Video Games World Records That Nobody Can Break

Top 10 Video Games World Records That Nobody Can Break

Hello, dear otaku fans, gamers around the world, and all the youngsters there is! Without forgetting the old folks. This article is for those who are interested in the video games world records. So we have chosen for you the top best 10 we could find.

Of course, there is a lot out there! But those 10 world records in video games are very special. That’s why we had to make an article especially for them.

You might learn a thing or two from those amazing superhuman people! Or you can just be amazed reading about what they did! It is your choice eventually, so use it as you want. Without any further details let us get on it…

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10. Terry Garrett ( TrueBlindGaming) – Game Oddworld

Video Games World Records

He is a blind person playing games depending only on his hearing! it is something quite hard to even imagine. And what really makes us shocked is that he managed to make one of the video games world records!

However, he managed to finish many games that way! Human power is indeed limitless! One of the games he played till the end is Oddworld. And this game requires a big amount of focusing by eyes! How come a person plays it even though he is blind! It is something quite amazing.

Just imagine playing using only your ears and you’re blindfolded! You will not make the first simple step in any game. But this man-made something out of this world! this is just one game we talking about,

However, there is a lot of games he finished and you check them on his Youtube Channel, you will be amazed guys by this superhuman person. Overall, the world records in video games have his name in! To be an example for all people around the globe…

9. WhoovieCOD – Game COD Zombies

Video Games World Records

Our guy this time did something extraordinary! And now we talk about it as one of the video games world records! He managed to solve the code map of call of duty zombies in the new black ops alone! This code is something hard to solve really! It is hard even if you have friends with you. But this guy Whoovie made it alone! The surprising thing is how he did it!

Well, this guy is playing games using musical instruments! it’s weird, right? To be honest, nobody can do that. When he solves the first code in the new Call of Duty zombies’ ops, he was using a piano! Can you imagine that?

That mission is something top hard for anyone to di it. But this guy did it and only by using his piano controller!  Furthermore, he was filming that on a video! You can find it on his Youtube channel! Something happens once in a while indeed. And now people around the globe, when talking about video games world records! This guy must be on the conversation table…

8. Kayel Hincke

Video Games World Records

This dude finished the game Fallout 4 without even he kills a single kill! When he said that to people around nobody trust that. Because it seems an impossible task for real! Considering this game is a one shooter game!

This means when you play it you have to use your gun no matter what! And there are some places when you reach them you can’t go through without fighting! And killing other players. Logically it is impossible to pass this game without a single kill!

Well, this guy said something else. And he won that game without killing anybody. This is one of the world records in video games.

However, people when they start playing Fallout 4 they always focus on making themselves powerful! Like adding energy and guns all that stuff which make you more strong in any game! But in Fallout 4 there is an option few people know about! Wich is the Karizma option! This option nobody uses it.

It seems not important at all! Our guy here Kayel Hincke. choose that option and he put it on the last level of it! That’s why he was winning the game without shooting a single bullet! He was talking his way through using only his strong Karizma.

Therefore, others kill each other for him and he was passing just like a boss. So like a boss he has one of the video games world records of all times…

7.  Enzo Bonito (2018 eRoc champoin)

Video Games World Records

You might have heard before some the talking about your gaming addiction!  People may say if we put you in a real war or any other reality which the games take as an inspiration.

You will be the first to lose or to die! Well, this happened to Enzo Bonito. He was playing games all his life! Moreover, he was a pro in car games! Like the famous car game Need For Speed!

Furthermore, he wanted to do something different this time! From video games to breaking world records. Which is going out to play in real car games!

I mean real races with real people. He was only 23 years old. And has no real experience driving real cars! He was about to race using only the abilities he was learning in the virtual car games! You can try it too if you are up to the challenge! But believe me, You will do absolutely nothing.

Enzo challenged the world’s champion at that time in a car race! Guess what?  He defeated him! And becomes the world’s champion. This is something amazing. So far it seems an impossible thing, yet he did it. Now he has one of the video games world records attached in his name…

6. Desk

Video Games World Records

This guy is a professional gamer and YouTuber.  He is one of the best out there playing the game Street Fighter. And also, he is holding the best video games world records! In this game that we will talk about.

He managed to accomplish all the levels in it on the hard mode! Which means there is nothing harder than that. You can say he is badass in gaming! Especially, the game Street Fighter.

Well, after that he decided to do something unique! And nobody did before or maybe can be done in the future. Additionally, in the game Street Fighter, there is a mode known as a corporative mode! In it, you can play with your friend and work together as a team to defeat the monster at the end.

But Desk being the pro he is he doesn’t need a friend to help him! So he played that mode using two controllers each hand uses a controller!  That’s something very very hard to do guys. That’s is why it is a record nobody can break any sooner. Thus, surely, if you are wondering about some video games world records! This one of them…

5. Billy Mitchell

Video Games World Records

You might have heard about the game Packman! Or you had played this game many times before. This game basically is about eating as much as possible of points! And the more you collect the more you become faster, and go ahead to another level! The game as it seems is limitless! many people have tried it, and they lose eventually!

However, in the year 1999, this guy Billy Mitchel said that of course, the game had an end! So he decided to challenge himself and reach the end of this game no matter how much time he spends with it! Well, this guy is a professional gamer. So he kept playing the game! He reached a high level and kept going. And this is considered as one of the video games world records!

At the level of 255, he reached a score of 3,333,360!  And after that score, the game went crazy and stopped working! However, He was playing the game for 5hours till it stopped.

And many others after him did the same experience and the game stopped working when they reach that high score. The game company has honored Billy Mitchell for this and they gave him a prize. From that time in 1999, gamers kept trying to reach that score. It was a very hard world record to break. But with such a great player, the best video games world records can be easily broken…

4. The Happy Hope

Video Games World Records

This guy did something extremely hard. And of course one of the video games world records! When he managed to finish the game of Dark Soul.

And this game is a series of three parts, He did finish them all without getting a single hit! Can you imagine? The game is basically about fighting the monsters in every corner! To win all levels without getting a single hit is something really really hard to do.

On the first try, he reached the last level, and there when he was fighting the big monster! Something happens and he got hit by mistake!  Then he decided to restart the game from the beginning.

We talking about hours and hours of playing! People said you don’t need to restart the game from the beginning just because you got hit one time! But he did not accept that he went to the beginning and played it all over again.

Of course, this time he won all levels without getting a single hit. It is a very hard record to break. Actually, this has the right to be one of the video games world records…

3. Katia Sae

Eve Online

Since we are talking about the video games world records! There is a game known by the name Eve Online. It is a very big game about space and many galaxies! This game has 7805 galaxies, too much right? What’s more, is each one of those galaxies has planets and stars just like earth! It is a very large universe indeed.

However, This gamer Katia Sae made one of the newest video games world records! When she decided to visit all those galaxies! Every single one of them. Can you imagine how would that be? The game system is not that simple! This means you cannot just take ship and travel wherever you want! Actually, you have to stop every time in a station. And fix the problems on your ship. and also take the fuel you need.

This something you have to do every time! So the journey is clearly not short. To be honest the journey seems impossible! Yet, Katia managed to visit all those galaxies. She started the journey in 2009. And finished it in 2019! The journey took 10 years.

This made her so famous amongst the players of this game. Thus, the record is huge and nobody is going to try breaking it any sooner. So yeah! It is one of the video games world records to make as an example…

2.  Alexander Srapove

Nintendo Game

One of the video games world records to mention is when this astronaut once was on a journey to the international space station.  And he has to stay there for 200 days. So as a normal thing to do when you go on a long journey, Alexander took with him Nintendo Game Boy!

The man has to make himself busy. Making one of the newest video games world records right? You would recognize this  Game! An old one indeed, if you are one of the 90s generations you would know what I’m talking about! The Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo.

The first handheld in the Game Boy family. It was first released in Japan in April 1989, then North America, three months later, and lastly in Europe, more than one year later. It was designed by the same team that developed the Game & Watch series of handheld electronic games.

And several Nintendo Entertainment System games: Satoru Okada, Gunpei Yokoi, and Nintendo Research & Development.

However, Alexander later realized that he the first one play video games in space! The thing which makes that Game Boy very famous. When he got back home he sold that game boy for 12 thousand dollars!

So yeah, this guy made one of the newest video games world records! He did something nobody can do anymore. And without any doubt, he has one of the best of the video games world records of all time…

1. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

This game similar to the Eve Online game on many sides! And this thing that we are about to talk about is one of the greatest video games world records. It is about space and galaxies and things like this.

So the gamers love to play such games. I mean who wouldn’t say no to go to space? Since we don’t have a chance to go there in reality! Let us go into the virtual world space? Additionally, the gamers in this game decided to build a very big station in the middle of the galaxy!

However, to build that station in the middle of the galaxy is something very very hard to do! Since there are no planets around. It’s just an empty place!  So so many players decided to do that.

By too many I mean 10 thousand players online on Elite dangerous! Can you imagine? So they made a small station on the closest planet to that place. Where they are about to build the big station!

And from there they worked together to take materials and all the stuff they need in the building process. This teamwork is something amazing. And I don’t think that we will ever say such a thing again. So it is definitely one of the video games world records to read about…

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