Top 13 Best Gangster Manhwa You Absolutely Need To Read

 The Best 13  Gangster Manhwa You Absolutely Need To Read


Hello dear otakus, welcome again to another list of the best gangster manhwa! it is indeed a badass list, as usual, you only need some time and the mood to collect it up, we tried our best to come up with the best suggestions for you guys, You know anything less than the best is not up to the level you have, so we made sure to give the best of the best.

Moreover, just be ready to be taken away by some gangster atmosphere here, this list of the best gangster manhwa will indeed take your breath away with its greatness! This is the list anyone who is an expert in this field would gladly recommend to you.

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13. Manager

Genres: Drama, Gangs, Mafia

The gangster members are always so scary to normal people! yet the gangsters are always trying to do something so that they can fit in the social community!

Well! this is exactly what happened in this gangster manhwa, where our mc is fit in the entertainment industry, and what is more than that is that he took his friends with him! they are not just any ordinary guys! because they are making a lot of trouble along the way! so the issue is going to be big, and our mc will be having a bad time trying to fit in easily!

So for those who are looking for a good and amazing gangster manhwa to read, this one is going to be a good choice to take without any hesitation.


12. Bright Future

mafia manhwa

Genres: Action, Gangs, Mafia

You might be thirsty to read a good gangster manhwa! and also make your feelings move, this gangster manhwa right here is a very good choice guys.

However, a brutal attack as a child leaves Hyun-Tae emotionless and numb with the inability to feel pain. His condition allows him to become a ruthless gangster that everyone fears. As he begins to hunt for the truth about his past, he also sets his eye on finding a missing jewel worth millions that put his life at risk.

Therefore, I thought that you will like the story of this gangster manhwa, and also make it easy for you more because I put it here for you guys, you just need time and start reading it…


11. Emperor’s Castle

best Yakuza manhwa

Genres: Drama, Gangs, Martial Arts, Yakuza

This is another amazing gangster manhwa to read guys! moreover, Chunhoo Kang lives in a world of crime, conspiracy, and intrigue. He’s the Nihon Saikono Warrior, Japan’s greatest fighter in the yakuza underworld.

However, he’s also Korean. He holds the title through Shi-Nan-Joo, a powerful and ancient martial artist from Korea. Haunted by past sins, Chunhoo abandons his crime life to search for the young woman and son he abandoned decades ago. His yakuza bosses are unforgiving. They want his honor and title back.

Assassins trail him all the way back to Korea and Chunhoo resolves that he’s not going to be anybody’s servant anymore. He’s going to become an Emperor, standing at the apex of his own empire. Meanwhile, his son Sukgi is a rising hotshot in the Baekhwa criminal organization in Korea.

He’s got it all; money, women, and power. But when the Baekhwas spark a national murder scandal, the mob boss forces Sukgi to publicly assume the guilt for the crime by threatening his mother. To save her life, Sukgi must agree to take the fall, a certain death! Just go for this gangster manhwa guys surely you will enjoy the vibes…


10. Kill Me, Kiss Me

mafia manhwa

Genres: Drama, Gangs, Comedy, Romance

When you read the title you automatically have wonders about this gangster manhwa! Furthermore, When Tae I’m finds out that the idol star that she’s adored for ages is currently attending the same all-boys school as her identical cousin Jung-Woo I’m, she convinces her kin to switch places – she will dress like him!

Attend his all-boys school and try to get close to her lover boy; he will dress like her, attend her all-girls school and revel in its sea of babes. Flawless? Well, with bullies, brats, and bishonen around, everything can go wrong!

Overall, this gangster manhwa is a bit not as great as the other ones on this list! but it has some good vibes anyways! so I thought you need to read it, in order to kill your time…


9. My Wife is a Gangster


Genres: Action, Gangs

Well! as for this Manhwa it’s quite not as ordinary because it is about a housewife! this housewife is not just any housewife, you would say what makes her different!

well, I will tell you that she’s a badass housewife, hell she’s a gangster wife! it sounds interesting right, this virtuous housewife used to be a leader of a gang before becoming a housewife, but it was all revealed when they have been attacked by assassins and her husband got kidnapped!

So it was just time to get her old self back and now the gentle wife becomes a gangster once again, but this time it was for a good reason, now she will defeat her enemies fiercely and bravely, saving her peaceful life and her beloved husband deserves all the efforts she’s about to do, anyways on the other side, the art in this Gangster Manhwa is looking awesome and the drawings are truly representative to the story, so here u go, guys, if you want a badass housewife…


8. A Bad Friend


Genres: Action, Gangs, School Life, Transfer Students

We have had watched many movies and many Anime shows that had this kind of story before, and surely we enjoyed many of them, now let’s try some Manhwa about the same concept once again, because you know the majority of people like to see or read about this gangster stuff!

I don’t know what’s going on with it, but somehow it makes the people enjoy them, maybe because deep down inside each and every one of us there’s a gangster hiding, and those kinds of shows or Webtoons always reveal that side and makes it pop up to the surface of people while they’re enjoying reading or watching something about gangsters, so this way we probably get to satisfy our desires!

However, in this gangster Manhwa, there’s Skylar who had to go back to school with the help of her bodyguard Nathan, and because she’s the daughter of the gangster boss it would be a mission to fit in with all the others! anyways go ahead and read it guys it’s worth the time…


7. Hello Mister Teddy


Genres: Action, Comedy, Gangs

The stereotypes are often not true, yet many people believe in them, we all hear about the underworld and the dark things, yet not many of us have seen such things with our own eyes, therefore it’s something out of the ordinary to see it happening in front of you!

Well, it will be happening right here in this Gangster Manhwa guys, you will see the darkest concept here, anyways, the ruler of the underworld whose appearance is often fiercer than a black bear, hell he is the black bear in here, his enemies are frightened only to hear his name, he’s the king of this underworld, no one dares to challenge him or even say his name loudly!

All of his enemies with that he doesn’t show up at any moment to break any of what they were planning to do. On the other hand, the art is quite black and dark as expected and the drawings are showing a very skillful hand behind them, and the story is bloody good, so turn the lights down and enjoy the underworld concept…


6. The Devil’s Boy


Genres: Action, Gangs, Supernatural, Reincarnation

This Gangster Manhwa has a good looking, especially the powers, which look nice and crisp, holding a cool premise, the idea of getting revenge is a strong one here, and you know it’s easy to screw up when trying to write something about this theme!

Though the story handled it properly, which will cost it to sacrifice other points of the plot, moving on to the art, I think it’s overly satisfying and probably the art in this Manhwa could be fancier than many other Manhwa artworks, it’s just a good looking art to look at!

And the eyes will be satisfied with it, additionally, the characters in this story were not so realistic, every character is basically insane but that’s what makes the story go on, moreover, the story itself is amazing generally even though sometimes it’s confusing, but that passes easy, to be fair this gangster Manhwa is just a one read task, which means you wouldn’t be able to read it again, so have this as a snack of the day guys…


5. Neck and Neck


Genres: Romance, Gangs, School Life

the story is mostly happening at a school, where the kids of the most powerful gang leaders of the city study, so imagine how the atmosphere seems to be there, anyways one of those kids is Dabin The daughter of Seoul’s most powerful crime boss, and she has the hot eyes shining for the son of her father’s friends, his name is Eugene!

But this last one does not have the same feelings for her because he only thinks of her as his little sister, he’s not into her by any chance, I imagine that would be hard for the girl, what’s more, is Dabin’s new classmate is none other than the son of her father’s long time rival!

So the weather surely be very hot in that school while each of the kids will be playing power games in order to prove something, and make their fathers proud, all this will upgrade to some gangster clashes which will make it more interesting, therefore enjoyment is at hand Guys just feel free to grab it…


4. Reawakened Man


Genres: Action, Gangs, Supernatural

There’s one thing that can make a real man angry, it’s injustice! therefore a man can do anything to change that and do his best to spread justice even though that costs him his life, well to be more specific, this was the case in this gangster Manhwa!

When Hwan couldn’t stand witnessing injustice, so he decided to involve with a pair of men targeting his next-door neighbor! the guy gets murdered by some bad guys while trying to protect his young neighbor, after 3 days he wakes up! it was just a dream for him, it’s just a bad thing to get killed by bad guys while trying to do good and help a friend!

Anyways, the art in this gangster Manhwa grabs your attention because of the way it shows how the main characters feel! it’s just amazing describing the feelings of angriness and the emotions of sadness, even the background is involved to describe the broken feelings of the main characters, I think this gangster Manhwa deserves your attention and your time…


3. Love in the Mask


Genres: Action, Drama, Gangs, Romance

This gangster manhwa has a very good story and a worthwhile read for anyone who likes romance, drama, gangs, action, as well as tragedy!

Furthermore, this gangster Manhwa adds together many elements to make it a touching story to read, with many sad moments, but there’s not so much as to make it unreadable, On the other side, the art is very nice and consistently good, with the character design being especially pretty, having some chapters that look closely similar but that wouldn’t take the amusements away from it.

After all, it’s always your choice to read it or skip it because the story might not be loveable to some of you while others Will definitely likes it, the majority will like it, that’s why I had to put it in such an advanced place of the whole list, I just hope that you will like it…


2. Blood Rain (Min)


Genres: Action, Drama, Gangs, Martial Arts

Here we are reaching the second-best gangster Manhwa that you must absolutely give time to read and enjoy, anyways, any conflict between the government and any gang it’s always a bad thing because the government finds it to be hard to control the underground world!

But they have worked to find out that the gangster world must be controlled by a gangster too, so the national intelligence service invented an effective way which is hiring another gangster group in order to control all the other ones!

They had to put an undercover policeman inside the gang, this undercover cop was Kang Hyuk, it might seem to be a great plan but guess what it’s going to be as expected, on the other hand, the art style is different but amazing, the drawings are just outstanding, so I surely recommend this gangster Manhwa for you guys…


1. The Breaker

The Breaker

Alright alright alright, here we are, we have reached the destination that we have all been waiting to find, this gangster Manhwa is the best of all the above, so you will definitely like it, damn you will love it, many of you might have read it a long time ago.

But for those who didn’t read it yet, guess what you’re just lucky to enjoy this masterpiece, don’t blame me guys if you get Captivated by it! I’m saying this because that’s what had happened to me, so I expect that will be happening to you either, However, the mc of this gangster Manhwa called Shi_Woo, was constantly being bullied and beat up at school by a gang!

They have driven him to the edge of suicide, he was so sick of being weak and helpless, he had to do something about it and change that issue with what he can, so he turned into w Guy who he knows to be a great martial artist! seeking his help to teach him the ways of fighting, the scared little boy will turn to become a great fighting talent, so guess what guys!

Some gangsters are going to get hurt soon. overall, I really hope you read this amazing gangster Manhwa guys, you will love it for sure…


Thank you for Reading.

Finally, the best gangster manhwa is just my choice, so we hope that you enjoy it and that you get some information about the best gangster manhwa!

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