The Best 20 Manhwa With Smart MC That You Must Read

The Best Manhwa With Smart MC That You Must Read

We all want to be smart and think outside the box! Yet this is not something we can learn or practice whenever we want, right!

To be smart you have to be born with that gift, Furthermore, in this article, we have gathered the best manhwa with smart mc that we could find for you.

We hope you would like them all, or just some of them! What I can promise you is that you find what you seek for sure. So, prepare your mind to be blown away by this amazing list.

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So, without any more talking let us start the list…

20. Delta From In the Bleak Midwinter

manhwa with smart mc

With a dead sister and 25 years to go on her perfect partner clock, Anya chooses to cryogenically rest away from her issues.

Really awful she awakens to an end of the world brimming with them. Presently stuck in a wore out scene loaded with executioners!

Anya should choose which she needs to keep: her heart or her head. Alongside this character, there is a very smart mc, which makes everything amazing.

This manhwa with smart mc! Has Delta as one of the main characters of the webtoon In the Bleak Midwinter; and the head of the Android armed force.

A savage man, he is frequently depicted as a beast by people and is dreaded by many.

Before the Android-Human war, Delta was utilized as an associate android at Dreamscape. Therefore, if you want to read a manhwa with smart mc you can try from here…

19. Yohan Lee From My Deepest Secret

manhwa with smart mc

Having an attractive, kind, and caring beau like Elios means everything to Emma. Indeed, even a gander at him makes her heart ripples.

However, much to her dismay about a mysterious lies somewhere down in their relationship. What is the said secret?

This manhwa with smart mc is great! And the mcYohan is an exceptionally noisy and frank individual and is viewed as attractive, with blue-ish dark hair, dim blue eyes, and an innocent charm.

He has comparable facial highlights to those of his uncle’s during his childhood. He procured a meager scar on his temple over his left eye from the assault at the deserted warehouse.

After learning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and consistently working out, he has acquired muscle and filled in tallness. He is by and large wearing easygoing clothing.

So, this is it! your manhwa with smart mc to read! While you are still looking there and here, you can try this in the process…

18. Tae-Jun LIM From Capture the Golem and Escape Poverty

manhwa with smart mc

Who realized that the game I intended for the sake of entertainment with my companion in center school would later turn into a beast that would gobble up the whole world?

Taejun, who has been carrying on with an extreme existence with his more youthful sister, loses all of what he saved because of a rent misrepresentation.

Hopelessly, he reviles, “To hellfire with this freaking world!!” while taking a gander at Namsan… yet, the following day, the revile worked out!

Namsan unexpectedly transformed into a huge sinkhole where man-chasing golems began perpetually generating!

The world has transformed into a horrendous experience, however, Taejun understands that these golems might be a horde he made before?

A system that lone he is aware of. Save the world, or save just yourself. As usual, this manhwa with smart mc is adorable and likable…

17. Rapmonster From We On: Be the Shield

manhwa with smart mc

  • Author: Lee Soon-Ki
  • Artist: Park Jong-Sung
  • Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

At the point when the world is undermined by a parasitic outsider intrusion, our solitary expectation lies with a gathering of super-controlled youngsters.

Yet, how might they save the world when they can scarcely save themselves? Collaboration, positive thinking.

And sincere goals are apparently not, at this point enough as every adversary is more grounded than the last. They will save the world, or basically pass on attempting.

this is a manhwa with smart mc! And the mc was better known by his stage name RM (short for Real Me) (formerly known as Rap Monster and Runch Randa).

Is a South Korean rapper-songwriter, composer, and producer. He is the leader and a rapper of BTS, also he is notable for his large input in songwriting and production in the discography in the group.

It is a nice manhwa with smart mc! You can have it with your cup of tea and maybe your favorite song in the background…

16.Arth From The Antagonist’s Pet

The Antagonist s Pet

Favored with the essence of a heavenly messenger, youthful Sasha Tartt knows a life-changing mystery: in this romance book where she’s simply a side character.

She’s the one in particular who knows the genuine consummation! When the opponent of the story takes a specific getting a kick out of the chance to hear!

She should settle on a choice: help the cunning and lovely Rebecca locate a cheerful closure, or side with the sweet-natured hero to guarantee her own endurance?

What’s more, Sasha needs to shuffle the kind gestures of her bespectacled love interest and manageable a winged serpent kid!

Can Sasha learn new deceives to win the hearts of these primary characters? However, this manhwa holds in its details a very smart main character, yet another manhwa with smart mc to read…

15. Athena From Athena Complex

manhwa with smart mc

Let’s be real here guys, Athena is represented as a badass and her being a God titan, just makes the whole reading experience more enjoyable.

I have to give props to the amazing artwork, it’s so gorgeous and niche. However, I just like the fact all characters are likable.

Including Nike, Iolo, Ares, Apollo, Sibyl, Poseidon, and many others who randomly appear on this criminally underrated manga.

What’s sure is that Athena is very smart, this what we are interested in at the moment, so you will love to read this manhwa with smart mc, guys…

14. Asha RAHIRO From Kubera

manhwa with smart mc

Divine beings with never-ending lives. Sura has unparalleled force. What’s more, people, gotten vulnerably in the middle.

At the point when Kubera’s serene town meets its red hot end, a strange performer named Asha acts as the hero. Together they start on an excursion looking for answers and vengeance.

In the interim across the domains, a snare of laced destinies is becoming tighter. Individually different players of the game will arise, each with their own plan to seek after.

At the focal point of this whirlwind stands Kubera, the young lady with a divine being’s name. Will this sixteen-year-old be the salvation of the world or its obliteration?

Regardless of her obvious quiet and self-assured outside, Asha rushes to outrage, especially when individuals don’t follow her orders or affront her.

She is once in a while seen grinning, and she rather inclines toward talking in a wry or sudden way to other people or undermining them with a Bhavati Marut in the event that they neglect to hear her out.

So, it is a manhwa with smart mc to enjoy or maybe learn from! What I can is that you will like this manhwa with smart mc…

13.Dante Bord SCHNEIDER(Juro VIDAL) From Lady Evony

manhwa with smart mc

Blamed for being a witch and a killer, Evony’s detained. For quite a long time, she anticipates the day of her execution, her back bearing scars from beatings perpetrated by the watchmen who scorn her.

However, at some point, she is allowed her opportunity and put into the guardianship of Grand Duke Schneider.

Warmed by his hovering staff and under his appreciating tutelage, she recovers her solidarity and turns into the trump card in a complicated round of force. With nothing to lose, will Evony arrange another future for the domain?

Furthermore, it is a manhwa with smart mc, you might like the smart characters in this manhwa, not only Dante Bord Schneider alone is smart! But many other smart characters.

Thus, it is a manhwa with smart mc, that you should be reading…

12. Kim Gong-Ja From SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

manhwa with smart mc

Lots of potential in this Manhwa, of course, the concept of weak to strong is overused and common among Manga, Manhwa, Manhua, you name it.

The manhwa is about a bottom-of-the-barrel F class Hunter who gains an S rank skill which basically makes him immortal and when he dies time goes back 1 day.

Initially, I thought the MC was the biggest coward, but after he killed himself numerous amount of times just to shit on a dude he despises!

This manhwa with smart mc is outstanding, and the mc needs to be cherished, and loved by all at the center of attention, and will wind any circumstance into an ethical legitimization for him to accomplish his objectives and silly cravings.

As per Sword Emperor, Kim Gong-Ja has a bent character subsequent to finding what Kim Gong-Ja really wants, the longing to be perceived and be renowned like his previous icon turned adversary Yoo Soo-Ha.

Thus, it is a nice manhwa with smart mc to read if you are looking for such smart stuff! You might learn a thing or two to use in your daily life…

11. Euntae HWANG From White Blood

Euntae HWANG From White Blood

Whenever vampires obliterate her opportunity to have the typical life she’s constantly needed, Hayan is compelled to draw on her most obscure mystery to free the universe of the unfeeling trackers that took it more than 10 years prior.

With the help of a rising star in the neighborhood police power, Hayan ventures up to ensure her friends and family, face her past and get her retribution.

Furthermore, this manhwa with smart mc is quite nice! This smart mc has a benevolent nature, and a feeling of equity, and will hazard his life to get vampires.

In any case, he is flighty and difficult to peruse now and again, for example, the cases where he saved Hayan from being uncovered as a vampire.

He has eccentric peculiarities, like his morning schedule. Euntae is certain about his capacity to battle and has a solid feeling of obligation. Regardless of this, he loses his certainty and seems sorry while standing up to his sister.

So, if you want a manhwa with smart mc to read, you have this one as one of the good choices…

10. Artizea ROZAN From The Villainess Lives Again

manhwa with smart mc

From youth, Artezia Rosan’s satisfaction was subject to guaranteeing the achievement of her sibling. As an expert controller and conniver.

She turned into his most important partner in holding onto the domain’s seat. That is by and large why her sibling’s disloyalty cut so profoundly when Artezia was detained as discipline for every last bit of her violations.

Not long after being saved by Grand Duke Cedric Ebron, she promises to help him oust the coldblooded new sovereign by forfeiting her own existence with illegal enchantment.

Presently getting up quite a long while prior back on schedule, she will neglect her own family to help Cedric no matter what.

They say that blood is thicker than water, however, can Artezia annihilate her sibling while her own sentiment blooms in the midst of the tumult?

Therefore, it is a good manhwa with smart mc, when you read it you will thank me later! Of course, if you are looking for a manhwa with smart mc…

9. Yeon-Woo CHA From Second Life Ranker

manhwa with smart mc

In this manhwa with smart mc, Yeon-woo is a persevering and decided individual who significantly loves his family. Yeon-woo was unique in relation to his more youthful sibling who did everything easily.

He regularly needed to attempt again and again to take care of an issue, yet he did whatever it takes not to show the endeavors he made, imagining he was doing fine.

Dissimilar to his more youthful sibling who could be sorted as a characteristic virtuoso, every one of his accomplishments all came from being a diligent employee through which he had the option to accomplish results that are intelligent of his work.

Anyway notwithstanding his somewhat progressed insight and strategic virtuoso, Yeon-woo does in fact have a puerile side.

Where he was noted to have an extremely terrible feeling of a creative mind when naming things and has a propensity of naming things with names as a rule however up by little children.

Overall, it is a nice manhwa with smart mc, alongside many other themes to enjoy…

8. Hyun LEE From The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

manga op mc

This is a manhwa with smart mc, and to depict Lee Hyun/Weed’s character in one expression, regardless of whether in reality or the game world, is that Lee Hyun/Weed is a villain manifest that lives and relaxes for cash.

This bent character framed because of a few elements from his brutal past, the primary factor being that his family was left poor and obligation was ridden because of his expired guardians.

And the wanton position that the public authority and society took during this time of his life. Being too youthful to even think about working legitimately.

He had to work subtly in sweatshops for pitiful compensation and dreaded each day for the lives and vocations of his relatives.

Regardless of Lee Hyun/Weed’s remorseless and covetous nature, on a basic level, he is a family man that loves and deals with his sister and grandma to the most awesome aspect of his capacities.

So, you might like this manhwa with smart mc, if you read it with some comfort and passion…

7. Gray YEON From Weak Hero

manhwa with smart mc

Well, in this manhwa with smart mc, and in-class outside of school, Gray shows up as the model secondary school understudy: peaceful, constant, and dedicated.

He is truly mindful as an understudy and adheres to guidelines precisely, tuning in to any directions given to him.

Be that as it may, under this veneer of a model understudy is a sure void, which Gray felt particularly unmistakably during his time in Byuksan.

He had no unmistakable objective for which to come to, everything he did was aimlessly follow what others would advise him, without view regarding his own opinions.

Gray’s void would in the end be filled by his fellowship with Stephen Ahn, who turned into Gray’s dearest companion and permitted Gray to free himself up to other people.

Following Stephen’s hospitalization, in any case, Gray experienced a profound gloom prior to going through a gigantic character change, turning into the individual he is in the arrangement.

It is a great manhwa with smart mc to read while looking for another manhwa with smart mc to fulfill your time…

6. Dokja KIM (Joonghyuk YOO)(Sooyoung HAN) From Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Manhwa With Overpowered and Badass Main characters

In this manhwa with smart mc, Kim Dokja was a removed and apprehensive youngster because of his set of experiences of misuse and tormenting from family and schoolmates.

He invested the greater part of his energy inundated in books and web novels, maintaining a strategic distance from contact with others.

Nonetheless, he actually battled with tremendous discouragement, which ultimately drove him to endeavor self-destruction.

This epic remained his fundamental interest for the following decade, and he needed interest in most different things and individuals, not making a solitary companion or having any leisure activity outside of perusing.

He kept on being removed just as restless (frequently utilizing the mantra “I’m Yoo Joonghyuk” to help his own certainty) well into adulthood.

Additionally, there is another one in this manhwa with smart mc, Sooyoung the smart mc, who can change the presence of her Avatar clones, making her wear and shed a wide range of appearances.

In her actual structure, she is modest, slender, and pleasantly proportioned, depicted as rather delightful. She has a little face with sharp canines and white skin.

Her eyes are huge with their corners calculated upwards, with a wonderful mark under one eye, you would love those smart characters in this manhwa with smart mc…

5. Medea BELIAL From Your Throne

horror manhwa

In this manhwa with smart mc, and as a trustworthy, high-positioning respectable, Medea has a specific degree of haughtiness. In spite of the fact that she displays appropriate beauty and savoir-faire openly as the duke’s girl.

She is additionally known to have an upsetting temper. Medea frequently treats those of the lower class, normally customary regular folks and workers, with scorn and loftiness.

Many think that it’s hard to connect with her, accepting that her horrendous character will raise her ruckus in finding a suitor.

Since youth, Medea is focused and constant in her desire to turn into an individual deserving of being recorded in history.

She is amazingly savvy and has broad information on a wide broadness of subjects, including writing and political issues. Eros once referenced that Medea is sharp to the point that she can peruse a whole circumstance from a solitary sentence or glance.

She is additionally completely prepared in the craft of swordsmanship and showed the fiercest hero of the realm. Yet, in this manhwa with smart mc, she is the smart lady…

4. Soohyuk SHIN From King’s Maker

manhwa with smart mc

Soohyuk is an extremely astute kid. He is extremely perceptive of his environmental factors and speedy to see circumstances.

Before individuals, he knows his place and realizes the proper behavior – Polite, kind, and dependable. In the background, he can be manipulative with his words and he can lie without getting captured. He set out to really utilize these abilities toward the end.

He will in general weigh himself with unlimited works, particularly when he was elevated to be the priest of monetary undertakings.

He doesn’t care to make everybody stressed, particularly Wolfgang and his dad. It’s alright to say that Soohyuk is the planner of Goldenleonard and a vital piece of the realm.

He accomplished the grimy work more often than not rather than Wolfgang by throwing him away and a long way from the arrangement, not needing Wolfgang to be harmed.

Overall, this is a great manhwa with smart mc, which is revolving around kingdoms and realms, the thing will make witness some great events if you read it…

3. Arthur Leywin From The Beginning After the End

isekai manhwa

In this manhwa with smart mc, Arthur Leywin as he was resurrected into the world, he kept his recollections from his previous existence.

This permitted him to be capable in swordsmanship and to be an incredible planner at an extremely youthful age.

Contrasted with his past life, where he had not many companions and no family. In his new life, he ensures his family and the individuals who are near him no matter what.

He experiences issues in communicating his feelings since, as a King, he expected to seal his feelings from everybody to shield himself from his foes.

Arthur likewise has been known to get truly furious in some cases, because of his being a lord in his previous existence. Arthur has gotten distraught at King Glayder yet later was made.

If you are looking for a manhwa with smart mc, then this one must be one of your great choices, as a manhwa with smart mc…

2. Aguero Agnis KHUN From Tower of God

manhwa with smart mc

In this manhwa with smart mc: Acclaim. Wonder. Force. Anything in your most extravagant fantasies is conceivable when you arrive at the highest point of the Tower of God.

Those fortunate enough to be picked by the pinnacle climb each floor in order to fulfill their fantasies, however, to succeed, they should finish risky and dangerous tests en route.

Yet, there are other people who can enter the construction on their own freedom of thought; these “irregulars” are dreaded by numerous and are said to leave turmoil and change afterward.

Twenty-Fifth Baam is one such unpredictable who starts to climb the Tower of God in order to reunite with his cherished companion Rachel, yet as he before long finds!

This unsafe way will place him in the focus of savage contenders, deceitful opponents, and startling beasts, and he probably won’t make it out alive.

Therefore, In this manhwa with smart mc,  Aguero was one of many “defected sons” of Khun Eduan. He was expelled from his family because his older sister failed to become one of Zahard’s Princesses. He teamed up with Baam and Rak and passed multiple tests with them.

1. Sung Jin-Woo from Solo Leveling

Manhwa With Overpowered and Badass Main characters

E-class tracker Jinwoo Sung is the most vulnerable of all. Peered down on by everybody, he has no cash, no capacities to discuss, and no other occupation possibilities.

So when his gathering tracks down a secret prison, he’s resolved to utilize this opportunity to completely change himself to improve things.

be that as it may, the chance he finds is somewhat not the same as what he had at the top of the priority list!

However, in this manhwa with smart mc, prior to his Reawakening, Jin-Woo was a sort, anxious, and meek young fellow Notwithstanding being!

Thus, he regarded his kindred Hunters and was adequately daring to keep battling in Dungeons to bring in cash to really focus on his sister and to pay for his mom’s doctor’s visit expenses; in spite of being the most fragile tracker that had existed. You adore it if you read it…

Thank you for Reading.

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