose in the plot. Overall, if you’re looking for good romance manhwa recommendations! Then The Remarried Empress is worth a read!!


6. Roxana: The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Isekai

The story of this romance manhwa centers around a girl, who accidentally gets transported into a reverse harem novel she read. The problem is that she became Roxana Agriche, the older sister of the sub-villain in the story. Her damn father kidnapped the heroine’s brother. Now, is the only thing left to meet a terrible end from the vengeance of the heroine? But what if she can avoid that horrible development?

In general, the story is amazing, the art is well done and the character development is very interesting. Overall if you are a fan of isekai romance manhwa with villainess mc! This is an absolute AMAZING read.


5. Bastard

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Psychological

This romance manhwa follows Jin, the son of a serial killer who happens also to be his accomplice. That is until his father goes after Kyun, a girl he likes and supposes to be his next target. Moreover, Jin decides to escape the craziness of his father, and protect Kyun, and also do his best to not become like his father.

When most people think of horror, they think of zombies and supernatural elements. In Bastard the horror is anything but unreal. Likewise, those who read this horror manhwa will be impressed by how much their emotions will get influenced.

Overall this is an exciting thriller manhwa that includes some romance, and it’s a great cat and mouse story where you follow each character’s emotional progression. Also, the art style switches gracefully from normal to disturbingly graphic and makes the story so much better. So if you’re looking for the horror, Psychological, and romance manhwa to read, Bastard for sure will gets your attention.

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4. Spirit Fingers!

Spirit Fingers

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance, School

The story of this romance manhwa focuses on an 18-year-old shy somewhat unimpressive schoolgirl named Amy aka Babel.

Amy lacks self-confidence – this stems predominantly from her life at home. She isn’t treated equally to her siblings who are perhaps more intelligent. Therefore, she joining a drawing club called the spirit fingers, where people of all ages are allowed to be, then she starts to meet so many different characters and tries to find her passion. We see her build newfound confidence.

The story is amazing. It’s not overly dramatic but still manages to make you feel emotional when intended, the art style was nice, and it’s just so great to see the character development among the group just makes you wanna fall for them cause they are all so adorable. Overall, if you like a romantic comedy manhwa with super likable characters, this webtoon is definitely for you.


3. Villains Are Destined to Di

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Isekai

This romance manhwa centers around a girl who gets transported to a Fantasy world of a game that she was obsessed with and played for a long time. She is now in the body of the hated villainess Penelope, who is facing a lot of Hardships and is fighting to survive in the ruthless world.

In general, the story is really interesting and unique. The art style is gorgeous and every character is just so good-looking. Overall if you’re looking for an Isekai/Romance Manhwa where all the characters have something you’ll like about them even during a plot that makes them all the bad guys, then this is the one for you.


2. Who Made Me a Princess

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Isekai, Royalty

This romance manhwa is about a woman, who dies and gets reincarnates as “Athanasia” a royalty member in a magical medieval world of a novel she was just reading. Unfortunately, according to the book, Athanasia is bound to be killed by the hands of her very own father – the emperor! The story then dwells on Athanasia’s adventures and tactics to make sure she escapes her doomed fate – and that includes sweet-talking her way into her father’s frozen heart!

Full of comedy, magic, and romance this story is well-paced and full of great character development. The art is amazingly beautiful, the detail on each dress and each background is very good.

anyways, out of the countless webtoons I’ve read, this romance manhwa was able to climb up to my top three favorites. it was truly fun to read and very, very comforting. So if you love the isekai manhwa with gorgeous-lovely looking characters with a strong romantic story, this webtoon is the right choice.

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1. I Shall Master This Family

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Royalty, Time Travel

The story of this romance manhwa is about a sweet girl named Florentia, who was born between royalty and a commoner. Although her father loved her very much, in an aristocratic society she wasn’t accepted. Thus, she had to endure discrimination and assaults all her life while working for the family, until eventually being kicked out of it.

The most stupid family members then quickly ruined the family. Shortly after she is hit by “Truck-Kun” which makes her first life come to an end,  just to be reincarnated into her 7-year-old self. She now has the goal of becoming the family head and save the family and all other side characters that suffered in her last life.

In general, the plot is amazing, the art is beautifully drawn and the characters are all distinct in their way. Overall, this is one of the best romance manhwa recommendations ever made! So definitely worth a read!!


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