Top 10 New Action Fantasy Manhwa That You Should Not Miss

New action fantasy manhwa recommendations that you don’t want t miss out


New action fantasy manhwa is frequently set in a fantasy world and has magical or supernatural aspects. The plot in webtoons, like in folktales, can comprise a variety of elements. In Manhwa, the fantasy genre is equivalent to the action genre, which talks about battle in a fantasy world with magic and anything that becomes true.

Manhwas are the Korean counterpart of manga in South Korea if you’re unfamiliar with the phrase. Manhwas, unlike Japanese comics, are generally colorful and only available online. Among the various genres, action fantasy manhwa is undoubtedly one of the most popular. So much so that translation teams are always receiving new action fantasy Manhwa.

Here’s a list of the top ten new action fantasy manhwa to read that will let you escape reality and explore other realms. Check out these 10 best action fantasy manhwa recommendations if you want captivating tales, huge combat sequences, stunning cinematography, and intriguing themes!

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10. School of the Malice 

new action fantasy manhwa

There are definitely better and brighter action fantasy manhwa stories out there but this one is extremely satisfying when it happens. MC was bullied and crippled by trying to be a good guy in defending a classmate, which eventually led to him being comatose.

Moreover, teachers, friends, and other classmates ended up just being bystanders to the whole ordeal. While he couldn’t move anymore in a coma, his mind was still intact and he had to endure knowing what was happening to his family. When he finally died, he returned back to the day it started and would unleash hell upon his bullies and those bystanders.

Overall, if you want a main character that is cold-blooded and will do absolutely anything to get his revenge then this new action fantasy manhwa is for you. He beats the absolute hell out of people, blackmails them, and will help them if it means he will get his revenge and let him graduate school, all for himself and his family. Definitely one of the best action fantasy Manhwa recommendations.  


9. Moon Shadow Sword Emperor 

new action fantasy manhwa

The plot revolves around the main character, who was betrayed by his fellow members of the demonic cult and is regressed after his death. He chooses a different route to power and status, doing less labor as an elder in the Murim alliance. Yet, because he isn’t linked with any major sects, he needs to do everything alone.

The plot is actually rather well constructed. Although regression has been utilized extensively in the Murim environment, this seems fresh and interesting. Also, the art and characters are rather nice. The battle sequences are excellent. Overall, this is a really great and promising new action fantasy manhwa series that feels like it will be one of the major ones in the future, so don’t pass it up.


8. Martial Streamer 

new action fantasy manhwa

Taemin was a gap-year student who electrocuted himself while attempting to become a YouTuber. But he is resurrected as Zhao Ga-hui in a martial arts universe, complete with live-streaming powers! He begins broadcasting his everyday life in ancient China with the extraordinary ability to access Youtube when he closes his eyes, with the goal of becoming the ultimate trader and martial artist!

This is a fascinating new action fantasy manhwa. The narrative is well-paced, and the artwork is excellent. It’s not the best, but it’s certainly above average. The style excels at being expressive.

Moreover, it lends itself to random, chibi-style pictures without taking you out of the story. Also, the primary cast is amusing and attractive while still being functional humans. Overall, this is an intriguing martial arts webtoon that you should absolutely check out.


7. My Little Brother Is The Academy’s Hotshot

new action fantasy manhwa

Rudd Denatos loses his colleagues and his elder brother, Aesir Denatos, in the last fight with the monarch of the dragon species, which slaughtered innumerable people. He returns to his days as an academy cadet the instant he slays an unnamed dragon that appears before him.

However, his brilliant warrior brother, Aesir, does not exist in the previous world Rudd has regressed into. Rudd seeks to replace Aesir’s vacant seat by preparing as much as he can before the Seventh Dragon, the fiercest dragon king, emerges.

This new action fantasy manhwa is worth the try since it was published by the same magazine that did Solo Leveling and The Legend of the Northern Blade. Moreover, the art is good and the characters are well-developed, the story is interesting and definitely has the potential to be the best action fantasy manhwa to read.


6. Returned to the Day I Joined the Army 

new action fantasy manhwa


This is the account of a man who was summoned from Earth to another realm and became a black magician there. He eventually returned to Earth after facing trials as a dark magician.

Furthermore, when he returned, he discovered that the world had gotten more dangerous and that everyone was required to serve 5 years in the military, so he enlisted once again to combat monsters.

This new action fantasy manhwa has a solid plot, but it’s quite predictable. The protagonist is currently presented as a madman whose objective is to eliminate all the monsters so that the gaming business of his favorite game may continue to improve the game and he can continue to play it without having to serve in the military. His immediate objective is to go forward in the ranks.

Overall, the artwork is excellent, and the characters are wonderfully portrayed. hence, is the best action fantasy manhwa to read for people who enjoy stories with great personalities, and overpowered main characters that don’t care about fighting monsters and conquering dungeons.

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5. Albanara of the Gods 

new action fantasy manhwa

Yu Damduk, who was unemployed and lacked professional abilities, was compelled to work part-time. Frustrated with his wretched life, he complains to the gods before being struck by lightning and passing out. When he wakes up, a status window appears in front of his eyes.

He went with the flow since he had nothing to lose. And from there, the story of Yu Damduk, who became the lowest-class God in the part-time world, begins when he jumps into God’s Part-time world in search of a better existence!

If you think that this new action fantasy manhwa will be some cliche story of a normal world and a normal guy, then you’re wrong. This is different, the story is funny and mysterious, and the characters are well-developed. It’s a weak-to-strong type of story with good artwork. Hence if you’re looking for a new action fantasy manhwa to read, you should not miss this one.  


4. Surviving the Game as a Barbarian

Surviving the Game as a Barbarian

Hansu Lee, a twenty-nine-year-old gaming junkie, has spent nearly a decade of his life attempting to beat the famously tough game Dungeon & Stone. When he finally reaches the boss monster, a status window appears with the message “Tutorial Complete,” which is followed by a blinding light.

Suddenly, Hansu is converted into a barbarian called Bjorn Yandel inside the game’s world—but it’s no longer a game; it’s real! Bjorn must fight for his life in a world full of dangerous monsters—while concealing his true identity to escape execution—in a real-life war for the survival of the fittest.

This new action fantasy manhwa is definitely worth the read. It is published by Navar webtoons so you can’t expect less than amazing art and a well-paced story. Moreover, the characters are well-developed, and the story is fun to read, making worth it’s spot among action fantasy manhwa recommendations.


3. Medicine Genius Wizard 

new action fantasy manhwa

The main character of this new action fantasy manhwa is your typical ardent gamer: after spending hours upon hours, he ultimately defeats World Ver2.0’s last boss.

Following that, he begins constructing his character for the recently released World Ver3.0 and chooses to take a chance by making his character the Ultimate Mage with Cheat-like bonuses and similarly bad de-buffs by exploiting the Penalty-Benefit System. “After all, it’s just a game,” he reasoned, “and it doesn’t matter how bad the penalty is, RIGHT!?” But when he opens his eyes, he’s somewhere in the game, and the last thing he recalls is the loading screen.

The art of this new action fantasy manhwa is definitely worth looking at. The character is well portrayed and the story is good for those who love a plot in a game where the protagonist can surely be powerful. Overall, if you’re for the best action fantasy manhwa to read, you may want to try this one.


2. The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy

new action fantasy manhwa

This is a new action fantasy manhwa in which the Demon King was immediately killed off in the Prologue. And the protagonist became the ‘Demon Prince’ of said novel.

Moreover, The main character is thrown into an endgame situation as his story starts off with the hero fighting the Demon lord in the Demon King’s Castle, in a world that was created from one of his novels, the person he reincarnated as isn’t overpowered as you’ll see in many Isekai stories.

Overall, the story of an author trapped inside his own work is told in a funny and exciting way. The main character is Chad. Though weak, he doesn’t let others diss him. Makes unpredictable decisions in certain situations and it’s hella fun to read. The art is decent and the characters are very good. If you’re looking for some new action fantasy manhwa recommendations, this is one that you should not miss.


1. Return of the Iron-Blooded Hound 

new action fantasy manhwa

‘Bichir van Baskerville,’ the hunting dog of the Baskerville Clan, pursued the course of assassination and espionage he was set on to earn his clan the title of greatest.

However, the punishment for his loyalty to his clan was a false accusation of treachery, followed by the cold blade of the guillotine. “I will never again live the life of a dog who is killed after the rabbit hunt is over.” But when he was faced with death, an unexpected opportunity presented itself to him. Bichir’s eyes gleamed as he sharpened his fangs in the dim light. “Have a seat, Hugo. “This time, I’ll tear you apart with these jaws.”And thus the hound’s murderous vengeance begins!

If you’re eager to find the best action fantasy manhwa to read in 2023, then just don’t miss this one. The action scenes are amazing, and the art is just pleasing to look at. The main character is entertaining to watch he’s got a goal and doesn’t go against the grain, he’s not too cliched either but he’s pretty cool, which put the story at the top spot of new action fantasy Manhwa recommendations.


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