Top 20 Best Anime About War To Watch Of All Time

Top 20 Best Anime About War To Watch Of All Time


There will always be war. People die for their future generations to never see the horrors of war, but it will never end the cycle of never-ending bloodshed. Wars, indeed, do not happen as often, however, instead of wars, there will be small conflicts and acts of terrorism that happen quite often. Where diplomacy is powerless, there is always war.

Well, this anime about war series portrays it perfectly. Wars destroy lives, countries, and cultures. and shape our past, present, and future. thus they continue to be the fascination of anime writers and the center of many manga and anime tv shows. War stories reveal the true nature of humanity in its darkest times, and these anime about war shows us exactly that.

If you made it so far in this anime about war article, then you are expecting some thrilling recommendations, so let’s run down the 20 greatest anime about war ever made, and some of them will be your favorites.


20. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Top 20 Best Anime About War To Watch Of All Time

Genres: Comedy, Historical, Romance, War, Rebellions

The story of this anime about war follows the 17-year-old high schooler Sagara Yoshiharu, who traveled in time from modern-day Japan to feudal Japan.

Fortunately, our main character is full of knowledge about the period from playing simulation games. Thus, he uses his prior knowledge to change the war events. But what consequences will come from tampering with history?

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna is a mix of historical, gender-swap, harem, comedy, and war. In short, this war anime series is definitely entertaining. The animation was pretty good in the year 2012. However, if you are looking for a comedy and historical anime about war! You won’t regret watching this anime.


19. Aldnoah.Zero


Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Mecha, War

Aldnoah Zero is set in a world, where humans reach the Moon in 1972, they discover an ancient alien hyper gate on the surface. Utilizing this technology, immigrants settle in and the Vers  Empire is established, a separate civilization from that of Earth.

A war starts around 25 years later, and in 1999 the hyper gate explodes, as well as the Moon.

The soldiers from Mars, headed by several Vers knights, set up space stations within the belt that develops in the Moon’s wake, and a ceasefire is established. The anime war starts 15 years later, as the princess of Vers comes to Earth on a peace mission, and several Vers knights manipulate the situation for their own gain to restart the war with the Terrans of Earth.

Overall, Aldnoah Zero is basically the anime version of a Hollywood action movie. The story just got better and better as the show progressed. Well, if you’re looking for Worldbuilding, Political, and Mecha anime about war, You won’t be disappointed.


18. Valkyria Chronicles

anime war

Genres: Action, Military, Romance, War

The anime series is about two nations at war, with a third, stuck in the middle and trying to survive the clash. Gallia is a neutral country between the superpowers of the Atlantic Federation in the west and the Autocratic East Europan Empire who are warring against each other.

The story begins when the peaceful hometown of our protagonists Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott is destroyed by the invading militaristic forces of the Imperial Alliance. The two protagonists decide, unbeknownst to the other, to join the country’s militia to fight back the invading army.

Valkyria Chronicles is a 26-episode action anime about war, with a touch of romance, that is based on a popular video game that was developed and published by Sega. All in all, an excellent anime series, roughly alternative history, with intense heart-pounding action, drama, mystery, and romance set amid the chaos of war. The animation quality was only just about acceptable for a 2009 anime.

Hence, if you’re a fan of military/war anime tv shows with a touch of romance! Then you should watch this show.

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17. Utawarerumono


Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

The anime about war is centered around a masked man with amnesia waking up in a fantasy world, where he is the only one who doesn’t have animal ears.

As the story goes on, our MC decides to help a local population to get rid of its cruel tyrant. The story does not stop there as for every evil ruler he stops, another one takes his place as more and more nations enter this seemingly small rebellion. Towards the end, the entire world is at war and there is a sort of Apocalypse at large as well.

Overall, Utawarerumono is an Action, Adventure anime about war set in a world of Fantasy. The story is very unique. war is a prevalent theme but other themes are displayed throughout. themes such as Romance, compassion, vengeance, courage, and friendship. they all leave their mark on this show.

Well, if you like comedy, romance, drama, harem, military/war anime tv series. Give this one a shot “Old but gold”.


16. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Genres: Action, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen

The story of this Japanese anime TV show is about the Roland empire’s magician Ryner Lute, and his partner Ferris Eris, the dazzling, arrogant, and insanely skilled swordswoman. The pair of protagonists proceed on a mission to find the legendary artifacts known as the Relics of Heroes, which lie hidden in various places across the Memories continent.

Both of them have been dispatched by Sion Astal (Ono Daisuke), the young Hero-King of the Roland Empire. If it wasn’t for Sion’s slave-running, as what both Ryner and Ferris see him be, Ryner would have been enjoying countless days taking his afternoon naps while Ferris enjoyed her share of Dango and only Dango in all of her meals.

The story is surprisingly good, the animation quality is really good for 2010 anime, and the characters are great. Well, if you looking for magic, sword-fighting anime about war with an op lazy MC! Then This Japanese series is absolutely for you.


15. Xam’d: Lost Memories


Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Adventure

The story of this Japanese anime series is set in a world where the two major continents, the North and the South, are fighting a bloody war that is beginning to take civilian lives in the past.

Now war has come again, with the North using their monsters with severely destructive power called ‘human forms’.  Senten island itself uses mech suits that operate according to the user’s concentration and mental waves. With war breaking out and Akiyuki becoming a Xam’d events have been set in motion, and various people follow different paths that will all eventually intertwine.

Xam’d are made by the mysterious white-haired children when they release a Haruko and it embeds into a host. If the host loses control, they turn to red stone, which over a long time turns into normal mossy rock. The human can learn to coexist with the Haruko and make use of its power. Xam’d do a brilliant job of displaying the havoc, loss, and beauty of war.

Xam’d Lost Memories (pronounced zam-d) AKA Bounen no Xam’d, is a unique 26-episode sci-fi anime about war, and the animation was fantastic, especially the battle scenes. So, if you are looking for an incredible military/war anime series with a heartwarming, genuine romance subplot! Look no further.


14. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Psychologique, Romance

The story of this anime about war centers around the young man Soumia Kazuya. An ordinary student who studies sociology and economics (with some notion of history). Suddenly he is summoned to a fantasy world where he’s betrothed to its princess, and now he is the new king after providing the royal family with impressive advice. To rule the kingdom, he’s taking the nontraditional (and very human) route of administrative reform.

In general, the plot is unique, and the art style seems really nice. So, if you are a fan of fantasy, harem, worldbuilding, political, military/war anime! This show is a good watch all around, so get to watching now!

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13. The Heroic Legend of Arslan


Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical

The plot is centered around a young prince of Pars “Arslan” who is such a cutie, he shows so much compassion towards his country and all around him. The story begins when the kingdom is conquered at war with the nearby empire, Lusitania. However, now Arslan is trying to gather an army to protect his kingdom from various enemy factions, and is driven out of his own kingdom, and how he must become a man worthy of leading his people to reclaim his kingdom.

Overall, If you like anything medieval, you will most definitely love this.  The fights are great, the animation is exquisite, the backgrounds are the best, the characters are great, and the music fits every scene perfectly. You get to watch as the protagonist grows stronger and you get to really understand his personality and the personalities of his new friends.

Arslan Senki thus far is the one of best war anime, and one of the best animes in the year 2015, if not the best. So, if you’re looking for medieval anime about war! this series is worth your time. Give it a try.


12. Alderamin on the Sky


Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Military

The story is set in a fantasy world, where the Katjvarna Empire is surrounded by neighboring countries with which it is at war. During the war between two neighboring empires, Ikta, a typical lazy genius young man want just to live a peaceful life.

Suddenly, his life turned upside down when he joins the Imperial Segal High-Grade Academy with his childhood friend Yatorishino Igsem, who is almost the opposite of Ikta.

Alderamin is mainly focused on the war between two neighboring empires Katjvarna and the Republic of Kioka, and the struggles of Ikta and his comrades fighting in the war. This was an amazing Japanese anime about war with fantasy and military themes.

Well, if you’re a fan of military fiction and war anime stories, this is definitely something to keep an eye on.


11. Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199


Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Space, Drama

The show is set during the year 2199 and the once blue, green, and thriving life planet earth has been reduced to a radioactive wasteland because of the Garmillas aliens which forced the remaining population to hide underground.

However, a friendly alien race from the planet Iscandar contacts the human race and gives them a mysterious technology to build a powerful space battleship capable of retrieving a device to clean planet earth before humanity disappears.

Most of you may know that Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is a remake of the 1970’s Japanese animated space opera by the same name (bar 2199). If one were to make a comparison of its significance to the importance of the genre, it is basically the Star Wars of Japan – the series that one would point to as a culturally significant moment in entertainment and the rise of the genre itself.

Well, if you’re a fan the Star Wars and you want a Japanese version of it! This anime about war is recommended for you.


10. GATE


Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Military

The story begins when a gate appears from nowhere and it comes with a bunch of fantasy creatures and medieval troops (warriors wielding ancient armor, elves, dwarves, dragons, etc) that indiscriminately kill civilians.

Thus, the SDF (Japanese military) decides to enter the fantasy gate to find out a way to wreck the place, and our otaku main lead, Youji Itami, who’s already aged 33 years old but also a member of the Japanese military, and once the initial attack has been dealt with, he joins the force sent through the gate. By clashing, it doesn’t entirely mean a total war between the two sides. After a while, both sides begin to establish a diplomatic relationship with one another. Sounds strange right?

Overall, the fantasy/medieval settings are well done in this anime series. It’s a more gritty, historical, period in which sieges and aristocrats dominated military tactics.

If anyone wanted to watch an anime about war, where a modern army formation back into the past, with semi-unlimited ammo logistics, whether they could take on demigods, dragons, and aristocratic-based militaries… this is a good anime show to start with.


9. Saga of Tanya the Evil

 The Best Manga About Reincarnation To Read

Genres: Magic, Military, Reincarnation, War

The story is set in an alternate reality in World War 1, but it starts around 10 years after our own WW1 so instead of WW1 happening in the 1910s it’s in the 1920s.

One day, a salaryman atheist gets reincarnated by “god” or “Being X” as he calls it, as a girl with all his memories in an alternate world with magic where he must fight a war for the empire for him to start believing in God………..yeah it’s weird and crazy.

Youjo Senki is a surprising historically accurate commentary on early World War I Germany that mixes serious political and philosophical commentary with a crisply animated, action-packed war drama. It twists in the supernatural and magical with grace and nuance, of course, but this is done such that they are an integral part of the story without being blatant or obtrusive.

In short, this is a good anime about war/military to watch. So, give it a try if you’re into powerful moe characters, militarism, and real-world history.

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8. 86: Eighty-Six


Genres: Action, Drama, Mecha, Military, Sci-Fi

This anime about war TV shows takes place in the Republic of San Magnolia. For a long time, this country has known how horrible wars are. The Republic has been attacked by its neighbor, the Empire, which created a series of unmanned military vehicles to conquer San Magnolia.

In response to the threat, the Republic completes the development of similar technology, mecha-like machines that help the Republic combat the threat of the Empire. However, where there is a war, there are also dark secrets and Eighty-Six is not an exception.

Overall, the series animation of this anime about the war itself is pretty exciting. The characters are well done, with each their own unique characteristics including their personalities. The fighting scenes are smooth and exciting, followed by a piece of music contributing quite a lot to make certain scenes more memorable.

This show is unique and a good watch anime about war. It’s a military drama tv show, that touches all thrilling edges such as horror, action, death, and above all, a touch of romance.


7. Kingdom


Genres: Action, Historical, Military, Seinen

This is an anime about war series, set during the Warring States period of feudal China. Xin and Piao are war orphans in the kingdom of Qin who each dream of being world re-known generals by proving themselves on the battlefield.

However, Piao is taken to the palace by a minister and Xin is left behind in their village. This, of course, becomes the first step on a very harsh journey for Xin.

Fast forward a bit and Xin meets Zheng … a boy who could be his friend Piao’s twin. Zheng turns out to be the king of Qin and their meeting sets Xin on the path to his dream … but will he ever reach it?

To, accomplish his and his best friends’ dreams. As most shounen is rough, and straight to the point, but always showing us the improvement of the main character as he struggles his way into the achievements of his dreams. And this is what gets you into the story, and what keeps you on the verge of your seat as you watch and wait with a lot of anxiety for the next chapter.

Overall, If you’re looking for anime about war with Chinese warfare, strategic battles, etc – then Kingdom is worth your time.


6. Dororo (2019)


Genres: Action, Demons, Historical, Samurai

The anime’s story of this anime about war is based on a manga with the same name and is about a mysterious traveling swordsman unable to speak, hear, see, taste, or smell, and is missing multiple vital organs. now is on a journey in Feudal Japan to get back his body parts from demons. Along the way, that same character becomes friends with A young wandering girl known by the name of Dororo(presented as a boy) without parents. After he defends her from a demon that she wanders into, she decides to stick with him as they both travel across Japan experiencing events that occur in the Muromachi Period.

In general, the story itself is amazing and expected of the legendary Osamu Tezuka, both the animation and sound were good. and the themes, samurai, ancient japan, and demons, are really interesting. most samurai series do not include supernatural creatures because it would ruin the realistically. Dororo maintains to stay realistic even though there are demons in the show and I think that’s amazing.

So, if you like samurai, demons, and anime about war! this show is absolutely recommended for you.


5. Legend of the Galactic Heroes


Genres: Military, Sci-Fi, Space, Drama

The story of this anime about war is centered around a battle between two titanic forces clashing in space, the Galactic Empire, and the Free Planets Alliance. As the anime progresses, it shifts from centering on the war to centering itself around the MC, Yang Wenli, and Reinhard von Lohenngramm who possess two opposing viewpoints.

While both protagonists are sympathetic towards the lives of the common people, they differ in their methods. Yang Wenli is a strong advocate of democracy, while Reinhard believes that whatever is most efficient should be utilized.

In general, this is an epic anime about war. It succeeds in the character development and the subtle, and obvious messages that are conveyed to the watcher. It talks of the merits of autocracy, the detriments of democracy, and everything in between. It thoroughly explores the political side of war, and the civilian side of war, and is quite realistic in its portrayals, so if you needed an anime about war, this is a masterpiece to watch…


4. Violet Evergarden

Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry

Genres: Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy

Violet Evergarden is a young girl who grew up on the battlefield treated as a weapon rather than a human/soldier. But when the war is over and having been separated from her only important person Major Gilbert, Violet must now learn to live in a post-war world, and Claudia, an old friend of Gilbert promised to take care and help Violet after the war, and after seeing Auto Memories Doll at work, she too wishes to become one to learn what “I love you” means.

Overall this is one of the best anime about war. Makes one smile, makes another one cry, and gives one hope, as Violet meets different kinds of people and through their interactions, she grows as a person. The animation is pretty good, has beautiful style, and vibrant colors. In short, if you are interested in anime about war that gives you an idea about the consequence and violence of wars! Violet Evergarden might be a good watch for you.

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3. The Founder of Diabolism


Genres: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Historical

The story of this anime about war series takes place 13 years after Wei Wuxian’s death when a dude named Mo Xuanyu summons the soul of Wei Wuxian into his body to exact revenge on his family. In Mo Xuanyu’s body, Wei Wuxian begins to encounter his past friends – all of whom still seem to hate him – and thus begins the retelling of his path to the dark side.

The Founder of Diabolism is based on a popular Chinese light novel of the same name. In this ancient Chinese-inspired fantasy, the cultivation of one’s own life force is used to battle evil spirits and demons. You’ve got people flying on swords, a whip made of purple lightning, demon-slaying musical instruments – all that good stuff.

So, if you’re Looking for anime about war! and a different show far from the typical Japanese anime series! this Chinese anime about war is a good watch to start with.


2. Vinland Saga


Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Drama

If we are talking about anime wars! This anime about war is almost the best out there! However, the story starts normally in a simple home a warrior was living with his wife and kids happy, he went away from all the Vikings’ wars and left the battlefield just to live as a normal human with his family!

Such a great man indeed! But you know the past will always follow us wherever we go! And that’s what happened with this great warrior when he was summoned to join a king!

But in fact, it was just a trap to kill him! That’s what happened, but after a very vicious fight just to protect his son Thorfinn, who secretly follows him. After that, Thorfinn starts his journey with his father’s killer to become more powerful to take his revenge one day in a one-on-one fight.

This is one of the best anime about war you can ever watch. Enjoyment is served very well in this anime tv show! And also, it will be stuck in your mind for a long time! Believe me on this one, as soon as you start watching this anime about war you will dive so crazy to watch it all and wait for more!


1. Attack on Titan


Genres: Action, Military, Mystery, Fantasy

Centuries ago, giant humans called Titans appeared, seemingly, out of nowhere and like to eat humans for no reason. Mankind couldn’t defend against the Titans and had to fall back and build a giant wall to keep the Titans at bay so they can survive. They are safe for now, but years later, when a Colossal Titan appeared out of nowhere and broke open the wall letting other Titans flow through the city to do what they do best.

As time goes on, there is going to be a conflict between the humans and the Titans, and things start to get interesting because we want to know how the people are going to survive against the Titans.

Eren Jaeger is the main protagonist of this series, he hates the Titans and has one goal in his life to kill every last one of them and to find out the secrets behind where the Titans came from. Thus our story begins…

Attack on Titan is the best anime about war to get somebody who loves Action, Mystery, Fantasy, and Military, started on anime- I think it is literally the most mainstream anime ever made, and that is definitely not a bad thing, in this anile about war you will live the best moments in your life, so if you didn’t start watching it yet! what are you waiting for ha?


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