Top 10 Best Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

The Best 10 Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers That You Should Not Miss


Another debate today is the manhwa where mc has demonic powers. Overpowered characters almost always have unique personalities and exceptional abilities.

Demons are frequently depicted as frightening and wicked entities in the realm of webtoons. But what happens when the main character in the story possesses demonic abilities? This movie examines ten interesting works of art in which the protagonist possesses demonic abilities and analyzes the particular problems they encounter in their pursuit of power, atonement, or just survival.

These stories give a varied spectrum of viewpoints on the demon genre, from dark and haunting tales to cheerful and funny escapades. There is certain manhwa where mc has demonic powers on this list for you, whether you like action, drama, or romance.

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10. The Book of Lagier 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

The Demon King of this manhwa where mc has demonic powers is obliged to replace a worthless human prince, but he must fulfill his dying requests or never return to his old body. He and his demon companions must train, combat the angels, and race against the clock to fulfill their assignments before it’s too late.

The storyline of this manhwa where mc has demonic powers is fantastic. At times, the main character appears unreasonable and difficult to relate to, and the yellow-haired knight man seems to have figured out more by now, so those two things are a little bothersome. Overall, the art is good and the characters are nicely represented; give this manhwa where mc has demonic powers a shot and tell us what you think.

9. Demon Devourer 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

Elric Mervinger, a member of a once-famous wizarding family, is unable to use magic because of a rare medical condition. He encounters Mephistopheles, a demon who is trying to take control of Elric in order to escape a dragon’s trap while searching for a cure for his illness.

But the two end up being joined when Elric accidentally absorbs Mephisto. Will Elric be able to bring his family back to its former glory with Mephisto by his side using this new power? Read and find out.

This fantasy manhwa where mc has demonic powers is actually quite good. The main character is composed and calm, and the artwork is beautiful to the eye and he can absorb powerful demon kings to gain abilities. If you’re looking for some fantasy manhwa where mc has demonic powers then give this one a try.

8. I Was the Final Boss 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

Every great narrative requires a great protagonist, and Baphomet is no exception. The webtoon’s concept is that he is a boss monster that transforms into a human after defeating a “hunter.” The plot twists right away in the first chapter.

You’d expect that when Baphomet turned human, the hunter who killed the big monster would become his competitor. But no! Baphomet manages to kill him with one last shot! So the story doesn’t devolve into the cliche of Baphomet being obsessed with vengeance against the hunter who killed him.

This is an amazing manhwa where mc has demonic powers! The art is great, so no problem there! And the story moves at a surprisingly reasonable pace. The chapters are satisfying to read, and don’t even end on the annoying cliffhangers that many action manga tend to leave off on. Hence this is a manhwa where mc has demonic powers that is the read.

7. My Master Is a Backseat Gamer 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

In a universe where super-powered heroes battle extradimensional monsters, Hyunsoo is only a helpless bystander. That is until a god-like grandmaster from the medieval past named Chunma appears out of nowhere and becomes Hyunsoo’s instructor.

Chunma covertly teaches Hyunsoo the way of the fist in front of no one else. When his new abilities force him to join the fight against the monsters, Hyunsoo finds himself in the driver’s seat of a wild adventure, with Chunma along for the ride!

The art of this manhwa where mc has demonic powers is a sort of modern fusion and has a unique style that complements the story. The shading and colors are well done, pretty neat, and organized. Overall, this is a great manhwa where mc has demonic powers, a classic plot, but I kind of like how the main character becomes stronger. Read it, and you won’t regret it.

6. 66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

Diablo Volpir, a powerful evil mage, was vanquished and locked away, but he awakens 66,666 years later as Jamie Welton. He vows revenge on the 12 gods with a fraction of the strength he previously had, a family, and calm surroundings.

This manhwa where mc has demonic powers was a lot of fun at first, and I honestly expected it to be good because the first few chapters set the scene perfectly. You have your protagonist, who is murdered and reborn in the future with a thirst for vengeance.

Moreover, he is so strong that you never see him study spells; he simply knows and employs them. He improves just by meditating for 5 minutes. His magic is so unique that no one knows what it is. He employs necromancy, exploding tactics, healing, and so forth. I really enjoy the starting setup. I was wondering how a dark person like him could blend in with an upright aristocratic family while carrying out his agenda. So, tell me if you finished it all.

Furthermore, the story became stale around the time he became involved in church matters because the story now revolves around him attempting to unravel the mysteries behind the various churches. The artwork is excellent, and the story is well worth reading for a manhwa where mc has demonic powers, so don’t miss out on it.

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5. Return of the War God 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

The protagonist is the most powerful gosu in the Murim realm. He assassinated several other martial artists. Seven powerful martial artists banded together and encased the main character in ice. The main guy got liberated from his ice prison after 1000 years. Many things have changed in him over the course of 1000 years. He’s becoming more cheerful. He adopts a dying child and tries to raise her to the best of his ability.

This manhwa where mc has demonic powers is just fantastic. From the outset, the main character is overpowering. His demeanor is also endearing. He never takes pity on his adversaries. This manhwa where mc has demonic powers also has nice art; however, it can be a little uneven at times. However, these minor flaws do not detract from the overall quality of the manhwa. The world-building is also coming along well. This manhwa where mc has demonic powers comes highly recommended.

4. Murim RPG Simulation

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

Seolhwi, a scout in the fabled Demon Cult, is on a normal patrol when his squad suddenly encounters a ferocious master of the Mount Hua Sect, the Demon Cult’s bitter foes. The Mount Hua Cult Master slaughters the entire squad without warning.

As Seolhwi lies dying, bemoaning years of cult devotion with nothing to show for it, he is confronted with a video game prompt asking whether he wants to restart. Seolhwi swears to survive and become stronger in order to get to the top of the Demon Cult if given the chance to start again and make new choices.

The main character of this manhwa where mc has demonic powers, like in arcade games, and has a system. He can get more life by killing other martial artists. This is excellent. The system is more concerned with decision-making, and MC has the ability to restart his life as many times as he has slain other martial artists. if you’re looking for a manhwa where mc has demonic powers this one is definitely recommended.

3. Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

Jagak Yang, a rising martial arts expert, is renowned as the Ten Strike Finisher for his ability to destroy any opponent in ten moves. Jagak is also the son of the Great Martial Alliance’s head, an organization of ethical martial arts factions. His future dominance of the martial arts world appears to be all but assured—that is until he is slain by envious competitors! Jagak is reborn as Cheonso Ma, the villainous Shining Light Cult’s playboy second-in-command.

This manhwa where mc has demonic powers is great; the art is pleasant to the eyes, and the characters are well-portrayed. The story might seem a little boring, but it’s worth a try since the main character is really strong and has some demonic powers. Read it and find out.

2. Descent of the Demon Master 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

Our main character, “Kang Jinho,” was a brilliant academic and social student until he met a terrible end when he lost his family in an accident and became physically disabled. With this knowledge, he committed himself, and then he was granted a second opportunity in life, where he survived and became a Heavenly Demon, where he met his awful end once more! Now, for the third time, he is given another chance.

This isn’t your standard manga where the main character faces new opponents and sets out to save the world. The MC is simply trying to live a normal life with OP powers, and it’s a lot of fun. Of course, it may be a little monotonous and sluggish to pick up at first, but as the secretary arrives, everything turns hilarious.

Overall, This manhwa where mc has demonic powers is a refreshing change from reading manga, which is full of dramatic battles from beginning to end. The spectacular fight scenes and the reactions he receives from being OP provide a satisfying dose of enjoyment. I wholeheartedly endorse this!

1. Return of the Mad Demon 

manhwa where mc has demonic powers

Jaha Lee, the Mad Demon, aspires to be the God of Martial Arts, but his dreams are destroyed when he falls over a cliff. He awakens in his twenties and has a chance at vengeance and a second chance at life.

This is an amazing manhwa where mc has demonic powers. From the beginning, the main character is overpowering and brutal. The best thing about him is that he is not foolish and sometimes acts erratically based on his instincts. Side characters are also very nicely crafted.

Moreover, the interactions between the major characters and the supporting cast are always fascinating. This manhwa’s art is also excellent, with many exciting fighting sequences. This is a fantastic manhwa where mc has demonic powers that everyone should read at least once.


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