The Best Music Anime Series Of All Time

Top 10 Best Anime About Music Of All Time

The music anime theme is one of the most popular genres in Japan because it makes your mind leap, switch your emotion, and can take you to many places. But still, it gives you sadness, happiness, melancholy, and joy at the same time.

Moreover, music anime series provides the watcher with various and entertaining stories, as well as educating them about certain aspects of music, such as how it is made or how to play instruments.

There is much anime about music out there, but which ones are the best? This anime list compiles for you the best music anime series of all time with a wide variety of genres and storylines, which you can choose from if you are looking for a good show to binge-watch.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another list of the 10 best anime about music that will make you appreciate and love music.


10. K-On!


Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Music, School

This Japanese music anime series tells the story of Hirasawa Yui, a girl who lives a life similar to your average person on the net, except for the internet part. It’s difficult to explain without using the words “carefree” and “lazy”. In a way, she probably reflects a majority of people I know, including myself, except for the fact she doesn’t have any real-life issues other than school. This changes however when she decides to join the Light Music Club, where she now has to learn and play guitar. We also got 3 other characters that will be focused on: Ritsu (drummer), Mio (bass), Tsumugi (keyboard), followed by another one halfway through the first season, namely Azusa (guitar). In between their “goal” to reach fame, they have a few concerts and a lot of fun.

In general, the show has a cute story and fun characters. When I say story, it doesn’t have one. Just random events that somehow relate.  The animation style is so cute and captures the feeling of the series. The sounds were amazing. It had to be, after all, it is an anime about music and rock bands, so obviously the music is top-notch and the Seiyuus does an excellent job at bringing the characters to life.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cute slice-of-life comedy anime with a core theme of music! This is the show you’re looking for.


9. Sound! Euphonium


Genre: Drama, Music, School

This music anime series focuses on a group known as the Kitauji High School Music Club, a group that sounds fairly mediocre. and follows their journey as they grow both as musicians and as people in their efforts to truly accomplish what they before just claimed as a pipe dream: make the nationals of the Kansai Band Competition. 

Anyway, the plot was very interesting, the animation was nice and clean. The music was really good, the instruments sounded pretty clean and were pretty nice to listen to.  It’s something different. Overall, if you’re looking for a cute high school anime about music club! Then you must watch the Sound! Euphonium.

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8. Carole & Tuesday


Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Music

This Japanese music anime series is a tale steeped in the past, now set in the gleaming terraformed future of Mars. The story of rags-to-riches between a pair of talented women: Tuesday, who sneaks away from her wealthy sheltered lifestyle and takes a train to the big city, and Carol, an ex-refugee and orphan constantly looking for work with no clear direction in her life. In their world, music has been studied, dissected, and repackaged to perfection through the use of artificial intelligence; the popular human artists now acting as Merely fronts for the artistry. They both feel isolated and melancholy, needing some way to express it. In this, the two have a fateful encounter as Carol plays piano atop a bridge. She hums along to the music, but Tuesday insists she can hear the meaning of her song despite the lack of words.

Carole and Tuesday, two musicians from radically different socioeconomic backgrounds, can know each other through their music.

Honestly, This anime about music is a really cute show. The story can get a little slow sometimes, but it is still very entertaining. The soundtrack for this anime is amazing and that’s important to know considering this is a music anime. Also, the animation was decent, the colors and art style matched the story. The setting of this story takes place on Mars which is pretty interesting. So, if you want good anime about music and friendship prevailing over the dark nature of society then this is a really good music anime that will get you all choked up.


7. Nana


Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Music

Nana Osaki is a punk rocker from a small coastal village who traveling to Tokyo to fulfill her dreams of becoming a musician, greatly influenced by her pseudo-ex-boyfriend Ren who is now The vocalist for a band named Trapnest. Nana Komatsu (nicknamed Hachi because of her puppy-like characteristics) follows her friends and boyfriend to Tokyo after making enough money to try and make it on her own and prove her independence. After a chance meeting on a train in which the girls discover they have the same name, the two end up sharing an apartment and becoming very close friends. Their world is filled with music, all-night parties, love, and loss as the two women struggle to find a place for themselves.

Nana is a 47 episode josei, drama, romance anime about music. The story is pretty good and unique. The music was surprisingly well done. The characters are layered, complex, and realistic. Every single one of them has strengths and flaws, is unique and human, and makes mistakes. Overall, if you’re a fan of drama, romance, music anime, or manga, I would recommend this show for you.


6. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad


Genres: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Music

This Japanese music anime series centers around a 14-year-old middle school student named Koyuki, who is shy and lacks confidence, and feels disconnected from life. He’s very down on himself and wants excitement. One day when Koyuki is walking home from school, he saves a very strange-looking dog named Beck from a bunch of bullies. Through that event, he meets Ryuusuke, a guitarist who can play like no one else’s business. Eventually, Koyuki decides to attempt learning the guitar. He becomes very good within the first year of playing and joins Ryuusuke, Koyuki’s classmate Saku, Ryuusuke’s friend Chiba and Taira, former bassist of Ryuusuke’s old band and they form Beck. They start playing live shows at underground live houses and try to get their name out to more fans. The band discovers that Koyuki is a really good singer as well and decides to write a song for Koyuki to sing and it draws more people in. Beyond all this, they just try to make it big as a band.

There are many musical anime, a multitude of coming-of-age stories, and countless plots about nobodies who become somebodies, and yet Beck still manages to navigate a refreshing route through these well-worn ideas. The characters have a notable intricate quality, the story is an uplifting one about perseverance and passion, and the animation style both surprises and delights. Beck is just a superb piece of work.


5. Nodame Cantabile


Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Music

This music anime tells the story of the unlikely college romance between the talented and clean student Chiaki Shinichi, a perfectionist and star pupil of the Momogaoka Academy of Music, who dreams of one day becoming a conductor, and Noda Megumi, (who prefers to go by Nodame) a complete slob, but a brilliant piano student who is largely unrecognized by just about everyone opposite of Chiaki.

In general, the story is fresh and original, the characters are very interesting, and the animation is great. Moreover, as an anime about music, Nodame Cantabile has very few opportunities to showcase original compositions. Rather, the vast majority of music played throughout the series are brilliantly performed pieces or excerpts from various classical composers. The one original piece which stands out is the catchy title theme, Allegro Cantabile, which is reiterated in many forms throughout the series.

Overall, this is a fun anime to watch, and although classical music may not be your jam, you should still try this anime out. The romance, drama, and comedy all melt together pretty well, and for those who are fans of musical anime, you don’t want to miss this series.


4. Kids on the Slope


Genres: Drama, Romance, Music, School

The story of this music anime series taking place at the beginning of summer, 1966. It stars the main character Kaoru Nishimi, an honor student who tends to keep to himself. He has a rather reserved personality and is hard to open up to. That is until he meets the delinquent student and future best friend Sentaro Kawabuchi. While badly getting to a bad start, these two soon develop an unforgettable friendship based on respect, forgiveness, and of course, music. Later comes into the picture is Ritsuko Mukae, a friendly girl who plays intriguing roles in the story ranging from music, friendship, and later love. The series follows three friends as they create unforgettable memories of the 1960s in the age of jazz music, friendship, and melody.

Sakamichi no Apollon(Kids on the Slope) is a slice of life set in post-war Japan. The animation reflects this with a rustic color scheme and simple character designs. So if you are someone who wants to know what it is like back in the 1960s? Ever wanted to build escapism from the harsh reality of today’s world? or want to just sit back and enjoy some old-school music anime after a stressful day? Well, perhaps you’ve found a series worthy to invest your time into because Kids on the Slope is there and sure to give you something to think about.

Overall, the series in general is very enjoyable. If you’re into jazz music (or good music in general), you’re gonna love watching this series.

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3. Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life!


Genres: Drama, Romance, Music, School

The story of this high school music anime series goes off the Tokise High School Koto Club, where Takezou Kurata, the president of the koto music club. As the sole member of the Koto club, his love for koto music is evident although it’s hard to make his club into a sensation. The fact is, his club is on the verge of shutting down until a delinquent and a wonderful player named Chika Kudo submitted his application to join. With sufficient opportunity and some unimaginable expertise at the strings, maybe this diverse team can evoke an emotional response from the appointed authorities.

Overall, this Japanese music anime series is very good by presenting a dramatic storyline and each character has a story behind each of them. So, if you like a slice of life, school, comedy, drama, and music anime! Kono Oto Tomare is a good watch for you.


2. Your lie in April


Genres: Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen

This music anime series is a beautifully animated love story based around a piano-playing prodigy named Chris a he’s a 14-year-old boy, who’s determined to make sure no one ever falls in love with him although he’s just a middle schooler the light in his eyes has been taken away!

Because of his mother’s death as opposed to his friend Tsubaki who sees a world full of color he sees everything in monotone just like music scores. And keyboards despite it being his mother’s dream to raise him to be a world-class pianist he’s having a hard time coming to terms with playing after being abused by his mother! And her passing the protagonist then meets a beautiful girl named Kaori who ultimately changes his outlook on life, as she challenges him to cope with the past, and play music again.

In general, the story, the characters, and everything makes this music anime a masterpiece. Its poetry and its beauty not only come with the beautiful animation and sceneries this anime brings but also with its amazing pieces of music. You will probably remember this anime for a long time and the relationship between Kousei and Kaori might leave a lasting impact on you. Overall, if you want an amazing sad anime about music! You must give this series a watch.

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1. Given


Genres: BL, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Music

The story of this music anime is about a pretty common guy named Ritsuka Uenoyama who is the main guitarist in a band but has lost his motivation for music. Until he meets another guy named Mafuyu Satou, who wants Ritsuka to teach him how to play the guitar. They end up becoming closer through Ritsuka giving him guitar lessons, and then Mafuyu joining their band…

Given is a special show which merged realistic depiction, Shounen Ai, Music. In general, the story is heartbreaking but sweet at the same time, the animation was pretty good, and the characters were very well written and likable.

Overall, if you are looking for an amazing Shounen Ai anime about music! Given is recommended for you.


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