The Best Top10 Horror Manhwa To Read Right Now

The 10 Scariest Horror Manhwa You Need to Read Right Now

The Best Horror Manhwa to Read Right Now

Horror Manhwa is a genre full of blood, gore, violence, and jumpscares, therefore, it’s the perfect choice to read for Halloween. Manhwa has a lot of horrors to keep you occupied compared to the manga.

Whether it is about zombies, apocalypse, or frightening creatures, there is a horror manhwa to read out there for you. You just need to read this article and take what you need.

So, let’s face to face name the top 10 horror manhwa to read. And it will make your breath escape from you…

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10. Dead Days

horror manhwa

  • Author: DEY
  • Artist: DEY
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological

This horror manhwa starts 4 days into the outbreak. Zombies litter the streets and Jingook is starving in his room after his zombie mother started scratching the door.

There he meets a girl seeking help in the building across the street. Both figure a way to communicate and find comfort in each other while waiting for rescue. From there the story begins.

The artwork in this horror manhwa is great, it has a distinctive style from one page to another.

The consistency of gore, the details on its background, the realistic design characters, make it just one of the best horror manhwa to read…

9. ‌Island 

horror manhwa

  • Author: YOUN In-Wan
  • Artist: YANG Kyung-Il
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural

In this horror manhwa, Mihu got it all. Beauty, intelligence, temper, and the capacity to teach school on Cheju Island.

However, she flung into a world of horror and the supernatural. A demon attacks here but thankfully Pan a man on a mission comes to rescue. she learned that Pan aims to do only one job on this disturbing island, kill every single demon.

Moreover, poor Pan can’t take a break. In Island, the horror goes into a fast-paced story of demon-killing proportions.

In short, the best element of this scary manhwa, aside from the cool characters, is the incredible art. Island basically is really just a great horror manhwa to read. We would be out of our minds to have left it off the list…

8. Hanged doll

horror manga

  • Author: Team Get a name
  • Artist: Team Get a name
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Psychological

This horror manhwa starts with four individuals. Their first memory starts in 1994, and it all revolves around a mysterious crime that occurred. Moreover, will they be able to escape the dangers?

Firstly, this horror manhwa has a comic sense to it at first, and the art is cool. However, after that, it’s anything but comic.

The story is mesmerizing, moreover, the manhwa is persistent and it doesn’t shift focus to something else. Further, the art is really good, The character development is very satisfying along the manhwa.

In short, the quality of the series is great, engaging fluent storytelling, with a unique plot and characters. Definitely, a good horror manhwa to read…

7. Red Cage

horror manhwa

  • Author: Carlos
  • Artist: KEUKEUJ.J
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Drama

This horror manhwa sets in the worst neighborhoods, the back of a taxi is called the cage. Re-Call Red, a revenge call to end all suffering.

So, Whether your husband cheats on you or your business partner stole all your money. Call and Deke will be there, waiting for you, for them. A taxi in a scary horror manhwa offers the full spectrum of special services. Call now.

In short, a very well-made horror manhwa. the whole premise is really nice, but the graphical nature of the story maybe be too much for you.

However, if you like that sort of thing then this is the best scary manhwa for you to read…

6. Priest

horror manga

  • Author:  Hyung, Min-Woo
  • Artist: HYUNG, Min-Woo
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror

Humanity is facing dark times in this western-themed horror manhwa. Temozarela a fallen archangel wishes to resurrect the devil. Moreover, people are facing demons and demonic gods and have no means to save themselves.

However, one man stands in the way of the apocalypse: Ivan Isaacs. A priest who sold his soul to the devil for the power to fight evil. Armed with his blade and silver bullets, Ivan will give it all for humanity’s redemption.

In conclusion, Priest is a horror manhwa to read under the theme of demon hunting manhwa, uniquely. The action is dark and frantic, the horror comes from the demonic forces Ivan faces.

Moreover, Priest is a horror tale that seems generic but is far from it. It’s one of the scariest horror manhwas to read and enjoy…

5. Tales of the Unusual

horror manhwa

  • Author:  Oh, Seongdae
  • Artist: Oh, Seongdae
  • Genre: Mystery, Horror

This horror manhwa is a collection of short, scary stories. It continues with the same plot for several episodes, giving it room to develop characters better. The title perfectly fits the manhwa.

Moreover, most of the stories carry the theme of karma, or “what goes around, comes around”. Meaning if you do something bad to someone, something bad will happen to you.

Some stories are very scary, however, some of them are just eery, or funny, and sad. Either way, if you’re looking for a collection of thought-provoking stories with more developed characters and unusual twists.

This a good horror manhwa to read, and it will make you enjoy…

4. Distant Sky

horror manga

  • Author: Yoon, In-Wan
  • Artist:  Kim, Sun-hee
  • Genre:  Action, Mystery, Drama, Horror

This is one that can be a very good horror manhwa to read! That is available, Distant sky.

Firstly, Gangnam wakes up and at first, believes he is having a nightmare. In this building, bodies lie dead and there seems to be no power.

Moreover, the outside world seems nightmarish as well. Flesh-eating bugs lurk in the shadows, and a perpetual night covers the area in darkness, and Gangnam seems alone.

That is to say, the art in this horror manhwa shows every shred of detail in the environments. The strong scary premise makes reading this horror story a pleasure.

In conclusion, this story is very unique and well-executed. The art is very good and the characters are very realistic, definitely a good horror manhwa to read…

3. Your Throne

horror manhwa

  • Author: Sam
  • Artist: Sam
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance

This horror manhwa sets in a kingdom where the Imperial Family and the Temple rule.  Tensions are infusing under the seemingly calm surface of the Vasilios Empire. Lady Medea Solon did lose her place next to Crown Prince Eros.

However, she determines to do whatever it takes to win back what’s rightfully hers. That is to say, this is a pleasant piece of work.

A mysterious and captivating horror manhwa about two characters with opposite personalities, However, share a fate so intertwined with one another.

In conclusion, This horror manhwa is amazing and the plot is not easily predicted. The characters are well developed and their backgrounds are just detailed.

If you’re looking for a story for Halloween, then this is the horror manhwa to read…

2. Sweet Home

horror manhwa

  • Author: Kim, Carnby
  • Artist:  Hwang, Young-chan
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller

This Manhwa has the same author as Bastard, another scary manhwa that is the top 1 on this list. This horror manhwa to read is amazing.  It centers on a young high school student recluse, Hyun who rarely leaves his home for anything.

However, when strange events begin to happen around him, he must leave the house only to face something much scarier: a reality where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity.

Therefore, he must fight now alongside a group of heroes and save the world before it’s too late. In short, the story of this horror manhwa is simple at the beginning but told in a very effective way.

The artwork is really great and is by far the best aspect of this manhwa. Moreover, the characters are interesting but few are really explored in depth.

In conclusion, it’s a pretty solid manhwa. If you’re into the zombie apocalyptic theme, then this is the horror manhwa to read…

1. Bastard

horror manhwa

  • Author: Kim, Carnby
  • Artist:  Hwang, Young-chan
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller

If you’re looking for the newest horror manhwa to read, Bastard will be sure to get your attention.

This horror manhwa follows Jin, the son of a serial killer who happens also to be his accomplice. That is until his father goes after Kyun, a girl he likes and supposes to be his next target. Moreover, Jin decides to escape the craziness of his father, and protect Kyun, and also do his best to not become like his father.

When most people think of horror, they think of zombies and supernatural elements. In Bastard the horror is anything but unreal. Likewise, those who read this horror manhwa will be impressed by how much their emotions will get influenced.

Overall this is an exciting thriller manhwa that includes some romance, and it’s a great cat and mouse story where you follow each character’s emotional progression. Also, the art style switches gracefully from normal to disturbingly graphic and makes the story so much better. So if you’re looking for a Psychological, and horror manhwa to read, Bastard for sure will gets your attention.

Finally, we hope you find this list thrilling. And find your next horror manhwa to read for Halloween. Make sure to give us your opinions in the comments below.

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