Top 15 Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

The Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read


Hello dear otaku friends, I hope you doing all fine! Today the topic of this list could be a common issue in the world, that is why it might be an interesting thing to talk about and read about.

Many kids are getting bullied at schools and that might make him feel so bad! Nor if we say that might turn him into something else entirely! He could become a killer, Sadistic, or drive him to commit suicide!

Anyways, this list of the best bullying manhwa is probably wanted by many people, so I think you will like it for sure, and yeah this list is about the best bullying manhwa there is, and I guess many will be in need of it…

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15. My Life as a Loser

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Action, Drama, Time Travel, Bullying

We cannot say that this is one of the best bullying manhwas there is! But we surely had to include it here, Regardless of there being bullying scenes, This webtoon is hilarious. A large portion of the time I snicker so hard. The Plot turn is so great and once in a while amusing simultaneously haha.

The character improvement of the two MCs is stunning. Should peruse! There are likewise a couple of characters from another creator Park Taejun’s webtoon who made an appearance. My fav character is Park Dabin. She is a remarkable and bossy young lady! The last, finishing is fulfilled and excellent.

I wish it gets transformation. So if it’s not too much trouble, disregard low evaluation and try out for this one, I can say that it has the vibes to be one of the best bullying manhwa, yet it is not! however one day it might be…


14. Miss Guillotine

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, School Life, Bullying

The Story can be considered as one of the best bullying manhwa! and it begins with MC being bullied by her classmates then one day MCs sister gets killed and she establishes out it was her cohort who was bulling her so she choose to take revenge on her and her gathering. The just problem was that all the troublemaker menaces were some somewhat mysterious young ladies that were securing the world and getting paid by the government and none went against them, at that point.

The problem with this was that it was a somewhat inconsequential over-the-top thing put into this story. They could be simply typical high school young ladies. Additionally, in this world there are beasts yet they don’t do anything in the story basically just thing they do is that they exist so the mystical young ladies’ things could be put into this story of the best bullying manhwa! probably you will like it and probably not!


13. Viral Hit

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Action, Comedy, Bullying

First of all, this is yet another one of the best bullying manhwa you can probably find! it has some amazing art and the drawings are just incredible! However, Scrawny high school student Hobin Yoo is probably the last guy you’d expect to star in a New-tube channel that revolves around fighting.

But after following some advice from a mysterious New-tube channel, Hobin is soon knocking out guys stronger than him and raking in more money than he could have ever dreamed of. Can Hobin keep this up, or will he eventually meet his match? It is a question only to be answered if you read this best bullying manhwa…


12. Dokgo

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Drama, Action, School Life, Bullying

Another best bullying manhwa, this one is happening After Kang Hu’s death from bullying, the family was torn into pieces. His younger brother suppresses his resentment and heads back to school. The story begins exactly one year after Kang Hu’s death when his brother seeks to destroy the delinquent circle.

The story isn’t too original. Kang Hyuk, the Mc, wants to revenge for the death of his brother killed by some bullies(like the Mafia). He prepare a plan and he wrote this on his home’s wall, this is interesting. But in particular, he defeats bullies, one by one because he is very strong. I don’t like OP’s main character usually. But this is one of the best bullying manhwa, to be honest, it was enough good for me…


11. Bloody Sweet

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Bullying, Vampires

This is yet another good one counted amongst the best bullying manhwa, And it is also a very cute story, the plot is interesting. Not a lot of physical romance, despite what the previews might lead you to believe. It’s a nice twist on the typical vampire tales. There is a lot of character development, and the characters themselves have a lot of depth. The author does a good job wrapping up loose ends in prep for the sequel.

Furthermore, after all the good things we are hearing about this one, I can say for sure that it is indeed one of the best bullying manhwa! you will find a very good vibe to make you think about your past life…


10. An Uncomfortable Truth

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Drama, Mystery, School Life, Bullying

This is the kind we can say about it is one of the best bullying manhwa! Don’t waste your time. The synopsis is super misleading. It’s not even really about the two mentioned. I read the whole thing thinking it was really just a slice of life comic about a girl named Yura and a guy named Taeoh who deal with their own psychological problems and every 12 chapters or so it’s like oh yea btw there’s a creepy kid causing some problems.

The conversations were long and repetitive, the tone was way off, I did not once feel tense because of all the attempts at humor, and not even dark humor. Just plain old slice of life humor. Super weird. The entire thing isn’t even present day, and we don’t get a look at it again after a tiny bit is shown in the first chapter. Not until 70 chapters or so does it even touch on the present day, It is indeed a worth best bullying manhwa…


9. Save Me

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Drama, Psychological, School Life, Bullying

This is one of the best bullying Manhwa, and definitely was very surprising. That ending was something no one expected but those people who did what they did got exactly what they deserved and I’m glad they all suffered for what they did to Heongoh.

I almost cried on a certain chapter. It was already bad enough he was being bullied for being crippled but then his bullies force-fed him laxatives and he crapped himself in front of everyone and couldn’t do anything because once again, he was crippled.

Do you know the psychological damage that boy has been through and then this to top it all off? Pisses me off every time I think about it. Anyways this is one of the best bullying Manhwa! it is 10/10 recommended for everyone who enjoys psychological, drama, and school-related stories. Also for anyone who has ever been bullied like me, you will fancy what happens to these bullies. Heongoh was definitely saved…


8. At the End of the Road

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Drama, Psychological, School Life, Bullying

As one of the best bullying manhwa, what happened was after a truck accident, Taemin finds himself in the body of Siwon, a victim of bullying at school. No longer a pushover, he starts standing up for himself but then meets Woojin, an old friend from the past.

Somehow, Woojin immediately picks up Tamin’s ‘scent’ from Siwon. What happened between these two in the past and how will it affect their future? anyways, this is the kind of best bullying manhwa to read, you just need some time and a cup of tea or coffee, and there you go enjoy…


7. A Good Day to be a Dog

The Best Mature Romance Manhwa Recommendations

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Bullying

This webtoon is amazing! Definitely one of my favorite best bullying manhwa for the rest of my life! This made me imagine that such a perfect couple as them actually exists, and i’s be the happiest for them. I wanted to see the wedding tho, but I still can’t stop squealing over the last page of this webtoon! It’s awesome, and Please Take Care Of Me In This Life As Well is awesome as well! As more I read it, the more I fall in love with it.

I felt the same with this webtoon. And I kind of related to Seon, because I’m scared of dogs as well, so I took this manhwa way too much to my heart. I even cried sometimes! that is why I say this is one of the best bullying manhwa you can find out there! feelings and all the emotions are together collected for you…


6. Out of Control

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Drama, Comedy, School Life, Bullying

Down to another one of the best bullying manhwa! Yuri, one of the school’s most handsome guys, and Jaerim, one of the school’s ugliest, collide!…or don’t they…Can’t understand what’s going on between these two! It’s Out of Control!

What I like the most in this best bullying manhwa is the “originality” in a relationship between the best guy around and the bullied ugly kid. Why do I quote-unquote originality? Because there are some other cases, let’s act like this relationship is one of a kind, since Out of Control is well narrated.

I feel like this manhwa is inconsistent due to the urge of adding side-stories that, apparently, so many people loved: I thought those side-stories were an efficient excuse to buy time to continue the main story and let the reader know “this is what you can expect, just wait a little more” without them losing interest in a shounen-ai with no fan service up to that moment.

The background story of this best bullying manhwa is simple but effective and I feel like this is one of the biggest reasons why Out of Control has been so successful…


5. The Breaker

The Breaker

Genres: Drama, Action, School Life, Bullying

This is one of the best bullying manhwa, it is pretty awesome it has a great plot with good drawings, the style of the story feels almost like a Japanese manga, and like all Korean manhwa starts as a long thin strip and converts to the easy to read “manga” style. This had a great build-up and a very good cliffhanger finish.

I’m still not totally sure why I like this so much. I think if you like martial art manga, shounen in general, or just want something exciting to read, or if you are looking for one of the best bullying manhwa!  you’d definitely enjoy Breaker.


4. Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Genres: Drama, Action, School Life, Bullying

In my opinion, this could be easily one of the best bullying manhwa on the globe! because it has a cool Art-Style and a well-thought story. Some foreshadowing in the first chapters might be confusing, but after further reading, you get into it more. Even though I like this story and it is definitely a worthy read, the story and what will happen next are sometimes pretty predictable.

On the other hand, there are moments when you get completely thrown off the road. Another thing is the character’s development and their design as well. Some characters are mainly viewed, while other important characters just stand at the sideline, For some of the characters you get to know their feelings and you learn about their past.

While others are just flatly brought into the story to give it some fresh air, which is pretty sad because I think this best bullying manhwa would be a lot better if some of the characters wouldn’t be that left out so much…


3.  Your Letter

mystery manhwa

Genres: Drama, Romance, School Life, Bullying

Well, as for this best bullying manhwa, it is talking about Sori an exceptional little youngster – kind, mindful and principled well past her years. Tragically, these are NOT the character characteristics by and large celebrated in center school – particularly Sori’s, the place where she’s tormented pitilessly for protecting the exposed until she most definitely turns into an objective.

To get away, she moves to another school where the normal, worn-out issues start to play out once more – that is until a strange path of letters drives Sori on an otherworldly forager chase through the secret world that exists right underneath the outer layer of her new center school. The main trail is the work of an unknown heavenly messenger, whose mission is by all accounts to give a delicate arrival at Sori at her new school.

In any case, who is this individual? What’s more for what reason did he pick her? With each letter, insider facts are uncovered and bonds are framed – as Sori finds out with regards to companionship, greenery, fauna, and tracking down the positive qualities in individuals in this peculiar new climate! So far it seems to be worth calling one of the best bullying manhwa out there, anyways it is ready for you guys…


2. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Best Bullying Manhwa That You Have To Read

Genres: Drama, Romance, School Life, Bullying

I had elevated standards for this best bullying manhwa story! and it was conveyed so well consequently, truly. This story was sufficiently easy to get my consideration however held sufficient dramatization and insider facts to keep me doing without it being too much.

By and by, I truly went gaga for the two sweethearts, and surprisingly the side characters acquired for the second season I really enjoyed substantially more. All connections had a time span of advancement and sentiments where clear and told. Rather than perusing something where the person like to play mind games with one another, they were straightforward and clear with each other and their sentiments other than allowing apprehension to reach out.

I just wish there had been more background with the Taesungs family, as it was generally extremely intriguing with his circumstance with his mom and father. I’m happy he and his mom had the option to fix up their relationship, and also I’m happy to be able to recommend you this one as one of the best bullying manhwa to read…


1. Bastard

The best romance manhwa recommendations

Genres: Romance, Psychological, School Life, Bullying

At this point we have reached our final best bullying manhwa for the day! Meet Jin, a high school outcast. Why? Because of his glass eye, poor health and lack of social skills. How did that happen? Because his father threw him off the side of a building when he was somewhere around 6 years old.

Why did his father do that? Because his father is a cold-blooded serial killer without regard for human life. Ever since that incident, Jin had to live in fear of his father and be his accomplice in serial killings. From luring in women to knocking them out so his father could handle the rest.

One day Jin got in trouble at school where a bully kicked his ass so hard his heart stopped beating. But thanks to the new transfer student, Kyun, he could live another day. Unfortunately, Kyun is his father’s newest target so Jin wants to make sure Kyun escapes his father’s grasps! Anyways, I’m just glad to inform you about this best bullying manhwa, and pretty sure you will love it…

Thank you for Reading.

Finally, this Top list of the best bullying manhwa is based on our personal opinion, so we hope that you enjoy it and that you get some information about the best bullying manhwa series!

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