Top 35 Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling Will Capture Your Imagination

Top 35 Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling

Hi, dear otakus all around the world. You’re probably here because you just finished reading Solo Leveling manhwa or Only I Level Up and got impressed.
Since you’re here looking for manhwa similar to Solo Leveling, we might as well treat you with a bunch of great manhwas to read.

And we assure you, you’ll enjoy these solo leveling recommendations as much as you enjoyed the Solo Leveling manhwa. So, why don’t we just start our list of best manhwa similar to solo leveling without any more additional chattering, let us proceed with our article…

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35. Raid

manhwa similar to solo leveling

If you want a good manhwa similar to solo leveling! You might take this one in your consideration! Around 50 years back, after the Korean War, Demon World Gates showed up suddenly everywhere in the world.

Through the Gates, Demon animals showed up. These powerful creatures, totally impenetrable to present-day weaponry, come down pulverization across the world.

Exactly when all except humankind was lost, the “Masters” stirred: mankind’s one possibility for salvation. With the presence of these elements, the world started to change quickly.

Quick forward to 50 years after the fact. We meet Gang Kyu Sung, who had worked for a little organization as a delegate who would never get a big chance. That is until he ends up arousing as a Master?

A Rank 5 Master who had whenever been overlooked and despised Thus starts the uprising of a man who moves gradually up from the base. In this story, portals show up out of nowhere, the similar aspects of this manhwa to Solo Leveling.

Both MCs start their journey weak as hell and then in the end become OP. You would say that this is a manhwa similar to solo leveling! 

34. God of Blackfield

manhwa similar to solo leveling

“Who am I?” The legend of the French Foreign Legion, Kang Chan! During the African war, he was called ‘God of Blackfield’ by his foes who were left in amazement of him.

In any case, during a mission to murder Masallan, the cerebrum behind Sunni psychological militant gathering SISS, Chan was slaughtered in real life by a slug to the back.

As his vision got foggy, he saw his thirteen colleagues, who had supreme confidence in him, getting executed in a steady progression. As he blacked out, he was saved by a puzzling force and woke up 3 years after the fact in South Korea.

Additionally, This is a manhwa similar to solo leveling, the MC was weak and everyone doubts him!

so he had o level up so that he proves his powers and help all his beloved ones. Thus, this is a manhwa similar to solo leveling on many sides, as soon as you start to read it you will see what I’m saying…

33. The Max Level Hero Has Returned!

manhwa similar to solo leveling

The feeble ruler of an immaterial nation, Davey. After turning out to be out cold, his spirit ran away to a sanctuary where the spirits of legends accumulated.

He prepared for a very long time and has now returned as a maximum-level hero! “Just you all stand by, I’m going to confront all of your head-on!” The invigorating story of Davey’s regal life and vengeance has quite recently begun.

This Manhwa has its good sides and bad sides, but you already know that nothing is 100percent right! However, what drove our attention is that it has some similar aspects to Solo Leveling. Thus, we had to give it a spot. Because it is a manhwa similar to solo leveling…

32. RPG Comic

manhwa similar to solo leveling

ESPERA! The most popular virtual MMORPG of the century!! But the game loses its momentum (even stopped updates and patches) when the legendary player quits… only to return 2 years later for no apparent reason! What will become of ESPERA now?!

We open with him entering the game indeed. He produces in wearing novice wear (clothes of a new player) and has no cash or things.

He understands right away that he’s been hacked, and he’s uncertain where he is because it isn’t the place where he logged out from. All he has left are his abilities and details, yet no stuff. The spot he generated in at, was the fight ground for an exceptionally ground-breaking chief. A dead dragon!

Well, you can imagine how great is this manhwa! With a manhwa similar to solo leveling you can only enjoy it…

31. I Log In Alone

manhwa similar to solo leveling

This action romance manhwa follows Jung Si-woo, a 26-year-old man who never had friends because he was uninteresting. He had an ordinary life as an ordinary person in an ordinary world. However, the planet saw a significant transformation when mysterious floating ‘Sky Castles’ appeared. The ‘Sky Castles’ gave certain people wings and powers, but Si-woo was not one of them.

I disagree with the commonly held belief that many manhwas are “copies of solo leveling.” This manhwa, like many others, is not a copy, but rather a related genre. It is, in my opinion, of good quality and pleasant. This one will more than serve if you’re seeking for a good boost manhwa. The art is appealing, the tale is engaging, and the characters are all distinct. I’d definitely recommend it to anybody who appreciates witnessing an mc with a lot of potential develop from weak to strong.

Additionally, This Manhwa story is way more similar to Solo Leveling in many aspects, so it deserves its spot here. as you keep looking for a manhwa similar to Solo Leveling take a pause and read this one…


30. Level Up Alone

manhwa similar to solo leveling

Hanyeol, filled in as a doorman. Become a tracker with the enlivening that you have been sitting tight for! In any case, what is this? Catch beasts to step up and get abilities through activities?

So as we are collecting the most manhwa similar to Solo Leveling! we could not skip this Manhwa nor we can ignore its similar themes to Solo Leveling.

We all know that finding a manhwa like Solo Leveling is something hard but we did our best to find them anyway. And here you go take this manhwa as one of them and do not try to look away…

29. Dreamcide


I truly like the storyline in Dreamcide, yet for me, it’s truly Yuri Hong. She’s so alluring and pretty, the craftsmanship truly gives her great extents moreover with the hero and different characters. the manhwa is somehow like Solo Leveling on many sides! However, isn’t actually that famous.

We can all agree that both Solo Leveling and Dreamcide are very fun to read, the main characters have their ways to get stronger. The storyline for Dreamcide is really good, but the art is a little on the low side for it compared to solo leveling.

However, the manhwa is really long and has relatively long chapters. Also, Dreamcide has an extremely attractive heroine with all the right proportions, it’s a post-apocalyptic world, but the main character is trying to stop that from happening as he has a time ability.

I’m pretty sure everyone has read solo leveling though, but it’s a really good manhwa too, as it has an extraordinary art, but also a fascinating leveling up a satisfaction to it. I would say Dreamcide is definitely underrated, so I highly recommend it and of course worth its spot.

28. Murim Login

manhwa similar to solo leveling

After many good and bad times, Tae-Kyung can get away from this world. The strength and abilities, which he got in the Murim had the option to be brought back to this present reality. This permits him to keep earning enough to pay the rent as a tracker. Yet, he chooses to return to the universe of Murim, out of care for his NPC companions.

Our protagonist lives in a world more like Solo Leveling. He found a VR machine that leads him into a VR
world with a Murim setting but he can’t log out unless he completes some quests! He is incarnated as a useless Third Young Master of a powerful family.

Over time he found that the VR world is quite realistic, all characters are life-like. By completing quests given by the system he is quickly becoming stronger.
If you’re looking for manhwa like Solo Leveling, you might like this one! It has character development just like solo leveling and the story plot is great too.

Both have their MC goes from weak to strong, in addition to leveling system and level achievement bonus and prizes, definitely worth reading.

27. The Archmage Returns After 4000 years

manhwa similar to solo leveling

The first thing, 10 or so parts I believe were entirely charming. After that, it just got overly exhausting. Isabelle began following him all over, I truly don’t care for deuteragonists in such a vengeance or from feeble to how they were before they lost their force.

Additionally, the sections just continued hauling! It continued for any longer than it ought to have so it got exhausting super rapidly. Indeed, the scenes where our hero battles are debilitated. However, that doesn’t keep going NEARLY as long as the ‘filler’.

Despite these focuses, since that is the thing that I would’ve appraised it on the off chance that it was just the beginning and kept the quality all through. I may in any case understand this if there’s nothing else to peruse except for I profoundly question that.

Compared to solo leveling, both characters level up and are more of a force to be countered by themselves.

The story is also good and not like typical manhwas have of revenge and countering, and have nice art, so overall it’s enjoyable manhwa that worth reading. And of course, if you were looking for Manhwa like Solo Leveling you could take this one in your list of choices…

26. Return to Player

manhwa similar to solo leveling

So this person finishes the whole game alone and gets another opportunity at the game. his forthcoming passing had more character advancement than his resurrection into the game.

However, the character has by one way or another become less fascinating? Furthermore, his initial two colleagues end up being female which is detecting may thaught a group of concubines in case you’re into that. By and by an array of mistresses fails to help me, simply makes the character much more unappealing because of the attractive drawing, he shouldn’t really have a cause.

The cool exhausting person figure of speech possibly works on the off chance that they solo. Ladies would really prefer not to buzz around a man like that actually.

Both manhwas are very similar except in Return to Player! the MC goes back in time and uses that to become overpowered but both main characters use a similar System and both hunt monsters just like Solo Leveling.

And they are the Apex predator, hence it worth a spot on this list of a manhwa similar to solo leveling!  So just take it as it is I’m sure if you love to read you wouldn’t mind reading it!

25. The Second Coming of Gluttony

manhwa similar to solo leveling

Although it was interesting, it was garbage and very fast, particularly in the later sections. I won’t go inside and out with the story since it’s a lot simpler to peruse the manhwa particularly thinking about how short and little explanation goes in with the manhwa.

If you need an agreeable read of the story or on the off chance that it may appear to be fascinating and special, it would be ideal if you go read the source material. In the novel, They skirted a large portion of the dialogue and explanations to the story that a fraction of the time, you don’t know what is occurring?

What’s more, in the later sections, they skirted around 3/4 of the substance in the novel.  90% of all the character advancement, world structure, and the force framework.

The story generally speaking is very fast and it an improvement to peruse the source material all things that matter. This is an incredible manhwa. Both leads are pretty like Solo Leveling!
The protagonist Got great character development – from being a weak person to the strongest one and badass!
Also, the world doesn’t revolve around him only. Other side characters also grow over the times. Also, it has many elements like Solo Leveling. Definitely worth the reading, well if you have nothing else to read. So similar to solo leveling, as you might say when you finish reading it!

24. The  Live

manhwa similar to solo leveling

In this manhwa similar to solo leveling a large portion of a year back, Yun-Jae Kim lost his significant other and girl in an auto crash and lives in depression for quite a while.

One night, his journal totally deletes itself, abandoning an inauspicious message: “you can see them once more”. ‘The holy grail’ was only for the individuals who defeat the ‘game’ of ‘The World of the Backside’, and it is said that on the off chance that you use it, you can rejoin with your lost family. In the brutal reality where just the most grounded endures.

Yun-Jae turns into the one in particular who knows what’s to come.
although The Live starts by transporting the main character in a game like reality, it has the same vibe of solo leveling, and the art style is also clean, I would definitely recommend it.

And the MC won’t disappoint you. It is a manhwa similar to solo leveling! the thing will make you read it and be hungry for more…

23. Lout of Count’s Family

manhwa similar to solo leveling

The main character is totally not the same as some other main character as the other characters he has a few particularities that makes him extraordinary. It is easy to recall the characters of this manhwa.

The plot is interesting yet very moderate. Also, how the legend thinks can be very irritating. It is just a good manhwa similar to solo leveling. So interesting and entertaining to read.

The main character has a Good personality, he’s so chill and realistic. In fact, all the characters including the beasts are super original and great. It’s very a manhwa similar to Solo Leveling especially with the concept of a cool, level-headed smart main character.

The side characters are more prevalent in The trash of the counts family but in solo leveling, the MC basically carries it all on his own, give it a try and you won’t regret it. This is a manhwa similar to solo leveling!  All that you need to spice your day!

22. Legend of the Northern Blade

manhwa similar to solo leveling

Follows most revenge stories where the character suffers a cruel injustice and is treated like trash for most of his life. But is secretly training to get his revenge on the people who killed his dad and destroyed his sect. So everyone thinks he is useless when really he is strong without them knowing it.

The surprising part is how well done it is. You feel his frustration at being kept under guard all the time and having to hide his skills else he’d be killed. His interactions with the guards who mistreat him and the other martial artists whose kids look down on him.

This is a manhwa solo leveling. In addition to The art that is original and almost perfectly mastered. Moreover, it perfectly fits with the story. If you love solo leveling you’ll definitely like this manhwa.

21. Mercenary Enrollment

manhwa similar to solo leveling

There was a plane smashing from which numerous individuals passed away. The main character Yu Ijin was thought by everybody to be dead! Nonetheless, his sister and grandpa knew that he was still alive, and he will move to his sister’s school.

He was living as a trooper for the 10 years he was missing and is excessively solid. He currently bargains with his sister’s harassers at school and it’s simply fulfilling.

This manhwa is absolutely perfect, it won’t let you rest from one chapter to another, it’s unique in a good way. It has only a couple of chapters now, so we don’t know where the story is going, but it’s definitely worth the time.

If you like a manhwa similar to solo leveling! You’ll definitely love this one, they both have a great story plot and both MCs are overpowered as hell, we do not know where the story is going to lead us. But it’s definitely a manhwa similar to Solo Leveling, and worth reading…


20. Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World

manhwa similar to solo leveling

Ryu Han-Bin was a normal person who just had been discharged from his mandatory military service when they took him to another world. Left to fend for himself, he was given the goal of surviving and growing stronger in a desolate world riddled with monsters.

This manhwa and solo leveling both take place in a fantasy world. Where hunters kill things for money and the MCs are both weak, and underestimated until they show their strength. It may not be as good as solo leveling, but it has good art and a fun few characters rather than just 1 protagonist that really matters.

The entire enduring was taken care of in strength and experience. I recall in any event, commending the creator in each section since it was so uncommon to see an OP character done right. This is a manhwa similar to solo leveling which you must really read…

19. Imaginator

manhwa similar to solo leveling

In the far future, a meteor falls towards Earth, yet out of nowhere vanishes the second it is going to land. Simultaneously, the world is currently full of beasts and individuals who start getting superpowers.

The world is beginning to change and develop. At the point when Tae Min Park acknowledges something past, he does all that he can to discover the reality of opportunity.
Both of the manhwas Solo Leveling and Imagintor have people awakening their powers.

The only difference is that in solo leveling they go through the portal to fight while in Imaginator they go directly to the forest or field to fight monsters.
Both main characters have a weak to a strong plot. the difference is the things they use to fight.
While Solo Leveling MC uses knives and daggers, the Imaginator MC uses guns.

Thus, one way or another, this manhwa similar to Solo Leveling in many ways. Overall, it has a good plot and a nice story. So definitely worth the time and the spot…


18. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

manga op mc

This is the story of a man, Lee Hyun, who is a slave to money. He was famous as the legendary God of War of the highly popular MMORPG, Continent of Magic. In an attempt to help his debt-ridden family, he auctions his character to find it sell at ₩3.1 billion.

Like solo leveling, The protagonist keeps getting stronger to the point of being OP. And also he avoids the spotlight. This story adjusts making and activity. There will never be a dull second.

The story experiences perusing steady loss where a few perusers should enjoy a reprieve each season. And basically stand by. The other factor is that this Manhwa has a ton of looking over.

Finally, this is a manhwa similar to solo leveling on many sides, so if you are looking for such a genre! you can say that you just put your hand on one of them…

17. The Beginning After the End

manhwa similar to solo leveling

Beneath the glamorous exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of a man, devoid of purpose and will.
Reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters, the king has a second chance to relive his life. Correcting the mistakes of his past will not be his only challenge.

However, like solo leveling, the Protagonist grows and learns to become stronger. As well as an excitable fantasy element. And both have magical beasts in the story.

This manhwa is one of my top choices in the resurrection class. Ruler Gray came back to life in another body of a baby in another world and was given the name Art. For his ability to utilize their information about ki from their past world to comprehend manhwa in this world.

Furthermore, he’s ready to utilize their battle insight from their previous existence to ultimately dominate in hand to hand fighting. As a basic in this sort, The Art seems like a wonder. With at no other time seen ability and early development. Individuals wonder about him!

This is a manhwa similar to Solo Leveling on many sides! And could be one of the best you ever read so don’t you dare to skip it!

16. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Manhwa With Overpowered and Badass Main characters

After Dokja Kim awakens in his favorite dystopian novel " Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse. And the only one who knows how the story ends, he must do all he can to change the course of the original novel of the story. This is a manhwa similar to solo leveling! And It also has the “player” style, plus a world that has changed over time! This is a stunning manhwa.

The idea is stunning and the trailer chapter 0 was an awesome idea. It made me love more the manhwa and I am getting a charge out of it. I trust this manhwa discharges its parts week after week.

So! once you take the train of reading this Manhwa you will come across many similar themes to solo leveling that you frankly love! You will see that this manhwa similar to solo leveling in more ways than you really think!

15. Tomb Raider King

manhwa similar to solo leveling

You can take this one as an example of a good manhwa similar to solo leveling! The God’s Tombs contain old and uncommon antiques inside them, start to show up around the globe. The relics inside them have the ability to give you amazing power and subjugate others to you.

At the point when an obscure man goes by the name Tomb Raider King has started to plunder them, a man who passed on before and can go through time endeavors to find him and reclaim what’s his own just as plunder the entirety of the Gods Tombs to be a definitive Tomb Raider.

Both manhwas have an OP Protagonist getting more grounded by finishing prisons. The two of them have a game framework nobody else has. What’s more, The Protagonists additionally have comparative degrees of egotism. Also, this manhwa so similar to Solo leveling! This what will catch your eye to read it…

14. The Gamer

manhwa similar to solo leveling


The main character in this manhwa similar to solo leveling is Shioon. He primarily progresses in strength the more Martial Arts he manages to convince his teacher Chun-Woo to show him.

The incredible artwork that focuses on the characters, the relatable humor, and the wide cast of very well-written characters make this a story worth reading even before talking about the incredible Martial Arts scenes.

Both manhwas Focus on the gamification of life in their own styles. Ambition to level up but for different reasons. And Upgrading abilities and grow stronger as the series goes on.

But, what you really looking for are the parts that this manhwa similar to Solo Leveling! I can say you will read a lot of things on this matter guys…

13. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Manhwa With Overpowered and Badass Main characters

The Shadow World – the most catastrophic existence humanity has faced in history. Desir Arman is one of the six remaining survivors of mankind within it. The six attempt to clear the final level of the labyrinth but ultimately fail and the world comes to an end.

However – when Desir thought he would meet his demise, which reveals the world before! Thirteen years ago?! Desir is returned to the past, back to the time when he enrolled at the nation’s finest magic academy – Havrion.

He meets with his precious friends, and is prepared to change the past to save the world and his family!
Overall, we have many aspects that say: This manhwa similar to solo leveling will surprise you! You can quite see it when you proceed reading it, so here you go! you just found the manhwa similar to solo leveling which you were looking for…

12. I am the Sorcerer King

manhwa similar to solo leveling

For solo leveling fans who want more of that but with magic instead of physical abilities! You can try this manhwa similar to solo leveling. I Am The Sorcerer King will be their jam. Right at the start, a happy-go-lucky kid gets his body taken over by a high-level Sorcerer right before they die.

Now, their two consciousnesses have come together and the guy is galaxies above any other hunter on the planet, but he’s only just begun building his power. Both Manhwas have portals which lead to a different world where monsters come out.

Also The existence of hunters, awakened beings who fight these monsters. And of course, The main character has extreme overpowered as well. You can say that this manhwa is catching the themes to be more similar to solo leveling…


11. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

manhwa similar to solo leveling

This manhwa is genuinely worth reading and is similar to solo leveling. The story base was on a hunter! With a base of modern society that everyone is familiar with nowadays.

But the shown tactics, some plot twists in the story are totally new. it follows a similar plot theme like solo leveling but it is unique in itself. The emotions in the characters are looking very well. It will be a good thrilling ride.
As for similarities between the two manhwas, u can see that Both MC start as weak but they got a chance to get stronger. And also Both of them are smart. In solo leveling hero must discover everything by himself to get stronger.

But in SSS-Class Suicide Hunter, the hero has a ghost as support and advisor! Overall, you can find a sense of similarity with Solo Leveling if you read this manhwa, the way I see it, this manhwa similar to solo leveling! And seems to have all that it takes to be on a high level…

10. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

manhwa similar to solo leveling

The account of this manhwa similar to solo leveling spins around a game known as “lucid dreams.” In this game, a player named hardcore leveling warrior eminent as the strongest player.

Nonetheless, he falls back to level 1 from level 99 when an unidentified player executes him. Presently, the purported hardcore leveling warrior should compensate for his name indeed to get back his unique position and locate the unknown player.

With a sharp blend of battle scenes, adorable characters, and humor, it keeps you engaging till the end. As such, it’ll be quite a ride for you. All things considered, it is outstanding amongst other manhwas like performance leveling, furthermore, this is the least you can anticipate.

To be more specific this manhwa similar to solo leveling on many sides! Which you will see with your eyes when you start reading it…

9. Auto Hunting

The Best Dungeon Manhwa Recommendations


This is another great manhwa similar to solo leveling you can find! However, The world enduring an onslaught by beasts that are pouring from the ‘Fracture’. Furthermore, the ‘hunters’ who chase those beasts are the most pined for work on the planet presently.

At some point, Oh Yunsung who works his hardest every day as a laborer in a meat eatery stirs a capacity to consequently chase beasts with amazing strategies.

And actual ability like in MMORPG when he presses a catch ‘Auto Hunting’ that shows up before him! This manhwa is very similar in the storyline and world-building just like Solo Leveling.

Some monsters appear in their world with hunters that kill them. A weak character gains power fast and changes the game for other hunters.

Also, Both protagonists have a digital system that randomly appears for them after an incident with a monster occurred. This manhwa is similar to solo leveling and Definitely worth the reading…

8. FFF-Class Trashero

manhwa similar to solo leveling

The main character is adorably contemptible and keeping in mind that the craftsmanship is somewhat shortsighted, you can ignore it effectively for all the incredible unexpected developments and turns that leave you reviling and giggling and sympathizing with the ‘hero’ of the manhwa. The Protagonist Kang Han Soo was able to kill the demon king after 10 years he was summoned into the fantasy world was reaching him!

Now it’s time to be sent back to earth. But this does not happen. It’s a unique story and totally different from other Isekai series so it is the series that gives you a totally different vibe! The MC of this series is interesting and actions of the same are legitimate. if you admire the leveling system of solo leveling then you’ll fall for this manhwa because is similar to Solo Leveling …


7. Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon

manga op mc


This one can be considered as a very good manhwa similar to solo leveling to read! This title got going unique and I was appreciating it; from the no-name MC to how he had the option to learn through his errors! Yet this story takes too long to make you love it!

The MC which is a skeleton that was a customary skeleton Solider in a prison ensuring his woman magician up until he fizzles respawns every time he was dead at a “save point”.

As you would state and he utilizes his disappointments as information on not to make distinctive choices. The story loses you after this disappointment continues to occur and the story goes from “to some degree intriguing” to “run of the mill blah”!

There aren’t any genuine fundamentals at the point I quit perusing and I was part of the way through section-wise. So, I cannot promise you that you will like it but if you are looking for a manhwa similar to solo leveling you might like it!

6. Dungeon Reset

The Best Dungeon Manhwa Recommendations


When our MC went to another world, he finds something strange. He can level up, but there is something even strange. The dungeon resets but no one can raid it again except him.

Since he is the only one with the capability of clearing it, he moves forward. With some simple and useful skills! His game starts, but what’s the mystery behind all this? Thus, we brought this amazing manhwa into the list of best manhwa similar to solo leveling.

Both have game-like mechanics. Both get a reward from the system for accomplishing things. And both have interactions with their minions.

Overall, we got your back in this article, we put all the choices which you need to find all the manhwas like Solo Leveling, so take a pause and read this one! And that’s only if you are looking for a manhwa similar to solo leveling…

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5. Kill the hero

manhwa with overpowered and badass main characters

In a game-like world where dungeons, monsters, and players appear. In that world, only I knew the truth. “Let’s save the world together. Let’s put an end to this game.” The secret that the man who’s idolized as the “Messiah who will save the world” is actually trying to rule it as its emperor. Only I, who experienced his betrayal. I, who was murdered by him and returned to the past, know the truth.

The art style and storyline are top-notch having an analogous art style thereto of solo leveling. Both manhwas have settings involving gates, dungeons, monsters, guilds, and necromancy spells.

Most of the main settings of the story happen inside the dungeon with epic killer scenes. So many themes in this manhwa similar to solo leveling on many sides! That’s why it was a must to put this webtoon on this list of best manhwa similar to solo leveling…

4. Solo Bug Player

manhwa similar to solo leveling

The protagonist dies from excessive amounts of gaming! And he was joining a fantasy world. he vows to reach the top as soon as he can.

He wants to succeed and grow and ready to use bugs or hacks to go forward. This is the start of his challenging and intense journey. It gets going with a great beginning that clarifies appropriately what is the issue here.

It additionally amuses me to perceive how the story propels at a great speed. The sections are long and not short which is very acceptable. The solitary drawback is that a portion of the battles is disenchanting! This is a manhwa similar to solo leveling in terms of the way the lead has to overcome challenges and grow.

This Isekai Manhwa is quite new but is growing in popularity! So you have to read it and be aware of it…


3. Descent of the Demon Master

Manhwa With Overpowered and Badass Main characters

This isn’t your ordinary manhwa where the OP MC fights new adversaries and adventures off to save the world. The MC’s simply attempting to carry on with an ordinary existence with OP forces, and it’s unfathomably engaging.

The man’s so thick about how Keene he is. And how everybody was in shock by how OP makes it clever. After a tragic accident, losing his family and his legs, he ends his own life. It’s the second life.

He won fame as the Red Demonic Master in Zhongyuan but was betrayed by the man he was trusting most. Now comes his third life. Though the manhwa shares very different concepts on the outside, they are both very similar in terms of major themes.

Both MCs take punishment into their own hands, and they both value their family/friends above everything else. So, this manhwa is similar to solo leveling, to the point you might think they are the same!

2. Tower of God

mc gets betrayed and becomes op

Fame, Greatness, Power, Anything in your most out of this world fantasies is conceivable when you arrive at the highest point of the Tower of God. Those fortunate enough to have a pick by the pinnacle climb each floor to fulfill their fantasies.

However, to succeed, they should finish hazardous and destructive tests en route. Twenty-Fifth Baam is one such sporadic who starts to climb the Tower of God to reunite with his cherished companion Rachel. Among the other manhwa similar to solo leveling! This lacks direct comparison.

It is worthy of reading. if you want to go through an action-packed world and need a protagonist whose existence itself is something unique…


1. The Ranker Who Lives Twice

manhwa similar to solo leveling

Even though a list of the best manhwa similar to solo leveling, there are some of the manhwas better than this one. And “The Ranker Who Lives Twice” is one of those since it doesn’t lose to solo leveling in any aspect.

This manhwa has a good balance in every aspect, and once you read it, you’ll know the reason why it is the first on our list. But we assure you that you’ll try to finish this in one go if you start it.

The story follows Yeon-woo, whose twin brother disappeared five years ago. One day, when his brother’s pocket watch returns to him, he finds a diary inside it. It says, “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead”!

But more importantly, his brother has fallen victim to climbing the Tower of the Sun God. Now, Yeon-woo decides to climb the tower, and he is no longer Yeon-woo. So, we can say that this manhwa is similar to solo leveling in many things!

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