The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time


Quests. Dragons. Swordplay. Magic swordsmen and women, that look like they just walked out of a harem anime? Yes, this is a great list of the best anime with dragons of all time!

Dragons are mythical creatures found in many cultures and also one of the most beloved fantasy ones. Dragons are incredibly powerful, cause destruction wherever they go and can breathe fire upon their enemies!. They can take different forms like humans or other animals, although they prefer their original form.

Moreover, the art of animation has come a long way in the last 20 years. Anime is no exception, it has evolved over the years and includes various genres like fantasy, magic, action, romance, comedy, horror, etc.

So, for anime fans out there, there is so many anime which feature dragons as the main element. In some, they appear as antagonistic figures, while in others they are protagonists.

The following anime list looks at the best dragons anime shows, from anime series to anime movies, it doesn’t matter what genre you like this list of recommendations has it all covered.

Thus, if you love dragon anime as much as we do! get ready and dive with us through this epic list of must-watch anime with dragons of all time.


20. Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Supernatural, Dragons

The story of this dragon anime series is about 4 brothers who each have a hidden power to turn into a dragon, each dragon has 1 element, such as fire, or wind. The brothers at the start of the anime don’t know they have this power. The show is basically about an organization that knows about the brothers’ powers and tries to capture them, thus leading to the brothers’ knowledge that there are dragon kings.

In general, the story sounds quite basic, but there is a nice plot twist in there, and the art isn’t going to blow you away, since it’s an old show, but for its time it wasn’t bad at all.

Finally, Give it a watch if you’re a huge fan of anime with dragons and must-see everything.


19. Legend of the Millennium Dragon

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Action, Supernatural, Dragons, Demons

The story of this dragons anime movie centers around Jun Tendo, an ordinary middle schoolboy. One day, he’s chased by a shadowy oni and finds himself in a mysterious temple. This results in him being taken to the Heian period in Japan to help aid in the fight against the oni. Legend says that Jun should be able to control Orochi, a powerful eight-headed dragon. Viewed as a savior, he is confused about what he is supposed to do. But there’s more to the situation than meets the eye and he’s going to have to tread lightly

Legend of the Millennium Dragon is a Pierrot film from 2011. The film was pretty heavy on Japanese history. It makes reference to old wars, eras, locations, and folklore.

Overall, If you’re looking for an anime with dragons that has fantasy elements with some great action scenes here and there, then this is a movie that you might be interested in.


18. Dragon Drive

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

This anime with dragons follows a lazy boy, Reiji Ozhora, who’s nothing but a King of Tardiness. One day, his friend Yukino Maiko tells him about a game, where you ride a Dragon in a virtual world, called D-Zone, and fight other players. But first, he needs to know which dragon sleeps inside him, and then he meets his partner, Chibi. They started by getting beaten up in a 10 loose streak, but then, they start to know how the game works and get to a Training Secret room, but due to some force beyond that world, they’re sent to another world, where Dragons live freely among humans. Chibi isn’t just a cute dragon… He is a guardian who protected this Other World a long time ago and has to awaken inside Reiji. And now, they must once again protect it!

This show is a really standard type of monster pet owner type show. There are tournaments with dragons battling each other and a quest to grow stronger and defeat a growing evil, is not a bad concept really, simple clear cut and you get to enjoy the various dragons in combat.

Overall, if you like alright anime with dragons this series may be a nice change of pace.


17. Dances with the Dragons

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time


Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

This anime with dragons focuses on two completely uninteresting characters, Gigina, or Gigina Jerde Dolk Melios Ashley Boeuf for short, and Gayus, who sadly doesn’t have a badass name like his friend. Together they are fighting against dragons in a fantasy universe filled with technology. This sounds great.

In general, the plot is confusing, the animation and the character designs are well done, the art is serviceable. However, the fight scenes lack motion (dragon fights don’t actually show the characters with sword-swinging and excess movement much), and when it gets dark, it gets really dark.

Overall it’s not a bad show, maybe a bit unsavory for some might seem a bit heavy to watch, but if you like post-apocalyptic, politics and the struggle of humanity against a monster race, this anime with dragons is worth your time.


16. Leviathan: The Last Defense

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

This anime with dragons tells the story of a trio of dragon-girls on a planet named Aquafall that is occupied by dragon-people. At least, some of them are dragon-people, as we see non-dragon denizens milling about over the course of the show.

One day, Aquafall starts getting pelted with meteorites that contain insects known as Lucasites who start invading the planet for an unspecified reason. In order to put up some resistance, the fairy Syrop goes on a journey to establish a team to defend Aquafall from these insect invaders, but, instead, she just ends up relaxing for a while with the first three girls she comes across and calls it a day. Once she informs the girls that their planet is in grave danger, they all rebuke her, so she decides to stick around and convince them to join her team.

This is a pretty standard show with cute girls in an RPG setting. Well, the comedic elements are most effective and the characters are fun, the voice acting is good and there are some real positive aspects to the art. However, the fan service is pretty bad.

Overall, if you want a comedy and fantasy anime with dragons! give this show a try.


15. Dragon Goes House-Hunting

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Dragons

This Japanese anime with dragons focuses on a very unlucky dragon called Letty. One day, during guard duty, the poor dragon takes a nap. Being a lazy guard, a group of hunters snatches the egg from the careless, lazy, and always sleepy guard. When the father of the dragon finds out about it, Letty is kicked from the family. To return back, the dragon will need to prove that it is that legendary creature, humans have been afraid of for so many years, and so the dragon embarks on a quest to find a new home, however, to find a new home the dragon will need to survive many encounters: when elves, dwarves, and other mythical creatures might want to kill the legendary giant.

This dragon anime has a very unique storyline and it’s a cute, charming watch, sprinkled with life lessons and humor. Overall if you like anime with dragons and fantasy escapism, I highly implore you to give this show a chance.


14. Mysteria Friends

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Demons

What if I told you that there’s a school for gods, humans, and demons? Mysteria Academy is such a school where these races can all unite together to study in peace.

The story of this Japanese dragons anime series focuses on the relationship between Anne, a human princess, skilled and genius with magical powers, and Grea a dragon princess, shy, with high physical strength. Since both personalities contrast, the characters can shine in an unusual manner. We follow these two characters in their school life; they can get ill, they can get angry, they can cry, the typical student life. However, the story mixes those events with magic and other pleasant moments such as the delightful classical score.

In general, the sound and art are marvelous. The plot is very calm, slow, and peaceful. There is some fighting, but it is short, not common.

Overall this anime with dragons was very sweet with beautiful animation that would satisfy all those who like that sort of academia meets magic aesthetic. Very calming, a slice of life, type anime, and again the music was gorgeous to listen to, especially when the girls played the piano! If your ok with this kind of anime, I would suggest it!


13. Dragonaut: The Resonance

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi

This dragon anime series is centered around Kamashina Jin as he witnesses his family’s deaths as their space shuttle gets blown to bits by a mysterious falling object from space. The main plot then follows an older Kamashina Jin as he gets thrust into a world of government secrets concerning “dragons”, envoys sent by a living asteroid… a thing called Thanatos floating around the remains of Pluto. Enter the Dragonauts, an elite team of humans paired up with their own artificially born Dragon. Jin and the Dragonauts are on opposing sides at first, but a government conspiracy eventually leads them to the same objective. The plot progresses at a fair pace and even has a nice short time skip to complement its mid-climax. However, this plot basically gets thrown to the side as the love story between Jin, a human (not a Dragonaut), and Toa (a dragon).

In general, this anime with dragons have good clean animation, a range of interesting-looking characters, a reasonable storyline…and dragons! because we all love dragons…overall if you’re looking for a romance dragons anime this show must be a good watch for you.


12. Dragonar Academy

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, School, Dragons

The story of this dragon’s anime series. Set in a world where dragons aren’t just a normal thing but have a very close relationship with humans. This close relationship creates a world where dragons and their riders are basically the nukes of this world. No one is really supposed to use them but everyone has them so that no one messes with them. Because of this Dragonair Academy is a place to train young Dragonair from various countries although without any specific intention to fight each other unless war happens to break out. Our character doesn’t have a dragon but is somehow accepted into a dragon trainer academy because he has the ability to ride on anyone’s dragon…

In general, this show is a generic harem/fantasy story, filled with “Plot” and some battles. The animation is pretty standard so not amazing but not bad. The music is decent too. Overall, if you want a harem/fantasy/school anime with dragons to watch! give this series a try.


11. Dragon Crisis!

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Action, Romance, Supernatural, School

The story of this dragon anime is about Kisaragi Ryuuji, an ordinary normal high school boy with average looks and the personality of an anvil. Suddenly, his life gets turned upside down when his cousin Eriko recruits him into her Society Group. Now he is thrust into a secret world of the supernatural including, the title suggests, dragons. Of course, most of the dragons just happen to be cute girls who naturally flock to the harem of our slack-lipped leading man.

The storyline, in general, is pretty good, the artwork is fantastic, and the music was much better than the anime itself. So if you want a harem, romance anime with dragons! Dragon Crisis might be a good watch for you.


10. Majutsushi Orphen

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

The story of this dragons anime follows the adventure of Orphen who seeks to find the Sword of Baltanders and Bloody August, a feared dragon who was once a human sorceress named Azelie. Now he travels the perils of the land in search of a way to free Azelie from her evil imprisonment. With only a small trail of clues to follow, Orphen must unlock the secrets to the Sword of Baltanders or everyone he cares about will be doomed to face the wrath of the Tower of Fang Elders, or even Bloody August herself!

In general, it’s a good fantasy anime with dragons presented in a nice way. The story is enjoyable and the best thing about the anime is the mix of comedy scenes and action and battle scenes are done very well and in a way that helps the story along and doesn’t feel like it has been put there just for the heck of it. Overall, if you’re looking for an anime with dragons full of comedy and action moments! this series is for you.


8. Drifting Dragons

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Dragons

Drifting Dragons is a Netflix anime with dragons that follows a Crew of the flying vessel called Quin Zaza as it flies across the world, chasing dragons in order to harvest their bodies for profit. The main characters are dragon hunters, or “drakers”, as the series calls them, and we follow their adventures as they encounter and hunt new kinds of dragons each episode. For the most part, the show focuses on the drakers’ daily lives and the complications and intricacies of their jobs, such as finding and killing dragons, fixing their damaged airship, stopping and refueling, and so on.

The Animation displayed is some of the best CGI anime I’ve seen come out of the medium, if not the best ever. They make such great use of so many effects which are best conveyed with CGI, such as the dragon pictured above, having enough detail to look magnificent from a distance like that, and having a natural flow and motion to it. Overall, if you want a dragon anime series filled with sci-fi and fantasy! Drifting Dragons might be one of the best anime with dragons to watch.


7. Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Dragons

The story of this dragon anime series centers around a girl, Ange a royal princess, who at her coming of age ceremony is shown to be a Norma, a person not considered human in a society where everyone is using mana to control everything around them, thus making life easier. Everything falls into chaos, many sad things happen around her and after that, she is sent to Arsenal, no, not the team, but a place where all Norma are disposed of, or so was believed.

In general, this show is entertaining in a different way and the animation is quite fluid and well done. Overall, if you’re looking for a cute anime with dragons and a strong female lead! then you must watch this one.


6. Burn the Witch

dragons anime movie

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Dragons

This dragon anime movie follows the adventures of Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole. The two are Witches that work for Wing Bind in Reverse London, the western branch of Soul Society, which is also populated by Dragons. This, however, is being kept a secret from the Human World’s London.

Well, this anime movie was nice to watch. the action scenes were well animated for the most part. They were very slickly and stylishly animated and the CGI was integrated well most of the time. Overall, if you are interested in modern fantasy, action, and anime with dragons!  this show is worth your time.


5. Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Military

The story of this Netflix anime with dragons follows a girl named Hisone Amakasu who is part of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, where she is situated at the Gifu airbase. She decided to join the force to distance herself from people as, her whole life, she had found it difficult to interact with others due to her candid style of speaking and oftentimes hurtful words, despite that not being her intention. Hisone’s decision leads to her life being changed when the concealed “OTF” – Organic Transformed Flyer, or dragon – inside the base chooses her to be his pilot, leading her to discover her destined role as a dragon pilot during their ascension in the skies together. According to legend, dragons are thought to possess a key to unlocking the future of the world.

In general, this dragon anime is adorable and original, the character build-up was done well and the art is cute too. Overall, if you want to watch a great character drama that is filled with charm I would strongly recommend Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan.


4. The Dragon Dentist

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Dragons

Dragons exist and long ago humans created a pact with them. They would take care of the dragons and the dragon would protect them. As their country is caught up in a massive war the dragonflies around from one spot to another, helping out. While his power is massive, the dragon does have a weak spot: his teeth. They are the source of his power and it is up to the dragon dentists to keep them perfect.

One day they discover a young boy stuck in the dragon’s teeth and our protagonist Nonoko decides to save him. The boy is an enemy soldier called Bell and the last thing he remembers is dying. As souls pass through the dragon’s teeth he was spotted and saved by Nonoko. He is very confused. especially by Nonoko, who trains him to become a dentist himself when all he wants is to go home. Disaster strikes when an enemy ploy to destroy the dragon succeeds in removing one of the teeth and Nonoko goes after it with Bell. Will they get it back in time to save them all?

The story is unique and original enough plying on a nice blend of styles, eras, and themes rarely if ever even attempted. The art is pretty damn good. Overall  If you are looking for an anime with dragons that will make you think, provide you with a novel reincarnation method, and yeah encourage you to keep your mouth clean, then check this out.


3. Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

The Best Anime With Dragons Of All Time

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

This dragons anime takes place approximately 10 years after the events of the original. At this point the human realm is the dominant force in the world, lead under the ruthless King Charioce XVII. He has managed to effectively steal the powers of the gods and used them in order to turn the demon residents in the capital area into slaves. Both Heaven and Hell have rebellious thoughts on their minds due to the oppression they’re suffering, but they have a hard time doing much against the overwhelming power which Charioce possesses. It is here we find our new protagonist Nina Drango: a young and energetic bounty hunter who arrives at the capital seeking her fortune. As a tiny little catch, Nina has the ability to transform herself into a dragon, but only spontaneously, involuntarily, and uncontrollably.

This anime with dragons was absolutely amazing. It’s dramatic, sad, tense, nail-biting, romantic, and overall an enjoyable story.

Overall, if you like dragons, demons, warriors, angels, and lots of blood and gore and romance, then yah! Watch Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul. However, Watch the other seasons first.




Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Military

The story begins when a gate appears from nowhere and it comes with a bunch of fantasy creatures and medieval troops (warriors wielding ancient armor, elves, dwarves, dragons, etc) that indiscriminately kill civilians.

Thus, the SDF (Japanese military) decides to enter the fantasy gate to find out a way to wreck the place, and our otaku main lead, Youji Itami, who’s already aged 33 years old but also a member of the Japanese military, and once the initial attack has been dealt with, he joins the force sent through the gate. By clashing, it doesn’t entirely mean a total war between the two sides. After a while, both sides begin to establish a diplomatic relationship with one another. Sounds strange right?

Overall, the fantasy/medieval settings are well done in this anime series. It’s a more gritty, historical, period in which sieges and aristocrats dominated military tactics.

If anyone wanted to watch an anime with dragons, where a modern army formation back into the past, with semi unlimited ammo logistics, whether they could take on demigods, dragons, and aristocratic-based militaries… this is a good anime show to start with.

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1. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

dragon anime character

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

The story of this dragons anime starts with a typical adult office worker Kobayashi suddenly receiving a surprise visit one day… from a dragon. A dragon transforms into a human girl in a maid outfit and proclaims that she wants to live with her and work for her as her personal maid. As it turns out, Kobayashi had actually proposed the idea herself during some drunken escapade in the mountains earlier, and thus awkwardly finds herself having to invite the girl in.

And thus begins Kobayashi’s hectic everyday life of cohabitating with a dragon maid: Tooru.

In general, This anime with dragons was strangely so relaxing and wholesome, the animation was gorgeous, especially with food, and the characters are so cute and funny. Overall, if you want an adorable slice of life, dragon anime, or just great characters generally, you’d definitely enjoy Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.


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