The Best Manhwa/Manhua Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game

The Best Manhwa/Manhua Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game

 Hello dear far far away Otaku friends, I just hope that you all doing fine and you still fighting life ups and downs as expected, anyways, in this article I have for you 9 of the best Manhwa/Manhua where the MC trapped in a video game.
Those recommendations will enlighten your day for sure, additionally, I could say that nowadays we are all trapped in some kind of game somewhere, I don’t think that there’s someone out there who’s not addicted to a video game or two!
therefore I think this list will be needed by many people, so I hope you enjoy it…


And here we go…


12. The Trembling World (Novel)

It seems those last suggestions are all novels! Well, I will not deny it, it is just the same when it comes to the story! they all have the aspect of the best manhwa/manhua where the mc is trapped in a video game.

Additionally, Several hundred thousand players are trapped in a gritty zombie apocalypse survival game just after the game launch.

There are hints that deaths in the game might be serving some other terrible purpose in the background of reality… Liu Gan is a quadruple amputee in real life.

A quirk in the server code recognized his prosthetic limbs as ‘real limbs’ in-game, giving him ‘normal’ arms and legs that nonetheless have the strength and power of steel limbs, and thus far more power than a normal player.

With this minor cheat helping him survive the early stages of the game, Liu Gan sets out to find out what exactly is going on and to endure as long as he can.


11. I Rely On Poverty To Sweep Through Survival Games (Novel)

With yet another suggestion of the best manhwa/manhua where the mc is trapped in a video game! it is true a novel but the fact that it follows the same story makes it, even more, wanted to be here is this list.

Anyways, the story is nice to have on a boring afternoon, so if you found yourself out of choices you can be Humble and take this one to sweeten your days.

Moreover, Xiao Lan was a pauper who couldn’t do anything that required money. On the road after work, he was engulfed by darkness and opened his eyes to a frightening and dangerous survival game.

The app that can’t be deleted; the people it locked on to were unable to escape except through death, and here you go, this is just a hint from the real story so just take time and grab it…


10. Pick Me Up! (Novel) 

The Best Manhwa/Manhua Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game

Well, it is indeed a novel but guess what! it is even better than anything for those who live to read stuff without looking at pictures!

Anyways, it is kind of weird but I have to add this one to manhwa/manhua where the mc is trapped in a video game! to be honest it does deserve it with no doubt.

However, the story is nice to read, Follows Han Seo-jin, a top-ranking player of a popular gacha/tower-clearing game with the same name as the novel.

One way or another, our protagonist finds himself transported into the game as a 1-star Hero, the lowest level of Hero, in the account of a brand-new player.

Now he must use his knowledge and mastery of the game to survive and, hopefully, return to his own world, therefore, you can take this one as one of your best manhwa/manhua where the mc is trapped in a video game…


9. Manhwa: Final Boss Engineer

The Best Manhwa Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game
Well, alright alright alright, here we go, this Manhwa is not the best yet it’s somehow entertaining, it could be the best to some of you, and others will say it’s poorly represented, either way, it’s already there available for you, in case you’re out of choices you can just grab it and go.
However, in this Manhwa there’s this legendary gamer chosen by AI, Captain of engineering, who will 2get trapped in the game.
With an expectation of becoming the final Boss in that game, well it’s not as simple as it sounds, because you will be reading and imaging too much stuff that will be happening in this Manhwa, I can tell you that it looks quite better than what have you thought and expected.
Therefore, you just give it a chance if you see yourself out of choices, i think you will have a gaze of enjoyment at some moment…

8. Manhua: Blood Strike: Death God’s Game

The Best Manhwa/Manhua Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game
Chen Feng, the king of the game Blood Strike, king’s Ascent inexplicably crossed into the mysterious Death Match Challenge, within that service, the king appeared on the desert map with live ammunition, and had a live-action gun battle with others, it seems quite interesting so far ha!
Anyways and just as he was so excited about this real game, it’s a more terrifying inner world opened, and the zombie’s variants and even the boss that had never appeared in the game.
They all rushed out, well here I stop so that you can have the majority of the events left to read about, what j said is just a tiny piece of the story, you still have what really matters, therefore you can have this manhua as a snack to sweeten your bored Time, I hope you enjoy it…

7. Manhwa: One Episode Is Enough for Unplayed

 Manhwa Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game

with another kind of those genres, this Manhwa will be having some dramatic moments, since it’s about the MC trapped in a game.
Actually, it’s a dating simulation game, well in this game you’re trapped there and you’ve got one way to go back to the original world, the way that will make you get back to the original world is to have a happy ending!
So the MC will be having many relationships in this simulation game, she will be dating different kinds of males, some of them are kind of weird! therefore it will be a hard task to find the perfect date with a happy happiest happier ending!
This is the question you will be asking Guys when u read this Manhua, but I’m sure you will enjoy it and enjoy the art as well as the drawings which are fabulous to look at, so stop playing games and start reading about them, it’s just a world of games from playing to reading about, it’s all the same routine going by…

6. Manhua: Infinite Gold God

Manhua Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game
well, the first thing you will notice when you start reading this Manhua is the diversity of the colors, it’s so joyful and entertaining to the eyes, so you will feel refreshed when reading it, no matter what topics it holds.
However, the game in this Manhua has more than 300 million players, it has integrated all types of things, furthermore, the MC is trapped in this virtual game, and also the Game has been taken over by the AI Group.
So you will be seeing many new players get exterminated by the older experienced players, so now our MC needs to fine an alliance so that they work together to survive this virtual world, but how could he find any! while all the new players are already dead!
Seems the MC will be facing too much trouble in there, anyways guys you will like the aspect of this manhua so just go ahead and read it…

5. Manhwa: Raid (Jung-Hyun KIM)

 Manhwa Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game
first of all watch yourself when reading this Manhwa because you will be falling down from a very long building! so watch your imagination, don’t let it fall alongside the MC.
Anyways the art is nice at first glance, and the drawings are super cool and simple, well, it seems so confusing when reading the first chapters!
It’s almost unbearable but u have to be patient with it, otherwise, nothing will be enjoyable for you, patient nothing will pass on you easy, even the simple stuff will be hard for you, and that’s a problem with the mood because you know the mood is changing all the time and sometimes make you hate everything.
That’s why it’s not easy to tolerate the boring stuff, as soon as u start reading something boring you quit it as fast as possible, it’s almost the case in this Manhwa, but since the MC is trapped in a video game we will try out best to read it to the end hopefully we help the MC escape his trouble and be Free at last, so give it hand guys for the sake of the MC’S freedom…

4. Manhwa: Arcana Fantasy

 Manhwa Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game
the story is very confusing and the MC is very delusional, the end in this Manhwa might seem so creepy for you guys, but some of you might like that; for me, it’s really confusing and I’m still wondering what the heck was the intention of the author to depict this story!
I would say that the story has skipped too many details which can make the readers feel so horribly confused, the MC is stuck in the video game and the readers are trapped reading this Manhwa! it’s just so dark to see the way around this Manhwa, this is somehow will make it kind of unique so we might enjoy this and as a different kind of reading!
Anyways I wouldn’t promise you anything in this Manhwa, I’m just suggesting that reading it or not will be your choice, after all, that way you will not blame my background for it, so the ball is at your feet kick it or leave it…

3. Manhwa: Grim Reaper Online

 Manhwa Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game
once upon a time there was a Los soul of a dead girl, her soul was wandering around in a virtual video game, didn’t quite find a way to get out of there, or does the soul find even himself! such a dark mood sounding this poor soul, suddenly there showed up The Grim Reaper!
Entering the video game with one intention which is to guide this lost soul of the dead girl, guiding and saving the lost soul will not come easy you know! therefore as the first hardship he faced was getting trapped in the online game instead! so now the problem has become more severe and the effort must be more to save himself and the Lost soul with him.
However, the art is amazing and the drawings are absolutely cool to the eyes it’s catching, so I promise you, enjoyment guys…

2. Manhua: World of Warcraft Swordmaster

The Best Manhwa/Manhua Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game
there was an internet-addicted boy called Lui Feng who accidentally crossed the world of sword and magic, well, the problem is that he cannot use magic and doesn’t have vindictiveness, he was actually ridiculed as a demon martial artist.
So he thought that he awakened the skills of the swordsman profession in the game, he could cheat his finger on the peak of life, but unfortunately, he was suspicious of life by local indigenous people, so the question is what can he do ? in this crisis-ridden continent, can he really survive and become a strong man who controls his own destiny?
On the other hand, the art is fairly decent and good, and the drawings are very cool, so you will be reading a good story and looking at some amazing drawings, enjoyment and entertainment are there for sure so don’t skip it guys…

1. Manhwa: How to Clear a Dating Sim as a Side Character

 Manhwa Where The MC Is Trapped In A Video Game
well, here we are, this is the best one we have here for u, the pure joy of the list, and I think this is the only Manhwa I have read with the same concept as Villains are destined to die!
This is why I want to see how this comes out eventually, well I will tell you something about the story, it was all started when Yewon opens her eyes inside the midnight, the top-ranked dating simulation game, she realizes things aren’t quite as fun when her own life is at stake without a Load Save option.
The only way to clear midnight is to reach a happy ending with one of the five love interests, but each route poses a different set of problems, meeting the master of the mage’s tower will lead to almost certain death, so no more burning stuff already.
I will have to say that the art is up to the level of Great, and the drawings are adorable to see, so you only need time and mood! and there you go start reading…
Thank you for Reading.

Finally, the best Manhwa/Manhua where the MC is trapped in a video game is just my choice, so we hope that you enjoy it and that you get some information about the best Manhwa/Manhua where the MC trapped in a video game!

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